Christopher Constant, assemblyman, potty-mouth wordsmith


(Update: The above video is my acceptance of his apology.)

This is what happens when you poke the liberal dragon. Assembly District 1 is represented by Christopher Constant, who cleverly wrote on his Facebook page his latest opinion of a fellow resident and voter in Anchorage, someone who probably should not look to him for assistance with legislation in the future.

Constant ran from a platform of ending homelessness and his term ends in 2020. To review the donors to his campaign, which include many Democratic women and Mark Begich, click here.

Readers may not initially see what he has written, but to be clear, he is not calling the woman in question a “calumnious unfit noisome turd.”

Nope. It’s a much stronger and more misogynistic term formed by the acronym, hidden in plain sight:

Evidently, that was a second version of his efforts. He spent some time thinking this up. The first version, where he advises readers to “Read between the lines,” shows creativity at play:


Such a clever boy.

By day, Constant is director of grants, contracts and marketing at Akeela Inc., an agency funded by the State of Alaska and dedicated to helping people recover from addiction. Interested readers may sent a note (respectful only, please, no references to female anatomy) to Akeela CEO, Courtney Donavan, here.


  1. No words. I have no words for him or men like him. Oh wait…I have plenty of words…I’m just too civilized to say them.

    And, why no commenting on the Berkowitz story? It’s not a surprising story, it plays out everywhere. The Homer News didn’t have one mention of the Homer man who drove over the woman in Valdez. Drunk driving, hit and run, the woman was killed, leaving four children. Why no mention? The drunk killer comes from a homesteading family….lots of influence. He should man up and accept his punishment, but no, he’ll have lawyers up the ying yang and get his hands slapped.

  2. Trouble is I’m sure the Left and his friends all think he was being cute and clever. It’s OK for them to do stuff like that.

  3. Keep up the good work Suzanne!!! The majority of Anchorage-matsu area loves you and your reporting.
    Mr. Constant is a totally unprofessional representative!! I hope he remembers that he can be voted out and someone else can be voted in his place.
    He has just proved publicly that he is a bully.
    Wow—- way to be kind!!!

    • Absolutely. Such poor representation. He can swear all he wants in private. But when he represents his constituency he should carry a sense of respect for his position and the people that elected him.

  4. One trash talker is mad at another trash talker? Oh, please. You’re not fooling anyone. Just because you’re dying of cancer doesn’t mean you should take the whole world with you. May Jesus take care of you and this broken Republican Party. Amen.

  5. LOL. I bet Chris promotes himself as a champion of “women’s rights” and a “male feminist” too. What a joke these people are.
    We love you Suzanne! Never stop doing what you do, because it’s funny as to watch these progressives have little adult temper tantrums when their narrative (lies) are challenged!

  6. Honest Abe is probably a liberal named Petunia.

    Seriously though, liberals resort to trash talking, name calling, your momma jokes to win a debate.

    I’ve experienced that many times.

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