Carmela Warfield crowds in for Assembly’s South Anchorage seat, now held by Suzanne LaFrance


Carmela Warfield, the wife of the Alaska Republican Party’s Finance chair, Jason Warfield, has filed her letter of intent with Alaska Public Offices Commission, which is one way of saying she will file for a seat on the Anchorage Assembly. The filing period for the municipal election opens this Friday and the election will be held in mid-March, ending April 4.

Warfield’s candidacy may make it awkward for several major Republican leaders in Anchorage, including Mayor Dave Bronson, Assemblywoman Jamie Allard, Assemblyman Kevin Cross, and Assemblyman Randy Sulte, several legislators and others who have already endorsed Rachel Ries for the South Assembly District 6 seat.

Ries, an Afghanistan war helicopter pilot, has been a declared candidate in the race since May. She won 63% of the precincts in District 6 for her school board race last year.

Carmela is described in her bio as “a longtime Alaskan resident, local business owner and real estate investor. Prior to starting her company, Carmela was an executive with a career in the Banking and Finance industry for more than fifteen years. Carmela and her family are involved and passionate community members, with many years of service and support of Alaskan philanthropic and non-profit organizations. She is current Chair of the Board of Trustees of Special Olympics Alaska, and past Chair of the Board of Directors of Special Olympics Alaska. She is also a two-time Covenant House Alaska Executive Sleep Out champion.”

If past races are any indicator, having two Republicans vying for the South Anchorage Assembly seat now held by a liberal will almost certainly split the vote and hand the election to the incumbent, Democrat Suzanne LaFrance.

Carmela Warfield


  1. Funny, if we had ranked-choice voting for Muni elections we wouldn’t have to worry about spoilers or vote-splitting!

  2. It would be so nice to have the US Constitution respected again in Anchorage. Our assembly meetings are for the residents to assemble and speak freely among ourselves. We provide business spaces for the employees to work. Anchorage should have 75 percent less meetings and do much less altogether.

  3. Republicans just love putting Democrats into office. Last year it was Sarah Palin. Now, Warfield. Republicans are their own worst enemies.

  4. What does filing early have anything to do with qualifications? And whats with the nonsensical headline?? You mean, anyone who endorsed Rachel when there was no other option is obligated to maintain that endorsement??

    This article insinuates that Rachel (who is without doubt a great person) is owed the seat because she ran, lost, and signed up for round two right away. Nonsense.

    Anyone that knows Carmela knows that she beyond qualified and quintessentially the definition of competence.

    If Rachel wanted what was best for anchorage, she could consider supporting a superior candidate. There should be no hard feelings, this is about the best person for a particular job at a particular time, not about who’s already in the queue.

    Rachel, thanks for stepping up to fill a gap, but perhaps consider serving in a different way, in leiu of developing circumstances.

    • Bad strategy. At end of day if they can’t agree should flip a coin.

      Rachel did step back when Randy ran, filed early and has been building a campaign. Carmela? Have not seen or heard of her in four years of being too involved in this stuff.

      That being said, again, I don’t care who runs as long as it is one. In the mean time we will not donate a dime if there is more than one on the race. Waste of money, guaranteed win for more of the same.

  5. Jason Warfield — I’ve never trusted him or anyone else in the Alaska GOP. Guess he’s using his wife as a pawn now.

  6. Anybody but Suzanne LaFrance. Just like all the people who voted for Forrest Dunbar over Stephanie Taylor, I’ll gladly join the ignorance is bliss crowd and pull the handle for any “R” running against LaFrance. Good riddance.

    • We could have won the downtown seat with Taylor if two conservative spoilers had not joined the race. Would have been close but possible.

      Bad strategy.

  7. Carmela is the President of Hillside Community Council. Her Vice Chair is the Democrat running against Rachel Reis. My bet is Carmela jumped in the race to split the vote and ensure the Vice Chair wins. She’s a RINO! For those that don’t know, LaFrance is not running for this seat. I suspect she’s got her sights on running for Mayor.

  8. Carmela will be a strong conservative voice bringing great experience and a cooperative spirit to our City. She will not bow down to every scream in her ear. Her broad experience and her competence is exactly what our City needs…Rachel should gladly back out and endorse a Ms Warfield. My family and I wholeheartedly throw our support behind her campaign.

  9. Why is anything “suspect” when a person in our community steps up to serve? I applaud her willingness. I think she would be an awesome choice to represent the better interests of our community.

  10. Deary, any pilot worth his “angel’s wings” realizes that during a stiff cross wind landing you need to cross control your ailerons and rudder: each moment necessitating its own flight control! If you’re unable to properly control the aircraft that you are flying, you’re flying the wrong plane!

    Politically, if you can’t execute a simple snap roll, you certainly won’t be able to execute a political Lomcovák! Stay away from aerobatics or be prepared to hit the dirt!

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