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Burning Man now Flooding Man

Seventy-three thousand people at the Burning Man counter-culture festival are stranded after overnight rain dropped more than a half inch of rain on the venue near Black Rock City, Nevada.

Festival-goers have been warned to shelter in place, and conserve on their food and water, as they cannot get in or out due to the deep mud. The festival declared itself in a “national emergency.”

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Access to the festival is closed, the organizers wrote on the website, as “rain returns early Sunday morning and continues through the afternoon as the low pressure system moves eastward across Black Rock City and exits the region; rain is possible at any time but is most likely from sunrise to late morning. There is a 35% chance of more than 0.25″ of rain from early Sunday morning to late Sunday night, with a 10% chance of more than 0.5″. Rains will stop and skies will clear after 5 PM. Thunderstorms, which can bring gusty winds and lightning, remain unlikely but possible, particularly after 5 PM Sunday.”

The festival started Aug. 27 and was set to end on Labor Day. The Bureau of Land Management and Pershing County Sheriff have closed the entrance, and the Reno Gazette-Journal reports organizers are rationing ice.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


    • Yup. The Northern Hemisphere killed so many heat records this year, on top of all the heat records that were killed last year. Near 100 degrees in Minneapolis on Labor Day. Ouch! As we approach the point of no return, so many will have to unbury their latrines from floods like these. So next summer remember what you scoffed at last year and the next year, and the next year just keep up pretending everything is okay and nothing is going to change.

      As the atmosphere warms, its H2O-holding capacity increases. The atmosphere can hold about 7% more H2O for every 1C of temperature increase. So an Earth that is about 4C warmer than pre-industrial times will have about 28% more H2O vapor in the atmosphere. See “Clausius-Clapeyron equation”.

      Yup, many humans like those that were attending Burning Man will be as “active” as ants as they attempt to unbury their homes from flash floods like this one. Fears & Tears.

      • Another poster who rose and floated away with the turds left behind at Burning Man. Climate activists are either burned out druggies from the 60’s and 70’s, or brainwashed idiots because they have no ability to think logically. Turds usually float to the top of the septic system, then disappear all on their own, leaving behind a stench. Happy trails!

      • @SeenthisB4.
        Another useful idiot who can parrot some made-up science equation, but can’t reason or think on his own. Enjoy the bus and your bicycle. And don’t litter here for free at MRAK. Pay your dues, cheappie.

        • 70,000 slob Democrats, polluting the earth with garbage, excrement, and a disgusting footprint on the pristine desert, then running away in their gas gobbling engines. Lessons learned from John Kerry, a liberal, climate activist with a Lear Jet mentality. This is why the hoax of climate fear is losing ground. Democrats and their allies in the media are not to be trusted. They are pigs!

      • “…….just keep up pretending everything is okay and nothing is going to change…….”
        Everything is not okay, and nothing is going to change, because you and your witch doctors can’t change the climate to your liking with your silly schemes. But what you might be able to do is destroy civilization with your political machinations. That ought to fix everything, huh? Isn’t that what you really lust for?

  1. What’s really cool is on the occasion that these dry lake beds fill with shallow water, millions of these tiny shrimp hatch out of the once dry mud. Then millions of sea birds show up for the feast. The birds that stay too long unfortunately get stuck in the muck. This may turn out to be a very expensive rescue, with humans involved. People used to be smarter than your average bird.

  2. The best scene took place on a reservation hiway leading to Burning Man earlier in the week where the Hippies blockaded the road protesting the use of fossil fuel.
    The Reservation police showed up plowing through their phony roadblock and arrested all of them “vigorously”.
    That was the only thing worth watching.
    Other than that the security guards are strapped with the task of keeping the brain-fried drug users from running into the huge fire at the grand finale on the last day.
    Hopefully the rain will dampen their desire to run onto the flames or possibly fuel it?
    Who knows but burning man himself?
    One huge liberal s**tshow with a very LARGE carbon footprint!!!
    The participants remind me of the characters in a Mad Max film.
    The hippies have moved from San Frans Golden Gate park to Blackrock desert.

    • That was a good watch, if only the rest of law enforcement around the country would take notes for when other people illegally block roadways. Hypocritical Hippies though blocking that road, they used their own fossil fuels to get out there, then created a situation where many vehicles had to idle their vehicles to keep cool, while waiting for their ignorant selves to be properly removed. If they truly wanted to do their part playing along with the climate hoax, they would of kept their butts at home.

      • The old hippy left-overs and their antecedents ran on out of gas. And made a mess in the desert. Worthless bunch.

        • The Air Force had a shot to spray over the top of them and turn the desert into a giant flower child, with enough fertilizer to make it a perennial. The earth would have been served.

  3. Make ’em stay in place ’cause they’re stuck in the mud??? Horrors! They’ll run out of weed… Maybe Zuckerberg will charter a helicopter to resupply with the good stuff as a public relations stunt to keep the freaks from bolting to X.

  4. I was working down there and drove out onto the lake bed thinking how cool it was I could do 100 like at the Salt Flats until I hit a wind rivulet about a foot deep and it launched me 3 feet into the air.

  5. Due to the climate change we all created I am feeling very powerful as we are learning the Earth is tilting slightly more on its axis.(Must be the pendulum swinging far left causing the tilt)
    Instead of battling mother nature it seems more hippielike to just roll with the flow and rename it “Muddy Man”
    I recall seeing 400,000 hippies high and happy as pigs in s**t on a hillside in the summer of 69 rolling around in mud having sex in front of children for three days.
    Everybody seemed way too happy or stoned to even whisper “climate change”
    Muddy Man only had 70,000 and they were probably ranting climate change the day it started raining.
    They musta ran out of drugs.

  6. Funny as hell …..the news clips coming from Burning Man, all of the climate activists and grandkids of the 60’s hippies and Woodstock, now leaving behind mountains of garbage, poop, plastic, etc…..making a getaway in their gas guzzling motorhomes. Mother Nature sure has a sense of humor.

  7. Hypocrites. Let’s see the after effect of the environment when these kooks have all left the party.

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