Chancellor pushes ‘student-led’ tax rally?


The chancellor for the University of Alaska Fairbanks took to Twitter with a 30-second video to encourage students, faculty and university supporters to rally in opposition to budget cuts. In other words, this was a pro-tax rally disguised as an anti-budget-cut rally. About 200 people attended. None of them said where they think the money should come from.

White’s salary is over $300,000 a year, plus a benefit package.

When a school administrator is publicizing a student-led rally against budget cuts, is it really truly student-led at that point? Someone from the 1960s was just wondering.


  1. Abosolutely not! It was organized and encouraged by the professor . He should demonstrate his concern by taking only half his salary! The money has to come from somewhere. Over paid administration is a great place to start!

  2. I watched Johnson’s biforcated testimony on the budget yesterday in committee. It went for quite a long time. In the meantime of the testimony, he was asked questions of detailing some information on the slides he and the vice-president gave to the committee. In some of the explanations, it was brought out that he was actually covering the truth with false information and made to commit to correct the information so OMB would have the truth and not the made up variations of the the truthful figures and subjects. OMB needs to look at all ends of the “ponsi-scheme” by President Johnson and the opportunity he exudes to complicate the truthful figures with the help of his chancellors and professors. He also brought out that he has the authority to delete campuses and would do so to save his budget and keep it what he wants to show to the governor, legislature and the public. He suggested he had the power to eliminate University of Alaska Southeast to save money. He managed the whole narration from a distance and stated many times the professors would be looking for new work elsewhere at this time. He showed a tremendous amount of real estate owned and gave the deliberate impression that he could sell off what he wanted too to pay for problems incurred by the University system. He jumped from subject to subject quickly and did not give good explanations of the research money-grants in detail and would not disclose the amounts and breakdown of where they cam from, i.e., foundations, foreign or domestic and persons. So, we have foreign money coming into the University that is not on the books. He did state the authority he has and that should be enough to really look at what the chancellors would incite to the students out of fear of raised tuition and fees and programs. So, the chancellor was wrong to initiate the rally of students, which is the was scape-goating the student body. The budget needs to be cut. The governor needs to use his “lawyer for the state,” the Attorney General as a proctologist for the university budget issues to clean it up and set the problems straight. These problems, and there are many, many, have been brought on by Johnson, and his staff members. The university system as it is, need to be broken up to include (3) major campuses and the community school campuses. At one time, we had community schools and it worked very well. Then the UAF campus decided it needed more money and a “huge” battle in the communities ensued and went to court. Now it has shown the same issues that the court battle addressed. We need to break up the university system and let each main campus take up their end and programs and budget for the sake of the area they can administer formal and vocational education too in the State of Alaska. One has to remember, that we have about 300K more people now than in the “80’s” with the same problems and then some different ones. Cut the budget, look at breaking up the university system and make formal/vocational education the goal in “every” community in Alaska, because what Johnson has done is a “power grab” of the “purse” of every community, family and student in Alaska. That is wrong. Time for Johnson to go and the problems taken care of as needed.

    • You make very good points, Diana. I surely hope the Attorney General does look into this and take some action!

  3. This Chancellor is 100% COWARD! That’s what cowards at the UA do…..send out the students and insubordinates to rally for more money, so this POS can keep his 300K/year. Little wonder why Dunleavy is going after these mice in suits. Get rid of them all Big Mike.

  4. Expect UAA NCAA athletics to be on the chopping block.

    Any want the $110 million dollar UAA basketball court? That is a lot of benjamins for some hoops.

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