CDC says if you are vaccinated you don’t have to wear a mask on Fathers Day


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has advised Americans that if they are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, they can enjoy Fathers Day without a mask and without staying six feet apart.

What this means for dads is great — no masking up around the kids for a change, because surely they’ve all been obeying the CDC and keeping their masks on to protect themselves from their children. But with vaccinations not recommended for children under the age of 12, and with many teens not yet vaccinated, this advice would mean that children must mask up around their vaccinated fathers and stay six feet away from them on Fathers Day, if the CDC guidance is to be followed.

Fathers Day is Sunday, June 20, also the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere.


  1. 不不不不不不 Well done. This would be a great April Fools Day joke.
    Masks, jabs………….. lol

  2. Got news for you. Not masking up on Father’s Day or any other day, except at my Dr’s office. I chose not to drink your koolaid!

    • I see you drink the koolaid while at your Dr’s office. Or do you inject that koolaid when there? Heheh!

  3. I mailed all of my used masks to the CDC, as well as some not so polite comments about their efforts to communize us. And, a Trump 2024 bumper sticker.

  4. LOL… The Faux Xi needs to wear a double layer face diaper because of what comes out of his mouth. I have NEVER worn a mask at home and only wear it when compelled to shop in a store “requiring” one or when traveling by air – but NOT by choice. The CDC does not have the authority or power to demand any of us mask up or be vaxxed – they are solely an advisory agency. The only mask I still use (only if I have no choice…) is a cloth one in camo – “beard-o-flage” ala Si Robertson. Love the above comments.

  5. Yesterday, I saw a guy all by himself with a backpack and fishing pole wearing a mask while walking down the trail. How stupid is that?
    No masks for me this whole last year. Thats why I did not fly anywhere for the winter. Because of the crazy mask rule, wearing a diaper on your face for six hours to Hawaii.
    Are you kidding me? More craziness.
    Wait, the guy who does not know is own name in the White House.
    Said 100 days, mask up. Now its extended to July. Wait for his next press talk, were almost there, Keep masking up.
    Get a life, stop trying to control us.
    Crawl back under your rock inside your bunker, Mr. President.

  6. How stupid are you if you have to listen to whatever they say? Your life does not depend on their idiocy. I have never followed their propaganda/garbage talk. They are the biggest joke trying to be serious. I know where they can stick their opinions.

  7. Becoming quite apparent the CDC is just another politically charged Federal Agency, self-serving at the expense of Taxpayers, never held accountable, and a diminishing level of confidence and integrity.
    Thanks but, No Thanks! You’ve done enough damage and don’t serve the greater good of American society. I’ll call you if I need your advice and.or opinion … All of which, will be never!

  8. Bill Yankee, that fellow wasn’t “drinking the koolaid”, but some dr offices won’t let you in unless you are wearing a mask, so you owe that fellow an apology.

    • I would have expected someone that wasn’t “drinking the koolaid” to find a new Dr. Why wouldn’t you???

  9. Perhaps the CDC organization formed in part and registered in a foreign nation, the City of London, may be usurping US Constitution rights again. The right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness; the God-given not government given possessory right to primary parental relationship before any other human with one’s natural, legitimate offspring and freedom of economic association as well as freedom of conscience (religious practice). That’s a generous portion of usurpations for one international “health” agent to have. Show me where you consented to this rabid gift to the alleged CDC charade. I do not consent to this or any other breakage of the republic’s US Constitution and recognize it as an aggression to provoke war. I do not consent.

  10. I can’t believe the CDC still thinks we care about their opinions. Even more, I can’t believe anyone believes that they have the authority to tell us what to do

  11. This kind of propaganda makes me sick. I’ve seen families where the young children are still masked up, but parents have no mask on. This is a clear example of people who are evidently vaccinated already, and are only waiting until their little ones can get vaccinated too. They are keeping those disgusting, germ-ridden rags on their kids faces until they can receive a useless vaccine that literally protects them from—NOTHING. Since Covid-19 is overwhelmingly safe for children to experience naturally, and usually results in very mild or no symptoms, what is the purpose of all this? Virtue signaling their compliance with the tyrants in CDC. That’s what. I’m really sickened when I see things like that.

