Chinese spies posing as tourists are in Alaska: USA Today


According to USA Today, Chinese citizens posing as tourists visiting Alaska may actually be spies who are trying to gain access to U.S. military facilities.

“In one incident, a vehicle with Chinese citizens blew past a security checkpoint at Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks, several soldiers told USA TODAY. The vehicle was eventually stopped, and a search found a drone inside the vehicle. The occupants claimed they were tourists who had gotten lost,” the newspaper reported.

“Many of the encounters have been chalked up to innocent mistakes by foreign visitors intent on viewing the Northern Lights and other attractions in Alaska, officials say. Other attempts to enter U.S. military bases, however, seem to be probes to learn about U.S. military capabilities in Alaska, according to multiple soldiers familiar with the incidents but who were not authorized to speak publicly about them,” the newspaper reported.

Not everyone who appear to be tourists in Alaska, are, in fact tourists, one Army officer told the newspaper. Instead, they are foreign spies.

In January, a Chinese spy balloon entered U.S. Air Defense Zone off of the Aleutian Islands and traveled across Alaska. The Biden Administration allowed the balloon to proceed across the country until it reached the Atlantic Ocean, where it was finally destroyed over water.

“Whether it’s a Chinese spy balloon, Russian Bear Bombers, or this new reporting of suspected Chinese spies in Alaska, this is another wake-up call that we are in a new era of authoritarian aggression led by dictators in China and Russia. It’s also another example of just how important Alaska is for America’s national defense. In my oversight, I am pressing for more details on these alleged security breaches and will continue to work with the Defense Department to ensure our installations in Alaska remain secure,” said Sen. Dan Sullivan in a statement.

In 2020, a rash of suspected Chinese spy incidents took place in Florida. A Chinese woman entered the grounds of Mar-a-Lago through the service entrance, possibly passing as staff, and took photos with her cell phone. She was the second Chinese woman to try that stunt in a year.

Eight days later, a Chinese man walked around the fence of the U.S. Naval Base Air Station Key West, and took pictures of the base buildings.

Nine days after that, two Chinese students were stopped at the Key West base after they were seen taking photos of the base.

Alaska’s bases, which are spread over vast landscapes, are apparently not immune to spying, although the USA Today story is not quoting named sources.

Federal authorities are working to answer those questions, according to the newspaper. FBI counterintelligence agents are investigating whether the spate of incidents might be part of a coordinated espionage effort.

Former Gov. Bill Walker, seen above greeting China President Xi Jinping to Alaska in 2017, used his term in office to try to make a deal with China to finance and help build an Alaska gasline, and he was preparing to seal a deal to sell most of Alaska’s natural gas to China.

 The Chinese government, which signed loan agreements with Walker in 2017, would have established Alaska as a “debt trap” province of communist Chinese entities.

China began spying on State of Alaska computers during Walker’s overtures to President Xi Jinping, as part of Walker’s quest to get financing for the Alaska Gasline.

Photo: Gov. Bill Walker welcomes China President Xi Jinping to Alaska in 2017.


  1. Not to be alarmist, but this is exactly how the Japanese got information on Pearl Harbor prior to their attack. From people legitimately in the US.

    • If we brought back the ww2 internment camps this wouldn’t be an issue. Of course we would never do that under a weak pres like Biden. Hope-full for DeSantis in 2024. It seems so far away though.

        • Not loyal to the nation?
          What do you think MAGA stands for? Make America Great Again rings a bell?

          • The stupid and dishonest is strong in you, RINO.

            The most corrupted and manipulated presidential (s)election in US history, “free and fair”? Only in the perverted, twisted and evil mind of a pro-globalist, anti-freedom radical leftist extremist.

          • No you would have made an excellent Nazi or Russian Jefferson as you don’t hold any of the classic American ideals of honor.

          • RINO, your raging dishonesty and gross inversion of reality are both pathetic and contemptible. But I expect nothing less, and nothing else. from a radical leftist extremist such as yourself.

