Colver proposes fixing Social Security — in Juneau?

Jim Colver
Jim Colver

Jim Colver will save your Social Security when he gets to Juneau, according to his flyer below. He’s staving off an advancing army behind George Rauscher, who is running to unseat him for House District 9.

The fellow pictured in the flyer below, for the record, is not Jim Colver, unless Jim is a shape-shifter. Jim looks like the photo above. Keep it handy: With the attendance record he has in Juneau, you’d be forgiven for not recognizing him.

colver social security


Here’s who is on the list as endorsers for Rauscher:
Representative Lora Reinbold
Senator Charlie Huggins
Senator Lyda Green
Representative Wes Keller
Representative Dan Saddler
MatSu Mayor Larry DeVilbiss
Delta Mayor Pete Hallgren
Francis Hallgren
Former District 9 Chair Rick Stillie
Current District 9 Chair Carol Carman
Jeff McNabb
Daniel Hamm
Rob Matthews
Joe and Rachel Holbrook
Don Haase
Carol Neeley
Rod Arno
Kenny Barber
Dwayne King
Bill Iverson
Park Kriner
Sheila Hoffman
Michael Chambers
Ron Johnson
Ric Davidge
Alaska Right to Life
Alaska Republican Assembly
Alaska Outdoor Council
Outdoor Access Alliance
ARP District 7
ARP District 9
ARP District 10
ARP District 11
ARP District 12
Alaska Republican Party

List of endorsers for Jim Colver:

Gabrielle LeDoux
17 Union PACs