Column: We need committed dads to quiet our cultural chaos



Dads across America are receiving something this Father’s Day that we have never sought but desperately deserve: vindication.  

The social engineers who have shaped the past 60 years of American social policy assumed a check from the government is an adequate replacement for a man in the home. Worse, a new generation of radical elites has spent the past decade trying to destroy the sex binary altogether.  

But the evidence is clear: Father absence is associated with higher rates of poverty, teen pregnancy, youth crime, and substance abuse. Conversely, children who grow up with both parents are more likely to attend college and less likely to live in poverty or go to prison.  

Those who have used law and culture to dismiss biology and undermine the role of fathers are wrong. Dads do matter. 

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  1. To compete internationally in any marketplace we need strong families. For example the Sheiks of Saudi Arabia do not negotiate their place within families. Look at the international wonders their system has produced for themselves relative to alternative “others”.

  2. Many women have told me that because of pain of pregnancy and child birth, that the father is secondary to the whole parenting thing. Anyone who believes this needs to reconsider. Being a good father to your children is a lifetime commitment and necessary for the development of the child. Two parents are necessary, even if they don’t live together, as is often the case. Modern society has downplayed the importance of the father to the point that it has become acceptable for women to raise their children without a father, often having multiple children from multiple fathers. It is no wonder that they grow up confused. Fathers need to be more forthcoming in many cases to spend equal time with their children, despite the situation. Most fathers take their responsibility seriously if allowed. The law requires financial support, but this is a very small part of being a parent. We must celebrate and honor the fathers who have taken their responsibility seriously. As well the mothers who accept the role of being a co-parent. If you had a good father, tell him thanks today. If you forget, don’t worry about it. He will forgive you.

  3. Men need a relationship with God just as Women too. Seeking God out daily carving out time during the mornings to pray for your wife, child, the job, the church, those around you struggling and read God’s word through the Bible, a devotional book written for the reader either father or mother, or further theological study book. You know-Single parents are without excuse not to raise a son or daughter not understanding though they are without a mom or dad the missing parent is no less important than the present one when God’s Word place equal emphasis upon father and mother roles. If a child doesn’t have a present mom or dad, the experience adds into their unique song being made that can demonstrate to others watching the family going at it alone our greater need to fixing our eyes on God through Jesus at the cross.

  4. To all those tough dad’s that get the job done no matter what!! Thank you and Happy Father’s Day.

  5. Dads matter. And good dads matter more! If you are a young dad, make the best decisions possible for your kids. If you are an old dad, help out the young dads. And here is a tip; you don’t even have to be related to a kid to be a ‘dad’ figure. If you spend time with kids that have no strong male figure in their lives, support them! Listen to them, discuss their problems with them, and be sure to congratulate them when they do well. Even a short relationship with a kid can have a lasting effect.

  6. Now! let’s hear words of encouragement from former Lt Governor mead treadwell. I heard he single parented his four kids. Did I hear correct? He didn’t even look for a “wife” to take over like most do. When I heard through the grapevine mead treadwell was a single parent dad knowing his position and education his kids would’nt had gone through the confusion watching their single parent playing around while looking for a partner. He should get a star award for his single parenting his kids and maintaining his honor. Its challenging being alone with a child, so I can understand why so many single parents play the field, they are lonely, though it confuses the child watching. A single parent who doesn’t play field while raising their child it helps teach the child commitment, honor, and respect for his future friendships and marriage.

  7. No argument here. The hardest job I’ve ever had, easily with the most rewards, was being dad.

    Even now with grown kids, the job is important and doesn’t end.

    Any male without a condom can become a father. It takes men to be dads.

  8. There are no men left. They either went to college or they are on dope. Either way they are completely worthless in the world that we are going into

    • There many single men in Anchorage who are focused on their job, career, and paying their bills, and They aren’t smoking weed on the side nor gay. I see them about. Quiet and focused. I don’t know why they don’t have a wife. Maybe the older husband who’s been there and has a wife of 40 years+ is right I would hear my elder men say what the young man taking so long what they waiting for? Ms. Perfect? These young bucks can’t make up their mind. They like Barack in Judges he won’t lead without Deborah when God called Barack to lead.

    • > There are no men left.

      Strongly disagree.

      I know many strong, able men. Maybe you need to find better company?

  9. The social engineers don’t want the chaos they created calmed there’s no POWAH!!!!to grab in calm

  10. Uhhh yes there are plenty of real men out there Dalton. They just don’t spend time whining.
    They are out there working for a living while the arm chair quarter back babies are sitting home collecting a welfare check and letting their son pretend he’s a girl.

  11. I don’t get it. There is so much disinformation. How can someone married in 1987 and not divorced be posting on here she is a “single parent” while still married to the same very quiscient, well-mannered gentleman? Mental illness abounds in the back alleys of this-a-here internet. Confusing…

  12. My dad died 7 years ago and was a great man. He was a devoted Christian and traditional Republican. We disagreed on most things religious and political but I’m fortunate to have had such a wonderful and loving man for a father. I agree that the far left has gone nuts on this social/gender engineering stuff and this is coming from someone who considers myself a “bleeding heart libertarian”. Glad pop didn’t have to see this insanity.

  13. I would like to remind all children that do not have their fathers in their lives that there may be reasons that their fathers are not in their lives. Reasons beyond comprehension to them when they were children. Now that they are adults or are older, they should certainly understand that people do and say despicable things during divorce. If your parent has tried to make contact, at least let them know where you live so they can continue to try. One day, they will not be around and you will have let the opportunity slip by. You have grown up with one side of the story, you do not know the other side and have allowed your custodial parent to decide your relationship. It’s not up to them, it’s up to you. Please don’t wait till it’s too late. Father’s day is a good day to reconnect.

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