    • There is a difference. We suspected the Japanese were up to something. In this case we know China is.

  2. Chinese spy, Bill Walker, has this new gig. He quit his post as governor, then failed miserably on a come-back effort. He illegally diverted Alaskans’s dividend checks back to HIS government. He tried to give away Alaska’s greatest resource to the Communist Chinese. He bows to his Chinese superiors. His wife runs off with influence money from China. His former political partner, Byron Mallott, was nabbed for pedophilia.
    Walker is literally running out of places to go. Chinese spy tourism seems pretty nice, right?

    • What happened to the Chinese currency that Bill Walker’s wife brought back from a trip to China? Was there ever an explanation by her, or an accounting?

  3. This isn’t rocket science. If the CCP allows a resident to leave the country, they are pf the privileged class that are allowed to do so on the condition that expectations they are made aware of are fulfilled. With the exception of some sort of long shot miracle, there is no other way out. If you are staring a Chinese person in the face, keep that in mind.

    • Its apparently rocket science to you. How do you think Falun Gong dissidents and EpochTimes founders came to the US and other Western Countries? Are they Chinese spies that are faking their criticism of the CCP?

      • Many of them came for ‘education’, with the understanding that it was to benefit China. Their ‘privilege’ was predicated on the potential for a certain ROI to the CCP. They put their families at risk of retribution from the government by straying from their assigned purpose. Dogged criticism of the CCP is difficult if not impossible for them to fake, and there are quite a few brave souls that are hard at it.

        I have no idea how many people the Biden addled DHS/CBP is letting in on direct flights, or from Canada, but I would bet against them working hard to figure whom warrants concern.

  4. Nothing new here we’ve been aware of Chinese citizens and/or agents running around Alaska gathering intel for many years. It’s easy to do in a society that’s free and open. Try doing this in China and see what happens. You can’t move about freely, they monitor everything, and they’d arrest you in a hot second just to send a message. China’s government is a clear and present existential threat to not just the U.S. but pretty much every other country on the planet if they’d just open their eyes.

  5. I like Chinese food. I appreciate the Chinese and what they did for the development of our country. If it wouldn’t for the Chinese, we never would have gotten a single railroad bill. I’m pretty sure they don’t need to steal anymore plans from military bases. They have all that kind of stuff they need. You’re actually ahead of us in many ways. Maybe we need to steal from them.

  6. Still no word from Murkowski on the spy craft. She said she’d get answers and relay them to us. I remind her every day on Twitter, but so far, no response. Perhaps a real reporter could question her on this?

  7. Why bother.
    Chinese spies posing as politicians are throughout the government at all levels. Do they really think they are going to get better or different information by sending fake tourists?

  8. In reality, it would not be hard for a group of outsiders to get confused when approaching the base, since it sits on the edge of Fairbanks. Certainly, other outsiders who are not Chinese have also gotten turned around at the entrance to the base. The sign at the gate does say “Welcome to Fort Wainwright”. Conspiracies abound in the land of the midfright sun.

  9. Title sounds so Qanoni. Hahaha. But also last three months we have had been taking care of a lot of Chinese citizen guests at my workplace too, and they had stayed for at the most 3-4 nights. Just before an attack the other country always spies out its enemy.

      • Of course we could, but the corrupt and slavishly pro-establishment court system would simply refuse to hear or acknowledge it, as they did the multitude of evidence for the blatantly corrupted and stolen 2020 presidential (s)election.

        And I find it curious that establishmentarian sycophants, quislings and bootlickers such as yourself never focus on the actual veracity of, and evidence for, any anti-establishment claims or facts, but merely vacuous demands for what might up in a (corrupted) court of law. Do you REALLY expect one arm of the ruling class power structure to challenge a different arm of the same? Color you clueless and disingenuous.

