CDC panel to vote on adding Covid shots to list for recommended childhood vaccines


A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention panel is considering adding Covid-19 vaccinations to the list of recommended childhood vaccines. The decision is expected to come from the annual meeting on vaccines on Thursday, at which time officials decide which vaccines should be recommended to certain age groups and individuals.

While the CDC doesn’t mandate shots for children, several states have laws that say they adopt the CDC vaccine guidelines automatically. Mainstream media has criticized Fox News analyst Tucker Carson for saying the CDC is going to mandate the shots; for many states, the CDC guidelines are indeed a mandate because for children to attend school, they must be current on the CDC list of shots. All states adopt the CDC vaccine list with minimal variation.

The CDC itself went into damage control over Carlson’s claim: “Thursday, CDC’s independent advisory committee (ACIP) will vote on an updated childhood immunization schedule. States establish vaccine requirements for school children, not ACIP or CDC,” the CDC said on Twitter, not discussing the nuance that the CDC actually does trigger mandates.

Children are given a long list of vaccines as a requirement to attend school, including for diseases such as measles, mumps, diphtheria, pertussis, chicken pox, and hepatitis A and B. The list of vaccines have a long history of usage, and some side effects are accepted with them. Sometimes side effects to vaccines can be severe, but it’s a societal decision that the spread of a disease is a worse outcome. Diseases such as polio and smallpox have had crippling and deadly results. Vaccines are given to children starting at a very young age, starting at birth with a hepatitis B shot.

With Covid-19 shots, there is less known about long-term side effects and pharmaceutical companies have no legal liability because these shots are being used under an emergency authorization to prevent the spread and severity of Covid.

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices is not the final arbiter, but the CDC director usually accepts the recommendations and states will follow suit.

CDC already recommends that people ages 5 years and older receive one updated (bivalent) booster if it has been at least 2 months since their last COVID-19 vaccine dose, whether that was their final primary series dose, or an original (monovalent) booster. The Covid booster shot schedule has been variable in nature, but appears to be heading toward at least one booster shot per year, as the virus mutates.

The agenda and webcast link to the meeting:

Agenda [2 pages]


Webcast Link

The Alaska Department of Health Immunization Packet, with current requirements for vaccines for children to attend school, is at this link.


    • And this sort of commentary is why the Anchorage Assembly is now wrestling with limiting public speaking. Well, basically every comment here.

      • Interesting.
        You think people should be limited in what they are allowed to say? Because Andy equated ignorant to Democrat?
        Plenty of folks on the left side of the aisle are equating Republicans to insurrectionists. I think you may have implied something along those lines as well, but cannot remember. Should they be silenced?
        What about someone who tosses out the word “racist” without any real proof the person they are talking about is really a racist. Silence them?
        No one will be able to speak at all if we go down that road.

  1. It is an EXPERIMENTAL RNa injection/clot shot/suicide jab and pre-meditated murder by center for disease creation. Go with natural immunity.

  2. Nothing short of entirely collapsing the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex (PIC) is going to fix this. The greed of the people within their sphere of control knows no bounds.
    The schools will empty out, as an after effect of this decision and of necessity by those with eyes to see. The actions of the murderous PIC will create circumstances leading to them overcoming themselves if we cannot get it done…

  3. FYI, if a vaccine makes it on the childhood immunizations list, Big Pharma gets permanent immunity from lawsuits for side effects and death. That’s what this is all about. Heard Kennedy talk about it the other day.

  4. From what I have studied about the Covid shots, they have not been adequately tested for children. Of course, from the beginning, politics was more important than the science on Covid as it was, so the level of trust I have for the CDC is not enough for me to risk children.

    • the “vaccines” have not been adequately tested for adults let alone children. The FDA has not even cleared these and therefore they are all still considered experimental and should not be added to any mandatory vaccination list. I believe that is the law. If you go to the FDA site and pull the risk-benefit analysis that was used to provide the emergency use authorization, they actually set the risks to at or near zero. Meaning the benefits will always be greater than the risks and helps the FDA justify the authorization. they never performed the required testing to even adequately define the risks let alone validate the benefits. this should be criminal and the FDA leadership should be held to account.

  5. All hail your masters. Once again, this is nothing more than BS! If you accept anything they spew, you deserve what you get. Do you not see the power of their scams? Being a pure blood, I know those who swallow this propaganda they create, will not survive. For me, I cannot wait to enjoy life without so many sheeple who live only because of their masters.

    • Well said Kerry !

      If people cannot think for themselves, then someone else will certainly do it for them…In this case, a SINISTER and DIABOLICAL think tank.

  6. Nope. Not a chance.
    Children who aren’t immune compromised are far and away the lowest risk group.

      • I think he said the FLU shot…. i have not taken a flu shot in over 30 years and have not had the flu. I have yet to catch this stupid COVID crud either. does not mean that vaccines for other, more serious, illnesses should not be considered/taken. ultimately, its a personal decision and should not be mandated by government.

  7. A vaccine that:
    1. Does not stop you from catching the virus,
    2. Does not stop you from getting symptoms, and
    3. Does not stop transmission of the virus,
    is going to be injected into the arms of children who:
    1. Are least likely to catch the virus,
    2. are least likely to show symptoms, and
    3. have a near zero statistical likelihood of dying from the virus.
    Why is this even under consideration?
    There are over a million entries for the COVID vaccines in the VAERS database. More than 8% of people getting the vaccine require medical attention afterward.
    It will do nothing to protect the children, and has a pretty decent chance of harming them.
    Anyone voting to include this vaccine as a childhood requirement/recommendation should be tried on charges of malpractice, and child abuse.

  8. A vote to protect big pharma from future liability and to ensure an expanding market for them over any clinical trials or any medical need. These people are criminals. Watch each of them vote. It is an evil act >


  9. The COVID vaccine was never properly tested on children. They don’t know the long term effects as it hasn’t been around long enough. Besides, healthy children don’t become sick from COVID and the vaccine does not prevent spreading. This should be a parents choice, but in reality, when it comes to public schools vaccines are the least of the problems we have.

  10. Please tell me that anchorage will be prevented from adding this to the list of mandatory vaccinations kids need to attend school! Is there some state executive order like Florida has?

  11. Pushing a vaccine that is not a vaccine.
    Like everything else…Follow the money.
    They don’t want their gravy train going away even if it means putting your children
    in danger.
    The CDC is pure evil.

  12. Anchorage’s school district doesn’t provide a good enough education for me to justify injecting my kids with poison. I like many others will switch to homeschooling and ASD will face an even further decline in student enrollment.
    The choice is simple for ASD;Force the fake vax and lose out on federal “per student” funding through loss of students or allow the hysteria to die and go with the many, many doctors and scientists who say the vaxx is not necessary for children.

  13. Governor Mike Parson

    As long as I am Governor of Missouri, I will do everything under my authority to never let the federal government mandate COVID vaccines in our schools.
    12:03 PM · Oct 20, 2022
    ·Twitter for iPhone

    Meanwhile we get Dr Mengele/Zink from Gov Dunleavy….

  14. Kari Lake
    Governor candidate, AZ
    Arizona will NOT be forcing COVID shots into our children’s arms or filthy masks onto their beautiful faces.

    Thx but no thx, @CDCgov.

    Meanwhile we get nothing from Dunleavy but Dr Mengele/Zink

  15. This would be a great time for Dunleavy to speak up and say he’ll protect Alaskan children from a mandatory covid shot.

  16. News flash; child hospitalization is at an all time high. Of course, we don’t know if it is related to the “vaccine “. We will never be privy to that. Parents that subject their children to a experimental drug are unfit.

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