Case of the fake vaccine cards is nothing compared to the fake vaccines Interpol is warning countries about


U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers working at the Port of Anchorage seized over 3,000 counterfeit COVID-19 vaccination cards arriving from China this week.

The cards closely resemble the authentic Center for Disease Control certificates provided by healthcare practitioners when administering the Covid-19 vaccine. The cards are arriving from the same place the virus arrived from: China, specifically  Shenzhen, China, which is about 550 miles from Wuhan Province, where the virus originated.

Shipments of these fake vaccine cards have shown up in cities across the country, especially where there are shipping hubs. The manifests for these cards will say things like, “PAPER CARD, PAPER,” Customs agents in other ports of entry noted the cards had typos, unfinished words, and some of the Spanish words on the back that were misspelled.

But INTERPOL, the international police coordination organization, is warning of something more ominous: Fake vaccines.

INTERPOL issued a global alert on Aug. 16, saying that organized crime groups are attempting to defraud governments and individuals with fake offers to sell Covid-19 vaccines.

The warning follows 60 cases in 40 countries where individuals in health ministries and hospitals have received offers for Covid-19 vaccines approved for distribution in their country.

The offers come from people claiming to represent a vaccine manufacturer or a government agency facilitating the distribution of vaccines, the scammers are targeting both professional and personal email accounts of potential buyers, as well as making contact via phone.

The INTERPOL alert, issued to all 194 member countries, is based on information provided by vaccine manufacturers and highlights the types of modus operandi used in the attempted scams, including the use of fake social media accounts and websites.

Issued under the umbrella of the INTERPOL Global Financial Crime Task Force, the alert is the most recent in a series of warnings issued in relation to Covid-related crime threats.

Criminals have exploited every stage of the pandemic, INTERPOL said, from creating websites and social media accounts claiming to sell protective equipment and medical supplies, to the manufacture and distribution of fake vaccines, ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure, and fake vaccine passports or vaccine cards.

The latest alert follows the joint INTERPOL and the United States’s Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) warning to the public against purchasing alleged COVID-19 vaccines and treatments online earlier this year.


  1. I think telling a lie isn’t going to help any of us get out of this “covid19 passport” mess. I think it’s going to make everything worse. The deception from others may end up pushing a mandatory microchip in all of us, then what will these people do? Make a false microship? Hahaha.
    I don’t want a bigger mess to where I hear government is talking about mandatory micro chips, for that is worse than a covid passport. at least you can leave it in the home drawer. A microchip, there is the possibility someone knowing where you are. You got a chip in you, and you can’t take it out to leave it in the drawer. So you see! The deceptions and lies of others will only make things worse.

    • Sorry, I’m struggling to follow any semblance of rationality and logic here. Is English your first language, ma’am?

      • Whidbey you Dog, of course you are struggling it’s because you lack the ability to think… oh, and you have very nicely displayed your white supremacist side, your Crack about English. You must struggle with the White man’s burden, being superior to the minority folks and yet pretending to care!

        • Anyone who actually believes that kind of microchip Bravo Sierra is irrational and paranoid. Furthermore, the grammar is horrid and almost undecipherable, as it often with this commenter. If you’re going to post, at least use clear grammar, logic, and complete sentences.

          And if you want to do it in your maternal language, that’s OK too, but please at least make sense.


          • Not really. It’s an industry and is being done in many ways the naive would not even imagine. How nice of you to cover for “them”. Why do you do that? Were you raised in ethnic privilege? People come in all colors. Is English your first language?

    • Sorry, I’m struggling to follow any semblance of rationality and logic here. What on earth are you banging on about?

      • It figures that you, Whidbey The Dog, would be unfamiliar with a Biblical reference, a reference I might add that is well-known to virtually everyone but you.

        • Oh, I am very familiar with the biblical reference having studied and practiced religion for the majority of my life. But eventually, I threw it all overboard since it is nothing more than useless, ridiculous fantasy. It now has no place in my life.

          It’s not the biblical reference that is a mystery to me. What I can’t understand is how some people are drawn to somehow equate a modern scientific achievement to such a thing.

          There are none so blind as those who will not see.

          • There are none so blind as those who see only themselves.

            Sorry to here you threw God out of your life, but you have joined many which is why evil darkens the nation.

  2. These blank vaccine cards lay everywhere. Usually out of the public’s sight to steal but everywhere else none the less.

    • Crime made in the USA? I don’t think that the US has a corner on it, except for big corporate crime against the citizens.

  3. Huh, And I thought it was Big Pharma alone that had a corner on the Fake “Vaccine” market! Nice to see that criminal enterprise isn’t always protected and or promoted by Governments.

  4. I wonder if the adverse events (VAERS) to the fake shots will be as severe as to the Pfizer/Moderna? I wonder if the fake vaccine works as well (poorly).

  5. Defraud governments? Thus far the CCP have defrauded the USA government! With the 2020 Election… this PLANDEMIC… add more fuel to the ?fire of deceit!

  6. What’s up with USA counterfeiters? Are they on break so we have to rely on china? Gotta get my boots on for this one.

  7. Why go to the trouble of buying or acquiring a fake one from a third party? Aren’t people computer literate enough to make their own at home?

    1. You can find a jpg or pdf online
    2. Use a word processing software and make your own

    A vaccine record is not an official government document.

  8. China, the country that keeps giving and giving. Viruses, inferior products, intellectual theft, copyright infringements, it just gets bigger and bigger with the American taxpayer the victim. What the fake cards are doing is creating a situation where we will have to provide greater proof…A digital card, perhaps a mark on our bodies?

  9. Ironic… people are dying to inject themselves with non FDA-approved substances about which they know nothing
    … but they worry about injecting themselves with counterfeit versions about which they also know nothing.
    We’ve been lied to about so much for so long, it’s hard to believe counterfeits are any riskier if only because that’d be bad for the counterfeit business.
    One might be forgiven for welcoming the influx of bogus vaccine passports increasingly indistinguishable from the real thing… fighting fire with fire as it were.
    If that’s what it takes to start the implosion of the mini dictatorships infesting our America, how could one feel otherwise?

  10. False vax cards don’t bother me at all. Bring them on. Use them widely. Use them everywhere. When trial comes for vax card fraud, I will refuse to convict. This is the way the American public took down Prohibition a century ago. Time to do it again. Cheers –

  11. They need to release this booster shot. No shame if you only got 1 shot or no shot or looking for your 3rd. Just give me my booster..
    People going to hospitals now are people with no vaccination. This statistic should always be the bottom line.
    I’m in the same boat at as jesse jackson, (recently infected) with only have gotten 1 shot. Thinking this BS would end!

  12. If the fake vaccine is just saline then it’ll do more for you than the “real” thing.
    Anyone who gets the jab is gambling with their health and even life with an experimental gene therapy drug that…as Trump will tell you over and over…was rushed to market in record time because…THEY DIDN’T TEST IT!
    Well, they’re testing it right now, aren’t they?
    And results are not looking great.
    Even if this all works out and the gene therapy turns out to be the wonder drug of our age it is wrong to force people to accept a medical treatment as a condition of enjoying the freedoms we are all entitled to.
    It’s tyranny and it’s monstrous and our “leaders” are doing it right now.

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