  12. 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不

  13. I wore a mask in public (an actual N95 respirator mask not a cloth BS rag of face diaper), when the government and CDC said it wasn’t needed back in late January, February, and March of 2020. When the data came in late March and I saw that this made in China lab leaked coronavirus didn’t have people dropping dead in the streets, (how could it, after all this bioweapon was made in China and we all know things made in China are cheap and don’t last), I took that mask off and haven’t put one on since. I had a supply of ivermectin that took care of my Covid infection in two days and went about my life. I find a good rule of thumb is to read and decipher the data, turn off your TV, remove yourself from the pop culture propaganda, think for yourself; and if the government and their so called “experts” tell you to do something, I find it best to do the opposite; after all, the government doesn’t care about you or what’s best for you and your family. They only care about their bankster financers and what’s best for their themselves and advancing their prison planet agenda. Besides the CDC isn’t even a government agency. They are like the Federal Reserve just another for profit corporation run by private interests. Do people even know that the CDC (centers for disease creation) held the patent number for the designer strain of Ebola that hit west Africa back in 2013/2014? And the only reason they transferred patients out of the hot zone (for the first time in human history) was because the CDC made money off of every patient infected with their designer strain. Yep it’s true. They needed to transfer the patients out of the hot zone to do genome sequencing to determine it was their creation so they could profit from the treatment. The research was funded by Fort Detrick and the Tulare Center for Tropical disease and the CDC. The only reason the news hyped Ebola back then was to Beta test the public response as to how much fear the public would have over the possible spread of a deadly pathogen so that they could better roll out their global plandemic of Covid. Hindsight is truly 2020…no pun intended ….LOL….some of us were not surprised by Covid one bit and lacked nothing as this manufactured crisis rolled out, because we have studied and read what these anti-human, communistic control freaks of elites, and medical fascists want to do to humanity. So far they are right on schedule and unfortunately the stupid masses are falling right in line. Especially these libtard demoncrats and rhino republicons, they are the worst of the bunch. Remember a year ago when those of us in the know were sounding the alarm of vaccine passports and the Covidian brain dead masses laughed saying that was a conspiracy theory? Remember when those of us in the know were warning that this was all a preplanned agenda to usher in “global economic reset” with the elites planning on shifting us into a prison planet of control and destitution? Well buckle up buttercups because this decade of convergence is just getting started and you all ain’t seen nothing yet. 2020 is as easy as it going to get from here on out. In ten years from now, under this current trajectory, most of the world’s population will not be here, and famine, war and economic meltdowns, along with the destruction of America will utterly destroy the free world you once knew. Nothing is ever going back to the way it was prior to 2020. And those of us in the know, knew Donald Trump was never going to be able to Make America Great Again. Trump just gave us a small reprieve to get our houses in order for what is ultimately coming. And honestly can we even really trust him when this eugenic kill shot was brought about under his watch and he single handedly gave America over to the Chicoms by allowing Biden to be sworn in. Remember prior to Trump running for president he was a democrat and Hillary Clinton was at his weddings and social functions. Is he a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Also all Trump ever had to do since his first day in office was to reinstate the Smith-Mundt Act which Obama lifted. The Smith-Mundt Act was put in place after WWII and it made it illegal for the CIA to use weaponized media and propaganda on the American people. All Trump had to do was reinstate it and the whole problem we have been witnessing with the bias media propaganda would have toned down tremendously and this division in this nation would not be here. Maybe we just all got played hardcore and everything is lining up just as it was suppose to. It’s seems like people were looking for physical solutions to what is ultimately a spiritual problem and decided to believe a man like Donald Trump would save them instead of a Holy God and faith in Jesus Christ. Welcome to the new world order. And all of these morons that are going along with this BS narrative injecting themselves with experimental kill shots will not survive. They will be the first to die. So enjoy those around you while you still can because by the end of this decade most of the faces you see walking around will be gone. Along with every comfort and freedom you took for granted. Reality’s a bitch. The global elite want the world’s population down to 500 million and they will get it, especially if people keep lining up to be injected and listen to these government tools. Massive disobedience is needed globally if we even want to have a fighting chance; however, the division is too far and great and no one wanted to listen to the warnings given in years past to get prepared. It was better to just enjoy the party and do all that traveling, drinking, smoking, working, and burry their heads in the sand and believe those comfortable lies. Humanity as a whole is doomed. So as this global agenda progresses, and war and famine grip the globe and the stock market tanks and all those 401ks and pensions go away and the food on the grocery shelves become emptier and emptier, along with inflation skyrocketing, just remember you were warned. Certain people have been sounding this alarm for these days for decades and everyone mocked and laughed and Americans said, “that would never happen here.” Because for some reason Americans believe they are immune to tyrants, scientific tyranny and genocide. What makes America so special to be immune? They boiled us like frogs, slow and steady and still turning up the temp so that no one wakes up too soon and jumps out of the pot. This collapse will not happen in one day. It will take ten years at least and so far we are in year two. So when you want to point the blame you need only to look in the mirror. So my advice wake up, get brave and stand up for something so that you don’t continue to fall for anything. And understand we can’t vote our way out of this mess. It’s too late for that. Sorry for being wordy but sometimes the harsh reality needs to be spoken.

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