Bronson hires new human resource director for Anchorage municipality


Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson has hired Tyler Andrews as the human resources director for the Municipality of Anchorage. The previous HR director, Niki Tshibaka resigned in February, citing an “increasingly toxic, hostile, and demoralizing work environment.”

Andrews has over 27 years of human resources, labor relations, management, safety, and communications experience in the private and public sector working for Chugach Electric Association, Alaska Communications Services, City of Ketchikan, and the State of Alaska.

“Tyler’s range of experience in labor relations, human resources, customer service, communications, and safety show his ability to lead the Municipality’s Human Resources Department,” Bronson said. “I look forward to working with him and our great staff in Human Resources to help every current and new employee be successful city wide.”

Andrews has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and has served as a management member of the Alaska Labor Relations Agency since 2008. His start date will be May 8, and he must be confirmed by the Anchorage Assembly to become permanent.


    • You folks in the city and state can’t take care of crap, you squabble about oil taxes and scream for a state income tax while screwing the common folks out of a PFD that means the world to them, you lie your way to the top while special interest pads your bank accounts, you can’t even protect your denizens from a unapproved vaccine! Homeless are worse off then they have ever been and more positions are created with more offices and numbers to call with still no solution. The city has a decent Mayor with an inept assembly, pathetic, all pathetic.

    • Yes, he and I worked together at the State during the oil crash days. He’s a good hand.

      • Thank you for answering, it’ll help us more to understand whatever the Assembly actions will be.

  1. Maybe(?), most definitely(!), Bronson needs a “Hatchet-Man” to clean house and whoop-azz! Well, as true as that is, we all know that won’t happen. Unfortunately, Johnny (above) is absolutely correct, as the City and State will continue in decline, with the “Hell-Bent” ideologues leading the charge to collapse and destruction.
    Expect … Higher & New Taxes, Increasing Homelessness, Increasing Crime, Lower Property Values, Declining Business Opportunities, Higher Drug Use, Increasing Beggars on Street Corners, High Value // Dynamic Entrepreneurs Exiting the City & State, Higher Cost of Living, More of our “Limited” Tax Dollars Allocated to Social Programs and Less on Critical Infrastructure, Lower Test Scores for Kids w/in the Public School System, and a Continuation of the “Ineptness” of Elected City & State Representatives (as their sole purpose is basically to feed their narcissism and ego and quest for power).
    The only chance of change is when conservatives get out and vote in-mass and vote-in conservatives.

  2. A hostile city, eh. This why conservatives need to encourage its very very young teen adults working at mc’d. Taking up these jobs is oneway taking back anchorage beside picking up council, boards work.

  3. He was walked out the door at Chugach because he negotiated a very generous deal for unions, hiding this egregious contract and was caught.

    • Having also been one, a director of labor relations doesn’t get to decide the terms of a labor agreement offered to a union (s). LR Directors have bosses and sometimes they pay for their boss’s sins as well.

    • Typically these things are much more complicated. He is very experienced and has good judgment.

  4. This is the guy who got fired from Chugach Electric because he screwed up the CEA/ML&P union contracts, which greatly benefitted CEA union members at a HUGE expense to CEA.

    • As noted above, this is not that simple. Trying to attach “blame” to a single individual for a complex matter with many individual participants is probably a mistake. He is very experienced and has good judgment.

  5. Time to clean for the travel season. Maybe some competition or something for the cleanest streets.

  6. We all know there is a natural growth curve for any new state and its economies. We factored in the dramatic spike caused by the oil extraction business. We could anticipate the uncomfortable contraction at the end of that cycle. It was not explicated that the federal permanent takings of 98 percent of the private title in the state of Alaska would hobble any foreseeable development within the state. We did not anticipate the deterioration in the quality of public education. We did not know our elected representatives promote legislation desired by foreign powers oppositional to liberty and capitalism in general. We didn’t anticipate the deterioration of the “quality” of our relationship with our neighbor Canada (We didn’t change; it appears their preferred alignments have). We didn’t recognize how deteriorated even the currency would devalue. If candidates for office cannot speak extemporaneous on the merits of the US Constitution they must not be elected.

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