CDC panel advises RSV vaccine for those 65 years and older


The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, a panel of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has recommended that the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine be included in the list of recommended vaccines for all Americans aged 65 and over.

The panel voted 9-5 in favor of the recommendation, which also includes adults aged 60 and older based on individual needs and medical advise.

RSV is a common respiratory virus that affects almost everyone by the age of 2, usually causing cold symptoms.

It can be severe in newborns and young children, and can hospitalizations. According to data from the CDC, between 58,000 and 80,000 hospitalizations occur annually among children under 5 years of age due to RSV.

However, to put that in perspective, millions of children under the age of 5 are hospitalized each year due to various reasons and pediatric hospitalizations have been declining in recent years. Between 2004 and 2019, the number and rate of inpatient stays for children aged 0–17 years decreased by 20%, according to data from the U.S. government.

Before the RSV vaccines can be made widely available, the panel’s recommendation must be endorsed by the director of the CDC, which almost always occurs.

But this decision by the panel was not decisive. The vote falls short of the agreement the panel made last year on a vote to include Covid-19 vaccinations to the 2023 child, adolescent, and adult immunization schedule. That vote was unanimous.

The panel did not reveal why over one-third of its membership vote against adding the RSV vaccinations to the older adult schedule.


  1. So how long does this “vaccine” provide “immunity”? What kind of vax is it – another mRNA? Sorry – no NOT sorry for my cynicism. Has it been thoroughly tested for effectiveness, safety, and side effects? One wonders what payouts were made to the panel by big pharma. This is MY body, owned by God and loaned to me – it does NOT belong to the government, nor is it for the enrichment of their cronies. I’m not taking a jab for a cold.

  2. I can never see myself trusting them again.
    I will never do another vaccine or flue shot or any booster.
    One third know we are being lied to…..

  3. At what point do the negative effects of the assault on the body by all of these accumulated recommended vaccines begin to outweigh the potential benefits of each one individually?

    This is a question that the medical-industrial complex, and their handmaidens in the corporate media, will never touch.

    • Looking at CDC guidelines for children’s vaccinations should make any good parent suspicious. 18 different vaccines, these aren’t including the 9 other vaccines for travel. In my opinion, that seems dangerous. I’ve had 6 of those 18 (covid vac free also) and really only feel like I needed maybe 3 of those.

  4. Ah, but another “novel” way to “off” old timers and reduce that crushing Social Security burden upon society. And if that fails, I’ll bet this new jab works in wonderous ways to keep one unhealthy from it’s “side effects” and in need of further medications that Big Pharma is more than willing to sell you at a grossly inflated price. The wonders of Modern Medicine!

  5. I wouldn’t trust the CDC if they told me I needed to put air in my bicycle tire. Anything beyond that, hell no.

  6. That should finish the job that the other jabs didn’t. No, thank you. Still don’t trust our government.

  7. Once upon a time, I’d have taken the CDC as an authority to be listened to.

    Post Covid? Not anymore. Truth is the first casualty of war. CDC sacrificed truth for politics.

  8. Another dangerous “vaccine” for a man-made disease. Created by “scientists” in Maryland either through incompetence or malice.

    Shocked to find gambling in Casablanca.

  9. If anyone in the CDC told me that air was good, I’d hold my breath until I could do a little research.

  10. Well, the good news is that the happy little democrat campers who thing government is here to help save us from ourselves will line up for these “vaccines.” If they are, as we believe, social engineering efforts, and kill off folks by the metric ton as the Covid vax did, then there will be less democrats around to harass us. Not a kind thought, nor a Christian one, but there’s only so much a person can do to save the ignorant from themselves.

    • Tamra, it’s called Mass Psychosis, it’s a little bit beyond ignorance and something like 30% of the population suffers from it.

  11. If a meglomanaical personality gets conscripted into a UN anti-American health scam which is richly financially rewarding for him are Americans obliged to diefy the meglomaniac upon voice command anyway?

  12. One way or another, it seems like the Dictorial Guv’ment Agencies are trying to eliminate the retirees, stealing // confiscating their Social Security, Pensions, Retirements, IRA’s, 401K’s, and Assets. Next, the Guv’ment will make it a ‘mandate’ that in order to receive health benefits, one will have to be fully vaccinated and current on all boosters. Maybe, even your ESG score will be dependent upon complete compliance?
    Get ready to show your Papers upon command!!!

  13. If someone at the CDC told me the time of day I’d not only look at my watch and phone, I’d call Time and Temperature to triple check. I refuse all vaccines and shots, to include the covid vaccine and its boosters, shingles, flu, Tdap, pneumococcal conjugate vaccines (PCV13, PCV15, or PCV20), pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine and anything else Big Pharma and the CDC can come up with. My wife did take the needle for covid and she’s much sicker now than she’s ever been. And she’s had covid twice since she got the shots. I never took the needle and had a very mild case of covid once. The two times my wife had covid I didn’t even take any special precautions around her and still didn’t get it. I’ll take natural immunity over CDC advocated toxic poison any day.

  14. The CDC panelists should understand, post Covid, credibility is like virginity. Once gone…
    The FDA granted vaccine approval to GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals.
    In 2012, GSK pled guilty and paid $3B to resolve fraud alllegations and failure to report safety data. GSK pled guilty to a three-count criminal information, including two counts of introducing misbranded drugs, Paxil and Wellbutrin, into interstate commerce and one count of failing to report safety data about the drug Avandia to FDA.
    No, we’re not saying GSK’s the Devil incarnate.
    After reading “…In two other studies, approximately 2,500 participants 60 years of age and older received Arexvy. In one of these studies, in which some participants received Arexvy with an FDA-approved influenza vaccine, two participants developed acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM), a rare type of inflammation that affects the brain and spinal cord, seven and 22 days, respectively, after receiving Arexvy and the influenza vaccine. One participant who developed ADEM died. In the other study, one participant developed Guillain-Barré syndrome (a rare disorder in which the body’s immune system damages nerve cells, causing muscle weakness and sometimes paralysis) nine days after receiving Arexvy.

    The FDA is requiring the company to conduct a postmarketing study to assess the signals of serious risks for Guillain-Barré syndrome and ADEM. In addition, although not an FDA requirement, the company has committed to assess atrial fibrillation in the postmarketing study.”
    …we are saying buyers better beware.

  15. At least for Now??I feel like they’re not going to require me to get (older the 706)these (?**?? vaxxs.). I just don’t trust the vaxx after this past 3 years. When the Korean flu came thru my the 50’s, we ALL got it(I think so named, due to the men returning from the Korean war) Back then, it was just the flu.. all unknown sicknesses were called the flu.. There were some family situations later that made me question ANY vaccination shot.

  16. Mike Lindell and JFK junior oppose the vaccines. That good enough for me. I’m tired of being expected tobelieve hundreds of thousands of scientists, physicians, healthcare providers about the efficacy of vaccines.

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