CDC finally concedes: USA outbreak isn’t if, but when



“Americans should brace for the likelihood that the coronavirus will spread to communities in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Tuesday during a conference call with the media.

Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, said the spread of the coronavirus in countries beyond China has officials on the lookout for a community-wide outbreak in the US. There have been 57 cases identified so far in the US, and more than 80,000 cases worldwide since the virus was first tracked at the beginning of January. Thousands of new cases are being reported daily now, with fatalities at around 3 percent.

Of concern is the spread in Europe.

“Ultimately we expect we will see community spread in this country,” said Messonier. “It’s not so much a question of if this will happen anymore, but rather more a question of exactly when this will happen and how many people in this country will have severe illness.”

The CDC is encouraging citizens to prepare — but is not giving guidance yet on what that preparation might be.

“We will maintain, for as long as practical, a dual approach where we continue measures to contain this disease, but also employ strategies to minimize the impact on our communities,” Messonier said, adding that “significant disruptions” to Americans’ daily lives should be expected.

“We are asking the American public to prepare for the expectation that this might be bad,” – CDC Dr. Nandy Messonnier

She said that more people will want to stay home when ill, use face masks, and hand sanitizer.

But face masks are increasingly hard to come by and Alaska stores sold out weeks ago. Amazon orders are now going unfilled or undelivered, as most of the masks are made in China, and the Chinese government is hoarding them.

One of the stumbling blocks for the U.S. health establishment is that the CDC test for Covid-19 has been found faulty, and there may be more infections in the U.S. than reported since there is now a delay in test results.


    • The cruise ship companies, which employ thousands here in Alaska as well as do tons of business with local vendors would be hurt significantly. It would also be a PR nightmare for Alaska tourism. There was almost 60,000 that died from the flu last year. I don’t see anyone screaming in panic over that. Don’t let the media ‘fear’ you into anything.

  1. Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste! -Rahm Emmanuel
    Must be terribly frustrating for Never-Trumpers…
    Russia hoax didn’t work.
    Impeachment didn’t work.
    Democrat Party seems to be falling apart.
    So propaganda and disinformation about the pandemic hoax may be the last, best hope of the radical Left/Democrat Party.
    Two things are worth remembering: (a) propaganda and disinformation were effective enough to persuade Americans they lost the Viet Nam War, when in fact they were winning, and (b) communist Chinese have no problem using human-wave attacks, –sacrificing any number of their own– to overwhelm their enemies, which, as everyone outside Walker’s gasline gang knew since 1949, are Americans and America’s economy.
    This is no Black Plague, influenza epidemic, bird-flu, Ebola outbreak.
    This looks way too much like the common-cold related corona virus weaponized with propaganda, disinformation, and hysteria-infused news media for purposes of silencing Hong Kong protests against Communist China, paralyzing non-communist Asian economies, and most importantly, discrediting President Trump by disrupting America’s economy.
    Now we have Dr. Nancy, Rod J. Rosenstein’s (remember him?) sister, threatening “‘significant disruptions’ to Americans’ daily lives”, meaning what, exactly?
    Meaning something really bad’s gonna happen probably around November to put the country on lockdown, keep voters home, and if they don’t voluntarily stay home, stick ’em with mandatory travel restrictions to make ’em stay home, and, by the way, that should trash President Trump’s economy, and President Trump, once and for all?
    Now we have Dr. Nancy, Rod J. Rosenstein’s (remember him?) sister, telling us to wear face masks like bit actors in “Walking Almost Dead”?
    We should crowd together in our contagion, pathetically clamoring for ersatz Halloween masks because yet another big fat lie suggests they protect everybody from anything except idiosteria, a socially engineered virus of idiocy and hysteria far more contagious than any organically engineered virus?
    No? what do you think happens when everybody’s forced to stay home indefinitely, with no means of support because they aren’t working? How does America work when her citizens aren’t allowed to work? Who’ll feed them? What’ll happen to their infected waste? What’ll happen when social media quits working?
    Who says the communist Chinese aren’t the Democrat Party’s new BFF?
    But look at the bright side, President Trump should be able to build The Wall now, without too much argument.

    So, as Admiral David Farragut might have said today, “Damn the news media, Democrat Party, Deep State, Dr. Nancy, and their torpedoes, full speed ahead!”


    • I can’t go this far, but I can’t dismiss the possibility that the whole thing is a Chinese CBW experiment gone awry.

      • All y’all.

        That foolhardy notion was thoroughly debunked weeks ago.

        The world has moved on to working on practical methods and means to address the virus but you go ahead on, you be you.

    • If you’re going to confuse health and politics you better be young and in excellent physical condition. A 3% fatality rate is significant for an upper respiratory virus and definitely outside the scope of a “pandemic hoax”.

      I’ve become weary of hearing from those that want to constantly interject their own political views in every discussion so I applaud your choice to ignore science.

  2. The CDC and Dr Nancy Messonnier have been sounding the alarm since at least February 3rd.

    Why do you say the ‘finally’ concede something they had already announced 3 weeks ago?

  3. At this stage of the game (pandemic), it doesn’t really make any difference who started it or why. The fact is, we need to deal with it. Denial and accusation will not help anyone. What needs to happen is for every Alaskan/American to try and help other Alaskans,/Americans. If everyone works toward that common goal, we’ll be fine. If not, we won’t. Hysterics won’t help. BS politics won’t. Praying might. Preparation definitely will. There’s still a few days/weeks left to try and do the best you can for yourself, family and acquaintances (don’t forget your pets). Alaska is so sparsely populated, it will be much easier to have effective quarantines than the crowded lower 49. Most of our communities are already somewhat “quarantined”, except for the few cities big enough to be problematic. Nothing to be done about it except the best we can do. Be thankful we’re not in China.

  4. It will be interesting to see how many Anti-Vaxxers queue up for the vaccine, when it arrives…

    Oh, and when it does, you will have properly funded-government, science, and modern medicine – paid for by your taxes – to thank.

    • Hi Whidbey,
      Haven’t you heard? The Iran version of the Wuhan virus has morphed into a different strain that would need it’s own vaccine. It’s constantly mutating even from person to person. No one vaccine will keep up with it. The remedy will need to come at it with a new angle. Hopefully not using weakened virus as part of the aegis.

      • Providing misinformation is dangerous.

        Care to cite a credible, competent scientific source for your claim?

        ( and remember, Rush Limbaugh is not a credible, competent scientific source.)

        • Nay,
          Ignoring information is also dangerous. The “mutation” info came from a CNBC commenter a few days ago. It was not disputed or called misinformation.

          • Do you imagine CNBC ‘commenters’ are credible, competent scientific sources?

            The tv has all kinds of crackpots and liars on their shows regularly.

            That’s why I asked whether you could cite a credible, competent scientific source for your claims.

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