Canada moves goalpost, now may open border to vaccinated Americans in mid-August


Canada has once again changed the timeframe for when it could open its borders to Americans. Those who have been fully vaccinated might be able to travel through the country in mid-August. Currently, the border closure is expected to end July 21.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau discussed the border closures with premiers on Thursday night, and several expressed support for reopening, “and agreed on the importance of ensuring clarity and predictability as initial steps are taken.”

Nearly 80 percent of Canadians have received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, and 53 percent are fully vaccinated. The United States has a full-vaccination rate of 48 percent.

The border has been closed to all nonessential travel since March of 2020. There have been several extensions to the closure, which impacts Alaskans trying to move between Interior Alaska and Skagway, Haines, or the Lower 48.


    • Also, prohibit all Canadians from travelling to the USA until they loosen their travel restrictions on us. The fact is, Canada is a small shadow of the USA and they need us far more than we need them. They have junior status and need to recognize it. Its time to call them out on their unreasonably petulant policies.

  1. Normalizing restricted travel. And yet our southern border is wide open and flooded with illegals.

  2. It’s time that we treat Canada with the same respect they’ve shown us. We need to put the exact same restrictions against Canadians at the border and in this country as they do with Americans for work and travel in Canada. This country has become weak thanks to the leftist policies.

    • Actually that happened not long ago. Someone illegally drove their SUV through someone’s property on the border into Vermont and was promptly deported back to Canada. Yeah, funny how they care about the northern boarder 🙄

  3. You mention the closure impacts Alaskans trying to move between Interior Alaska and Skagway, Haines, or the Lower 48. You forgot tiny Hyder, Alaska – pop 63 – where the only way out without taking the road to Stewart BC is a float plane which shows up twice a week from Ketchikan with the US Mail.

    That said, much of the delay was caused by US policy; two successive administrations used the Defense Production Act to force vaccine makers to supply the US market first – ensuring no US-made FDA-approved vaccines reached Canada until mid-May 2021. That delayed almost the entire Canadian vaccination effort by four or five months, ensuring the Canadian border won’t be opening to vaccinated Americans until at least mid or late August, by which time tourist season is almost over.

    There was a loophole by which Alaskans were allowed to drive overland through Yukon, BC or Alberta to get home from the lower 48, but unfortunately Americans abused that too – in one well-publicised incident, RCMP were finding these “transit” voyagers playing tourist in Banff national park. That got the rules tightened in Canada fairly quickly.

    Bed, made, lie.

    • No CV19 gene therapy injection has been “approved” by the FDA. They are all still only being administered with an Emergency Use Authorization.

  4. We have no treaty with them. They broke it. More’s the pity. They have gone to a more communist form of government. Very sad. Much was lost. “Merely one sinner can destroy much good.”

    • A communist foreign regime is now dictating medical treatments for freemen in America without protests from alleged elected representatives in this country. Something stinks in Denmark.

  5. If your own president, Joe Biden, could think and act like an adult, or at least have the mental prowress of someone older than 13, he might be able to persuade Trudeau to open the border now. But Biden lacks the capacity. Therefore, you have a 13-year old discussing critical matters with a 17- year old.

    • Honestly, no one in Canada would be vaccinated without USA doing the research, development and implementation of the vaccines. We all know Canada would be another 2nd-world SH without the USA. Where is Canada’s sense of gratitude or appreciation for the never-ending boost from big brother USA.
      Underachieving s-hole would be a big zero without USA support. They are resentful because of the inferiority complex. Losers.

  6. The Canucks, seemingly forget who financed and built the trans Alaskan highway. Might be time for some extreme tariffs on Canadian products….

  7. Canadians should close their border with America and be done with it!
    Did these fools learn nothing from their Staatssicherheitsdienst friends?
    It is their responsibility to protect their state from infection by American microbes and ideologies!
    No vaccine will protect their state from the constitutional upheavals besetting America.
    Their duty is to close their borders, close their citizens’ minds, leave America to her fate, try like hell to appease their Russian and Chinese BFF’s.
    To our Canadian friends, we say not unkindly, shove your goalpost (hey!), spare us Americans your wretched rhetoric.

  8. Where is the signed treaty that you and your communist associates may command our population to take any risky optional injections in order to pass along the King’s highway. We have had that right to travel the King’s highway since the Magna Carta. You aren’t Charlemagne.

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