Bronson spoofs Dunbar with satire based on Jimmy Fallon ‘thank you note’ videos


Mayoral candidate Dave Bronson was subjected to a lengthy complaint by Forrest Dunbar over campaign finances, but took it all in stride in a new spoof video that appeared on Facebook on Tuesday.

In it, accompanied by soft music, Bronson says “thank you” to Dunbar, for publicizing Bronson’s campaign, leading to him raising over $14,000 overnight.

The spoof is a takeoff on comedian Jimmy Fallon’s skits, in which he signs thank you cards ironically. Fallon has written thank you notes to things like a light bulb he’s too lazy to replace, his F12 key on his computer, and microbreweries for making his alcoholism seem like a hobby. Fallon wrote such classics as, “Thank you, take-out restaurants who put two spoons and two forks in the bag, for being nice enough to assume that all this food I ordered is for two people.”

The Alaska Public Offices Commission will hold an initial hearing of Dunbar’s campaign complaints on Wednesday.


  1. Video not working for me. Hopingly it can be fixt for we that eschew the facebooks. Damn facists anyway.
    Happy to see Bronson has a sense of humor as well!

  2. New name for Dunbar is “Desperate Dunbar” or double D. He knows he is not what Anchorge wants or needs. Go back home to mommy Dunbar her little boy is toast.

  3. It is horrifying that Dunbar got as many votes as he did. Or did he? I do not trust our elections system. The left feels justified at cheating any way they can; ballot harvesting, “adjudicating” ballots they deem incorrect, stuffing ballots, stealing ballots, not repealing Rivera, that weasel. Rivera is a weasel. A wimpy weasel. His time is short on the assembly and in Alaska politics. Dunbar too. I talked with a young lady that was going to vote for Dunbar “because he is cute” until I told her (she works in the restaurant business) that Dunbar and the rest of the assembly are the reasons for so many of her friends in the restaurant industry in Anchorage losing their jobs. She was shocked, but then asked me who to vote for, and I told her Bronson.

  4. Yo Mikey… if you don’t have a facebook acct the video will appear not to work in an embedded format. Open that video in its own window and it’ll play fine.

  5. Let’s hope all the conservatives rally for Bronson. Dunbar is scared. Resorting to legal means as it looks like he is going to lose!

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