Campaigning for pasta-terity: Nick Begich spaghetti feed at Kriner’s Diner


Campaigning is in full swing in Alaska for the lone congressional seat that is vacant. Nick Begich, one of the leaders in the race, according to recent polling, is having a spaghetti feed fundraiser at Kriner’s Diner on Tuesday, April 26, at 2409 C Street.

Andy Kriner, owner of Kriner’s Diner, is the host.

All contributions are welcome, the campaign said, including a “penne” for your thoughts.

Nick Begich is the Republican Begich who filed for office in October to replace Don Young, who passed away in March. He is born in Alaska and raised by Republican grandparents. In 2020 he was co-chair of the Don Young campaign for Congress, and told the congressman then that he would run in the next cycle.


  1. Since Nancy and I are both campaigning for Kelly T., I hope Nicholas doesn’t mind if we swing by for some spaghetti. Our son-in-law had a noodle stand a few decades ago that went belly-up. I’m not a big fan of Asian food. But I do love Italian.

  2. .Kriner’s Diner is my go-to place when I’m in Anchorage. It’s so satisfying to support a business owned and operated by conservative people who believe in America. Great food at reasonable prices.

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