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Bronson asks for resignation of Information Technology director

Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson has asked for the resignation of Marc Dahl, the information technology director for Anchorage. But he also says that Dahl did nothing unusual regarding the April 11 election.

“Yesterday evening the Anchorage Assembly authorized the use of subpoenas to force testimony and the production of documentation to further investigate the events surrounding the April 11 election complaint. This motion is an extreme measure by the Assembly that is completely unnecessary,” Bronson said.

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“My administration has been involved and active throughout the investigation process – both with the Ombudsman’s office and with the Assembly. We have been responsive to the public records requests and within the timeframe legally required to respond, we have fulfilled the public records requests by the Assembly, and provided our responses to the Ombudsman’s suggestions listed in his report,” he said.

“The Ombudsman’s report outlines no illegal activity conducted by Mr. Dahl, so I do not understand the Assembly’s extreme motion to use legal action to get information we have already been providing. The policy Mr. Dahl implemented is of sound practice and often used by governmental agencies, non-profits and private businesses and the Ombudsman acknowledges that in his final report,” Bronson said.

“I acknowledge the importance of safeguarding the election process and that any policy designed to do that should go through the formal MOA policy approval process. With that said, I agree that Mr. Dahl’s involvement in the election complaint is worth looking into. The timeline in which the events took place and the lack of MOA process followed is questionable,” he said. “I have asked for Mr. Dahl’s resignation and my team is working with him on those details.”

The Assembly month received a final investigative report from the Ombudsman, which said it found evidence of collaboration between a mayoral appointee (Dahl) and Election Observer Sami Graham “to subvert the electoral process during the 2023 Regular Municipal Election.” The Ombudsman referred the entire matter to the Department of Law.

The Assembly then held a work session on Friday and, in coordination with the Anchorage Daily News, came up with five questions it wants answered relating to unsubstantiated claims against the mayor, including leading questions:

  1. Who was involved?
  2. What is the administration hiding?
  3. Why hasn’t Mayor Bronson spoken about the incident?
  4. When will the administration take action on Dahl?
  5. Can Anchorage residents trust their government to do the right thing?

“Although they had weeks to prepare, the Administration did little at the worksession to provide the information that Assembly Members—and the public—have repeatedly requested,” said Assembly Chair Christopher Constant during the meeting, as quoted in a press release from Constant. “Assembly members compelled Assembly Leadership to produce legislation that could get us closer to the truth. We can’t propose a solution if we don’t understand the problem.”

The resolution authorizes the Assembly’s attorney to subpoena documents and testimony, and, if needed, pursue litigation to compel the production of records related to the alleged election tampering case, the Assembly wrote.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. What a crap show.

    If he did nothing wrong, don’t throw him under the bus.

    The knives have been out for this administration from day 1, but Bronson has got to stop making so many unforced errors.

  2. Mayor Bronson …
    Just “smoke” these traitors and commies, implanted within Muni Guv’ment!
    They bring nothing of value and/or benefit to hard working Taxpayers.
    Quite Honestly(!), they haven’t brought anything of measurable value.
    They only bring – offer nothing short of … disaster, ruin, and waste.
    **Maybe, we need a modern day “James Reece” to clean house???

    • That is correct.
      Chris constantly complaining, along with his commie majority CANNOT BE TRUSTED.
      They ARE trying to undermine we the citizens, we the taxpayers, we the ratepayers, we property owners, we business owners, we muni employees.
      Assembly “majority” members have turned into petty tyrants, treat them as the hostiles that they are.
      Mayor Bronson, time to start a class action of your own against the assembly tearing pur city apart, indermining all our good works, ripping the constitution and stomping on our rights. Stand up for US.

  3. The Anchorage Assembly asks, “Can Anchorage residents trust their government to do the right thing?”
    I’d trust Bronson before I ever trusted the extreme left-leaning assembly!

    • Absolutely!!
      Marc Dahl, we support you and your reminder to anyone that will listen, that there are cyber security issues with thumb drives. I bet the same people griping and complaining would never take a thumb drive and plug it into their home computer in the same manner they are doing at their places of employment.
      If i were IT Director I would disable every port on every election device within the municipality so that nothing could be plugged in to give or receive. I would disable any external network capabilities and ensure the devices are only secured by a hard wire into the wall in the muni building..CYBER SECURITY means securing the data and the ways to retrieve (or modify) it.
      We are all responsible for cyber security, we must all be vigilent.

  4. The anchorage assembly have participated in graft, money laundering, colluding to defraud, and racketeering for years now. They have actually broken LAWS, no conjecture here, fact. And Dunbar broke his oath of service whle he was on the assembly and NOTHING was done. He should have been kicked out of the military.

    • It is OK when a leftist does it.
      Actual crimes can only be committed by someone on the right side of the political aisle, never on the left.
      Remember, the first axiom of politics is always in play:
      The action taken by the person is not what causes the offense.
      The political affiliation of the person taking action is what causes the offense.

  5. Its a battle. Men seem to have forgotten how to fight. Military experience is not a sign a person knows how. This mayor appears to be a politician not a leader. There’s a difference.