        • Warning for RINO and sympathizers: The truth is discomforting, so have your meds handy before you go any further here –

          For proof on Jefferson’s claim(s) on the court system, look no further than the Supreme Court’s recent ruling that allows the IRS to access not only YOUR bank records secretly, but those of third parties who are not under investigation. Now for the kicker: it was a unanimous ruling…


          Of course we are not slaves…

          • Warrantless searches and seizures… Why might that have been incorporated into the law of the land, RINO? Why is that those who have been granted authority ignoring the law of the land not an issue for you, RINO? It would appear that when you took arithmetic in elementary school, that you never past addition…

        • Looks like you got it all locked up, perhaps Russia will suit you better, I hear they are a few hundred thousand short on citizens. And we all know their boy Vlad is super honest and that you will enjoy the lack of corruption over there. Lmao you Trumplican cult members crack me up, always some boogie man coming to get you in your trailer park.

      • RINO, see the bank drafts presented to the public via Comers committee depicting Chi- Com $ transfers to the Buden Crime family. Just a little over a million, doubtless chump change.
        Word is this draft was one of 11. But then Trump, that rascal got charged in the Stormy Daniel’s thing. Great distraction! Trump serves the Democrats well.
        We’ve been sold out by RINO’s like Mitch McConnel and sleazy Politicians like Biden.

    • Hold it now. It goes back 30 years. And that’s why the Commie Chinese have a new, improved navy and air force. Bill Clinton gave them our satellite technology. And Hussein Obama gave them coronavirus technology and the advancements to weaponize it with gain of function. Biden just holds the doors open at our military bases and at the border. And with his incompetent gang of commie-loving Cabinet level Secretaries, we all should be speaking Chinese in about 15 more months. Tsai chien, em effers.

  10. There are lots of Chinese that come to UAF to get an education and then go back to China. I had lots of Chinese friends at UAF. BUT, I put myself through college driving cab and ran into some the Chinese that were here to Spy, and they are not good at hiding it. I have also ran into some pretending to be a tourist, but didn’t have a tourist plans. The Chinese that crashed the gate should have been thrown in the brig for a year or more.

    • LOL. Just a bowl of rice for seduction? That doesn’t bode well for consortium by Walker’s wife. Bill is either a cheap date, or his wife has very high standards.

  11. Looking at you, Tanana Valley Clinic! Stop with no speaking English, surly Chinese nurse’s aides.

  12. The topic was sure to bring out all the xenophobic comments we can muster, because we find it rather more of a chore to identify others who speak perfect American English.

    Has our xenophobia been justified in the past, to continue to be so through the future? Is it in our best interest to automatically be suspicious to the point of paranoia about anyone who looks different than us and speaks a different first language? Why aren’t we able to be more specific about spy activities?

    As an aside, most of the past Japanese-American residents who were captured and rounded up for quarantine in what have been quaintly described as ‘camps’ in Wyoming, Arkansas, etc never did have their confiscated and stolen homes and highly productive Napa Valley farms returned to them.

    • Nurse’s aides who can’t understand the words that are coming out of my mouth and get pissed when I’m frustrated is MEDICAL MALPRACTICE. The fact they are Chinese is a double slap in the face.
      Trying to run FTWW gates wasn’t specific enough for you?? The balloons? Hong Kong?Taiwan? The Phillipines? Not enough? So I guess we should all be a dumb chump like you and wait around for another 911 terrorist attack?
      YOU are traitor to this country. You are not an American. You are a communist Chinese groupie shill. Pack your crap and GET OUT. Before it’s done for you.

    • There is good reason to be suspicious.


      Xenophobia is concern for a high trust society, like the one we had…

  13. With our open border Chinese spies aren’t our only concern. We have full blown terrorists roaming freely throughout the country, all expenses paid, thanks to the Biden regime.

  14. Man, we’re so divided! But at the end of the day we are all…Americans.

    We need to unite. We’re Americans!

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