Bronson event at friendly watering hole attracts 100 enthusiastic supporters


Bernie’s Bungalow, a downtown bar with outdoor garden seating, so appropriate in these Covid-19 times, is normally considered a gay-friendly establishment and has the rainbows to prove it.

It was the venue for another large Bronson for Mayor campaign event on Monday evening, under cloudy skies and calm winds.

About 100 people gathered after work at the popular hangout to hear Dave Bronson talk about his vision for an open economy, safe streets, and a city government that is not the enemy of small businesses.

Dave Bronson fan club at Bernie’s Bungalow Lounge.

Bernies is considered Anchorage’s original martini lounge, and has been open since 1997 at 626 D Street. lists it as an LGBTQ+ friendly bar with live music, DJs and specialty martinis.

On May 6, Bronson has a rally in Eagle River at the Lion’s Club, featuring Gov. Mike Dunleavy, U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan and Congressman Don Young. Check back for details.

Editor’s note: The headline on this story was changed after some readers objected to the original headline, which said it is a gay-friendly bar. They maintain it is an all-friendly bar.


  1. He wants to keep it about fiscal issues and not questions of morality; that is understandable. But Anchorage- and by extension Southcentral Alaska- has suffered under a largely gay tyranny for a very long time. He should understand that a good portion of his constituency does not approve of that lifestyle and those values, which they find antithetical to conservatism. Be careful to not alienate your base, Bronson.

  2. Gay tyranny, LOL, those scary gay people.

    It is sad that way too many conservative types do not believe it is the job of the mayor and other political leadership to represent all the citizens of the city and State regardless of their color, religion, or sexual preference.

    • It is sad that liberal Democrats do not believe it is the job of the mayor and other political leadership to represent all the citizens of the city and State, regardless of their political leanings, religious beliefs and love of this country.

  3. HarborGuy:
    There is a difference between representing all people, and elevating a demographic above all people. That is what is meant by gay tyranny.
    Reality is that a politician cannot just treat everyone equally. The mob will not allow it. If they do treat everyone equally, they will be accused of hating any demographic that wants special treatment. Anything less than fawning admiration and celebration is declared bias, prejudice, and outright hatred by the LBGTQ+ community. Social media and a compliant press add to the pressure. Cancel culture is alive and well in Anchorage. And, it has invaded city hall, and the assembly.
    And, those in the LBGTQ community are aware of it, and leverage that power as often as they can.
    That is the tyranny that Steve Peterson is talking about.

  4. From the reports I saw-Many rainbow flags at the demonstrations in DC on the 6th.. And many advisors in the Trump admin for whom orientation was never a hurdle to a leadership role.

    It seems the left despises those who stand up for liberty, whether they are in a minority group or not, all that matters is their devotion to the tribe of leftism.

    Actually pretty sick stuff, when you think about it.

  5. “Gay tyranny, LOL, those scary gay people.”

    Yup. Go back, on this very website, and look at how Rivera and Constant responded to those who opposed them. They acted exactly like tyrants. They are supported by an illegal mayor (who just happens to be lez), and Dunbar, who is a major cheerleader for the alphabet/rainbow squad. They support a full-blown alphabet/rainbow agenda for local government and schools, and will brook no opposition to that agenda. So yeah, bunch of petty tyrants. Probably not something the resident troll wants to deal with, but true nonetheless.

    I actually think it was gutsy for Bronson to hold his rally there, but if I was a conservative Anchorage voter, I’d want to make sure he wasn’t going to allow the perpetuation of the agenda these folks have been forcing through… as petty tyrants.

  6. Harborguy: uhhhhhhh…exactly, represent everyone ….even the straight white Anglo Saxon Protestants. You gays are never satisfied with being treated as poorly as the rest of us. You have to be treated “special, cuz your important”. Get over yourself , your sexual proclivities are not an express pass to the vip area.

  7. I remember when Liberace was outed as being gay. A reporter asked him how he felt about it. He replied that it made him feel terrible … all the way to the bank.
    Over the years many other rich and famous have been outed, until it started to happen so often that it began to appear normal … eventually becoming an acceptable lifestyle.
    The general rule now is “If you accept my lifestyle, I will accept yours”.
    This mutual acceptance is the camel’s nose in the tent.

  8. Or the author is pandering for readers and felt the need to water down the headline to make it more palatable for a righty uptighty base? ? mleh.

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