Chart of the day: For every 100 women, this many men


From American Enterprise Institute scholar Mark J. Perry, and his economics blog “Carpe Diem,” comes this analysis showing that boys and men have much higher rates of suicide, murder, violent crimes, incarceration, job fatalities, and homelessness. But despite these risk factors and outcomes, girls and women continue to receive disproportionate attention, resources, and financial support. Women’s commissions, women’s resource centers, and women’s studies programs flourish on campuses across the country, but no similar men’s commissions, resource centers or men’s studies programs exist, he writes.


  1. Great chart that shows some differences in sexes. My opinion here on why women get more resources and financial support is that women tend to be caretakers of children in single parent homes-that’s bound to alter the stats.

  2. What a sad statement on the EQUALITY of the sexes in our country. As a mother of sons and a grandmother of granddaughters, I want them ALL to SUCCEED in life, but not at the cost of one over the other. It’s time that we start paying attention to our BOYS again, too!

    • Don’t agree with Yankee. The Liberal Left, especially academia and the mainstream media have an agenda to overstimulate the growth of attention to women and minorities at the expense of White males. That has been the real aim of the Left. Hold back the White male and advance women and minorities, even if it means rigging and differentiating the qualification processes. Traditional roles of men have changed to the point where men are encouraged to dress and become women through sex changes. Enough said.

      • Your opinion is noted ChrissyB, however your opinion is full of what appears to be an agenda without back-up. And mine is only meant as a part of the explanation, due to the fact that most single parents tend to be women.
        Your bit about “men are encouraged to dress and become women through sex changes” is nothing more than your uneducated opinion. Tough noogies. Enough said indeed.

  3. Boy, that chart doesn’t look too good for us males. Is that chart an over all assessment of all generations or is it focused on the latest? I believe, starting at a young age, males are taught differently than even my generation. We were taught to work for what we received and not complain when it was too difficult. We were taught to value our elders, skill, ambition, achievement, women, family and just plain life, no matter what age or stage. Not so much now days. Young men, of the apparently most vulnerable age groups, do not appear goal oriented with anything except what they’re being taught in school. Life lessons aren’t being taught. They are learning, instead of life skills, the art of the left. When they finally realize the true path, it’s too late for many. It’s easier to just quit and you see the results of that on the chart. Change the educational endeavors back to learning instead of leftism and watch that chart turn on it’s head.

  4. Boy, if liberals/leftists/feminists were reading this, you would likely be receiving a LOT of derogatory replies in regard to your analysis. Keep up the good work

  5. Title IX eliminated my Track and Field chances when I got to Junior College.

    After my senior year of high school I ran 14 miles every day (6 miles in the morning and 8 miles in the evening). I worked my butt off and was in great form to join the Joliet Junior College cross country team.

    I got there on the first day of classes to learn that men’s cross country was eliminated to fund women’s badminton and other underutilized women’s sports. As it turns out, the school had an impossible time (in 1975) spending all the allocated money on women’s sports due to a lack of sufficient interest on the part of the female students.

    The male runners lost the coaching and competition necessary to maintain conditioning until the spring track season.

    Needless to say, the discrimination against me because I was a male was both disappointing and maddening.

    I had (and have) no problem with promoting the expansion of women’s sports, but the monetary equity mandated by law helped prove to me that government is not really interested in all people being equal. Government simply panders for votes.


  6. Despite this data, most corporations and the government spend lots of money trying to increase the percentages and absolute numbers of women in STEM jobs. STEM jobs are about the only remaining high-income professions where males do well. I guess for many on the Left that cannot be tolerated.

  7. All that female accomplishment and as a middle-aged man I know countless career women who are either unmarried or divorced, childless and alone. Save one or two I bet most all of them would trade their professional success for a caring husband and loving children. Actually a number have said exactly that to me.

    A generation+ of pushing a female first agenda that women are more than wives and housekeepers has certainly helped the finer sex achieve professionally, and the material wealth that comes with it, but are they truly better off for it? And the converse, what have we done to men after equal amount of time telling them they only achieved due to an alleged privilege.

    I’m only in my 40’s so I did not live through the idyllic 50’s and 60’s like my parents so I have no personal reference. All I can tell you is that whatever we are doing it’s not for the better of the collective and that is something society will eventually pay for dearly.

  8. This is nothing new. We can all observe that life itself is basically an IQ test. Men and women on average, have the same IQ (only on the overall average). However, there are far more male than female morons. Conversely, there are far more male than female geniuses. These facts are why most outstanding scientists, ceo’s, artists, writers, inventors, etc. are male. Also conversely, it is why most prisoners, criminals, homeless people, and misfits are male. Women only want equity of outcome on the genius end of the distribution chart (and not the moron end). The fundamental problem is, regardless of how much education or advantages anyone receives, it does not make them a genius. Genius is a gift granted only by God.

  9. I remember when a woman held a door open for me. I did not know what to do. I had been conditioned to be polite to women by my father. I am 67. I am a father, grandfather, and, now, great grandfather. My wife and I had 3 kids, two boys and a girl.
    Today, I am disgusted, because of what women have become in terms of a threat to my family and my country. It is women who are extolling the virtues of a socialism that does not exist, women acting with violence, women calling for violence against their political foes. And, women who call for the death of the unborn as a matter of convenience, because of a lack of personal responsibility. Who are the loudest advocates of hate speech and hate crime legislation, who are the driving force behind the red flag laws, who are the the proponents of gun confiscation . . . liberal women, young and old. Marxists.
    The hardcore feminist is taking Europe to extinction, giving rise to another Nazi Germany on a grandeur scale.
    Imagine, feminists tolerating rape and abuse of women, telling the victims that this is the new order of things, to be tolerant. Same here, because, if you’ve noticed, the sentences of illegals committing that crime are less, with some resulting in a few days jail time before release. Insane.
    Sen. Lisa Murkowski and the other liberal women in Congress would rather see illegal females 10 and over raped, human trafficked into slavery, than build a fence to halt the illegal smuggling of drugs and people into this country. Safe entry would be provided at a port of entry. Yet, this Senator ignores the 700+ bodies of illegals found in TX alone who perished from heat stroke or thirst in favor of maintaining the drug flow, the slavery, and the rape. And, then there is the crime and the disease introduced to this country that has killed our kids and too many Americans. No one said “close the borders”, the call was to secure the borders and to regulate the flow of migrant workers for their safety and ours.
    And, then there is GI Jane, who is fictional, and does not exist. Unfortunately, the military is being used as a social petri dish to the degradation of combat readiness and combat effectiveness. The Army watered down the Ranger standards to allow women, the USMC watered down infantry standards to allow women . . . and the impact upon the combat effectiveness is telling. God help the male soldier who criticizes this insanity.
    God did not make male and female equal. His Plan works, the socialist imperatives are failing.
    You’d think we’d figure it out, but, nah, I think it will take a civil war to restore sanity.

  10. One item is missing on the “chart”. What gender is responsible for the most human deaths in 2019? A study by “Worldometer”, an independent, non-government data gathering organization, has very recently released statistics on worldwide death rates in 2019, published by “Life News”. That report says that abortion was the leading cause of death in the world in 2019. A world wide total of 42.3 million souls lost the right to life, through abortion, in 2019. That’s a big number. More people than many countries. How can this be accepted as “women’s” rights? The concerns about those 42.3 million losing the “right to life” needs to be strongly considered.
    Let’s put that on the charts.

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