Bronson closes Golden Lion, Aviator for warming


Due to increasing temperatures and a decrease in use, Mayor Dave Bronson closed the Aviator Hotel and the Golden Lion Hotels as warming facilities, starting at 8 am on Sunday.

“Under the emergency declaration that went into effect on January 26, 2024, warming facilities were established at three locations across Anchorage. Capacity for the warming facilities was set at 30 people at each location. At the peak of operations, The Golden Lion served 23 people in a 24-hour period, Aviator Hotel served 32 people in a 24-hour period, and CWS served 68 people in a 24-hour period,” the mayor wrote.

The emergency declaration is still in effect and the warming area at the cold weather shelter at the former Solid Waste Services building will remain open for the duration of the emergency.

The temperature in Anchorage a this writing is 12 degrees Fahrenheit, with a low of 4 degrees at night. It will warm up into the 20s this week, with lows in the teens.

“If you or someone you know is heat insecure or in need of community resources related to food pantry, shelter, rent assistance or other resources please call 211 or email [email protected].”


  1. There are a certain number of people who are genuinely mentally ill who are homeless. Those persons should have the availability of mental illness protection through a mental institution. Is there any reason that one of these buildings couldn’t be refurbished into a mental institution? The rest of the homeless are either alcoholics, druggies or other types of addicts that could be jailed for a period of time to “dry out”, then put to work for the city to be productive individuals. This would give them a purpose or if it doesn’t encourage them to be productive, they are not willing to be a part of society. They can go back to jail and be put to work again for a longer period until they decide they will be productive. The rest of the group, drug dealers, pimps, etc. can be arrested, charged and take their chances in court. Warming shelters? This is so rediculous! It does NOTHING for the city (except cost them money) with no real results.

    • We had mental institutions for over a century all throughout the country. They were shut down for many reasons. Number one is cost, number 2 is liability insurance, and 3 was staffing. The staffing issue includes not being able to find qualified individuals and many of those hired became abusive. No easy solutions here.

  2. If they’re truly homeless then they have no permanent ties to Anchorage or Alaska and they just represent a burden to the productive people who live here. Their presence in our state is all negative with no offsetting positive. All cost, no benefit. So if they want to be “warmed” the most humane and cost effective solution is a one way ticket to somewhere warm…like L.A. (the real L.A. not the Anchorage version). Hawaii is a good second choice, maybe better since it’d be harder for them to ever return. When you have a sub population of people who contribute nothing but cost to society you get rid of them unless you’re a liberal. Actual conservatives believe in freedom and the personal responsibility that goes with it…conservatives don’t believe that the role of government is to steal from people who contribute to society to support those who don’t. That’s communism. You want charity? Go ask your friends or family for handouts or find a church to latch onto like a leech. Government shouldn’t be the answer to your personal failures.

    • Sending folks to LA, HI, etc. is a very big double edged sword. AK might get 10 back for every 1 that it sends out. This is not a winning strategy.

  3. The numbers served are so small they could have been handled by the homes of the leftist Assembly members. So why isn’t Zaletel’s house a warming center? Constant’s? Walk the talk.

    • Josh, you should know by now that champagne communists like Constant and Nutmeg Z. would never, EVER deign to dirty their hands by dealing with the homeless — or with any of their other pet agendas — directly. That job is for all those lesser people, the peons, people like you and me.


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