Can’t buy love



If you need proof money cannot buy you love, take a gander at how much Al “Bear Killer” Gross spent on his failed bid for the U.S. Senate seat held by Sen. Dan Sullivan.

Gross’s campaign spent about $19,410,839 to woo Alaska voters. That landed him 146,068 votes on election day, or 41 percent of votes cast in that race. That adds up to a whopping $133 per vote.

Sullivan? His campaign spent about $9,963,586. He got 191,112 votes, or 54 percent. That comes out to about $52 per vote.

All that is a lot of money, but the race showed cash is not everything in all political campaigns, and it cast doubt on the old political saw that he who spends the most wins.

But the real winners in November were long-suffering Alaskans who no longer have to be the target for the Gross campaign’s repetitively obnoxious ads.

Thank goodness.


  1. I’m sure you checked the numbers Suzanne. I heard the gross-man spent $32M… Whatever, I’m grossed out. Bad candidate running against a good man who has served Alaska well – I’m surprised gross did as well as he did. Must be that gross lies almost work. Nap time – my gross attempt at humor is failing, sorry.

    • I don’t have all the numbers or sources but the additional money you speak of is what other groups spent to get Gross elected but not through his campaign.

      The sad part is Gross and his allies actually thought they were going to win over Alaska by using ads designed by Californians for Californians.

      I am sure the ballot harvesters had a lot to do with the success that gross had.

      Please contact your state reps to end ballot harvesting in AK.

  2. When watching something or someone over & over & over again (read: annoying) a certain jingle or rune (limerick set to song) usually comes to mind.
    For pre-election Dr. Al it was the cal worthington jingle: “… I will stand upon my head till my ears are turning red …”!
    And for post-election DA, even though the ads were gone, I couldn’t help but think of a jingle my grandfather use to sing while working in his garage: “ … and he stepped in a big pile of sssshhhaaving cream, be nice and clean, shave everyday and you’ll always be keen.”

  3. Al Gross will only be remembered for his gas-bag political ads. He was the worst ever, but now he is relegated to the rust bucket and dust bin of Alaska history. May the brown bears in SE feast well.

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