Buses canceled, so Palmer parents may need to drive their students this week


The Matanuska Susitna Borough School District’s transportation department was alerted by its busing contractor, First Student, that there is a shortage of bus drivers due to Covid-19. On Monday and throughout the week the schools will remain open but the Administration is canceling regular education bus service for selected schools.

The cancellation impacts specific routes for Palmer High School, Palmer Junior Middle School, Sherrod Elementary, Butte Elementary, Sutton Elementary, Academy Charter, and shuttles to and from Palmer to Valley Pathways.

Special education buses will continue in all schools.

There may be other cancelations throughout the week, the administration wrote. Check with the school district for updates.


  1. Anybody with kids playing “High School” for 10th-11th grade diplomas at any Alaska Public Education school owes it to their kids to go to GED.com and download practice tests to see if they can earn their 12th grade nationally normed diploma. That is how smart parents are getting their children into trades or college early.

  2. Interesting how they are saying it’s because of COVID, which leads one to believe that the drivers all have covid. What is REALLY happening is that the school districts are trying to pressure employees to get the experimental “vaccine” and they (the drivers) are refusing. That’s why hospitals are having staffing shortages…it’s not because of covid itself, but because of the smart employees refusing to get an experimental vaccine.

    • Yep! Bingo you nailed. I know so many nurses and doctors that have quit due to the vaccine mandates. My friends and family in California who walked out due to mandates are seeing crazy pay hikes for nurses and doctors to just come work for 13 weeks in certain hospitals but they can’t get the help because these educated people won’t take the kill shot. The educated are too smart to fall for it. Plus lots of these nurses are single mothers and they aren’t going to risk their health because they need to look after their children. But these vaccinated lab rats will scream DELTA variant. Those of us on the inside and who know how to read science journals know the truth and the truth is over the next five years the vaccinated will be dead. Some are dropping dead now, very quickly, others will suffer slowly over a prolonged period of time as their bodies slowly waste away. It’s already starting. The empirical evidence is astounding, not to mention the science. Most people refusing the jab are PhD’s

  3. A shortage due to KungFlu (Covid) ??
    How did this happen? Are the bus drivers dead? Are they making more money NOT working? Are they afraid of getting the sniffles?
    Inquiring Minds Want to Know
    KungFlu 19 survival rate for 50-69 year olds is 99.5% according to cDc
    Can’t wait for Greg F to chime in on those deadly odds

  4. “…due to Covid-19”

    Are we talking about the “virus”?
    Are we talking about the event?
    Or, are we talking about the response?

    Very vague reasoning here.

    Where are the details? Did everyone call in sick? Did people quit because of tyrannical mandates?

    Where are the details?

  5. Bus drivers aren’t they only shortage. Juneau SD has only 10 or 12 substitute teachers. If a teacher doesn’t show up, the kids just leave. They are told to “study on their own.” This is actually something they’ve had to do for the past year and a half.

  6. AAAMATH.COM. free, goes from counting toes to rocket science More than just math and it has testing sheets to really know where each child with their understanding. Printable work sheets.

    Spelling, vocabulary and geography check it out …..your children are worth it!
    I agree with Don get hands on involved!

  7. Why have schools at all? You want kids, then you raise them, fully. If parents want k12 education, then homeschool them. Many got a taste this past year. No one to say what books to buy and read, your choice. No computer technology to bog down the budget. Think of the huge savings for the government and taxpayers! Maybe Alaska will gain more farmers and miners and hunters and fishermen; and pump up the economy and life in the Great Land will become more affordable.

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