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Children can be unmasked on playgrounds, per new Anchorage school district policy

Anchorage school children do not need to wear masks on the playground, according to a notification sent to some parents on Tuesday. Some schools, such as Chugiak Elementary School, have not yet informed parents or students of the new policy, according to parents who learned of the policy from other parents of students attending other schools in the district.

Gladys Wood Elementary School sent a notice to its parent community on Tuesday: “Effective immediately, all students and staff are allowed to slip theirs masks down when outside. Students and staff are still expected to wear their masks when in line or when standing closer than six feet before school, after school, or during recess.”

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The CDC has updated its recommendations to say that when outside in uncrowded settings, people no longer need to wear face masks.

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Children need to be disenrolled from public school. Pastor over at ABT church spoke Truth on Sunday when he said private school students know how to read unlike their public school peers, so private schools are doing something better. I bet when Dunbar has a child, his child is going to attend a private school! Hahaha

  2. Oh this is terrible! our nations public schools and its teachers have been made out a barrel of laughs hahaha

  3. OMG NOOOOOOOO, they will all perish. The same kids that are playing together out of school , and have been playing together out of school all along, with no masks, are now being put at severe risk of death by the ASD. Kids can only get ill at school. What are they thinking?

  4. That’s fine, as long as they understand that if they ever act or speak out against the government, the muzzle goes back on!

  5. Forcing children, who are at virtually zero risk of getting Covid, to wear a mask is child abuse! They are far more vulnerable to the common flu.

  6. As long as we have mail in voting, we will never be able to fix the school board. Hopefully that is the second thing Mayor Bronson tackles (after ending the mask mandate).

  7. You mean a barrel of monkeys
    Stop trying to control are kids, with masks wearing, there just kids. They eat dirt they will survive.
    It does not work. It’s like the flu year after year. Masks forever, stop the Madness

  8. I wonder why this “publication” is the only one reporting this. Maybe because its third hand information. There has not been an update in district mask policy.

  9. That photo is disgusting. How pathetic can one get looking at the torture of any parent that would put their child through such BS? Why? Because someone with an agenda no other then control over the population would you turn your children over to conformity because it makes you feel better? Talk about living your useless life and virtue signal through your children because yours is so pathetic. Get rid of the face diaper, jock strap or covid cover up.

  10. “But playground equipment must be disinfected after every use…the risk of contagion is just too great!”

    Wake up, people, these mandates and demands make no sense and do nothing to protect anyone.

    This farce has gone from “flatten the curve” to “obey or be punished.”

    This isn’t freedom.

  11. This is beyond ghoulish. People explain how resilient these kids are. Yes, we can physically wear masks and not freak out. We’ve yet to see the long term ramifications of these masked children on their development and how to see the world. They are taught to look at any unmasked person as a super spreader, diseased, stay away from, individual. Shame on us.

    wait, forget about what I just wrote. What I meant was… Praised be. Under his eye. May the lord open.

  12. Wow! There is permission from the almighty to show your face! Today you can remove your burka, be thankful and all praise to ASD! Or just live somewhere free and fiercely protect your liberty.
    And I tell my kids that masks are a form of political identification used to identify progressives, so beware.

  13. From a child’s perspective, their life is nothing short of a playground! PLEASE, END THIS LUNACY and, eliminate the mask mandate for “ALL” and. let us “ALL” live a free life!
    Indeed, follow the science but also, follow the dang math and statistics too. FACT: the survivability rate from recovering from Covid is +99%. That fact is indisputable!

  14. Proud Alaskan, except for those rare immunocompromised, the more exposure that kids experience the healthier they are in life. We are raising a generation of sterile little mice.

  15. Adam, I am a long timeware of masks because of seasonal allergies that bring on my asthma. I suffer no side effects from long term exposure to a face diaper. If you want details and statistics on long-term mask users, find something that comes out of China. Every picture you see coming out of there people have on masks because of bird flu swine flu whatever damn flu is circulating in the air at the time. Those people have been mashed up so long that from the bridge of the nose down, they’re beginning to look like a white person.

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