    • It is the consistent lack of fortitude and courage, of “spine”, that I find disgusting in almost all contemporary Republicans and so-called “conservatives”. They seem so damned afraid of being labeled “mean” by their opponents, who are in contrast rabidly nasty and outright EVIL, that they routinely cower at the slightest criticism. How do they not grasp the unbridled admiration they would receive from a huge chunk of the electorate for forthrightly and unabashedly standing up to the radical authoritarians and leftist extremists?

      Are they all blackmailed, or just what the Hell is going on with all this political learned helplessness and spinelessness?

      • What’s truly disappointing is he started off willing to fight, then seems to have done a Dunleavy and caved.

        I don’t blame him for picking his battles, but lately it seems his battles are only with his own side.

  6. The reality of the entire s**tshow performance of this sociopathic assembly has showed us paid members of the audience since Berky lost his pants and his ability to face the public has been a continual disgrace.
    We went from Berky’s inevitable resignation of his disgraced ride with a floozy to an immediate appointment of another dictator who continued the forced lockdowns of businesses due to “the flu”.(except for Snow City Cafe of course)

    Nobody on the left had a clue of David Bronson’s character or capabilities who stepped up to the plate to bring us back to “normal” but immediately another one of their comrades jumps on the campaign trail and paints a full page ad in our daily “rag” propaganda paper with a cartoon style picture of Bronson dressed as a “NAZI”.
    Does anybody with common sense really think that any conservative who may have jumped on the tracks to derail the “train to h**l would have experienced problems with a unionized workforce containing “moles” who voted and lost their union contract lover “yes boy”?
    The unions will continue to destroy our muni as well as ASD.
    Between the unionized workforce within and a power hungry majority assembly in charge of “S**t creek selection central” as well as the finest attorney the Assembly can afford (with our dollars of course) the honorable Scott Kendall we may never again see a conservative Mayor again.
    If so something drastic would have to take place and I doubt that will ever happen with our voter turnout.
    I firmly believe one would have to pay people to go to the polls which is illegal of course.

  7. Unbelievable! Bronson, once again, throws a member of his team under the bus. Looks like he’s more scared of the Assembly than doing what’s right and honorable. This is the conservatives best choice for Mayor?! So the Assembly is pissed because people conspired to file a complaint? Seriously? Let’s talk about the fact that a THUMB DRIVE was inserted into the counting machine during an Election. What government agency from city, state to federal allows Thumb Drives into their system, especially during an election? The Assembly is compromised and they are hitting back so nobody questions any elections!

    The pot-smoking, high school drop out ombudsman is forwarding the investigation to the Department of Law? So exactly what law was broken? Why is the Ombudsman doing Assemby’s bidding? Could it be because he works directly for them just like the City Clerk? Wake up and start asking the real questions!

  8. Biggest question for the Mayor: If Dahl didn’t do anything wrong, why fire him?

    This all began a month or so ago when Dahl wanted to start antivirus scans on thumb drives inserted into voting machines. They are used to transfer data. This is IT Security 101. Clerk freaked and went to her handlers at the Assembly who quickly figured this would be a great way to remove another pound of flesh from the Mayor’s carcass. Alternately, it would assist Suzanne LaFrance’s mayoral run.

    Note that it is really easy to build a bootable thumb drive with hacker tools. If you have physical access to any machine, you own the machine.

    Remember this is the same Assembly that coordinated with luggage thief Sam Brinton a few years ago via private e-mails and fake names to write their ordinance prohibiting anti-conversion treatment. Current Assembly Chair Chris Constant was part of that. Apparently only the Assembly gets to choose who to talk to on the outside.

    The Mayor is in a tough position with a recklessly intransigent Assembly. Problem is not everything ought to be a fistfight. From here, firing Dahl would seem to be cowardly. Cheers –

  9. Mayor Bronson responded to Assembly questions 3 and 4. Questions 1, 2 and 5 remain to be answered, it will be up to the Courts if the subpoena is still valid, not the MRAK anonymous trolls

    • Oh “frank”.

      Still harping disingenuously about the anonymity of posters here, when YOU are anonymous here as well? Honestly, a retarded toddler could out-think and out-argue any of you radical leftist extremists.

    • Oh “Frank”

      Did you run out of vapid points to make? Back to your anonymous bit?

      Still waiting for you to provide proof you are who you claim to be, you macho butch thing you.

  10. Bronson is facing the same dilemma as Trump. If re-elected, what competent person will risk serving with him.

    Both have shown a talent for turning on people and making bad choices to begin with.

    • Another Christian leader who’s been through worse, so the stress of the Assembly is nothing, that he served under cantankerous leaders. and he’s a reader and is smart to read everything to not give his enemies a chance finding him ignorant making a legal mistake. Alaska don’t have any leaders like those. I never met one who just was like Wow when one meets them because of he was so smart and wise.

    • Well and everyone that decides to join Bronson, like Trump, has to face the relentless leftist media that can’t let the dam spring a leak by allowing any opposition any success. There are many people involved with this assembly that wouldn’t last a week under the same scrutiny, especially if they cared at all about their critics.

      • All that has nothing to do with the really high turnover rate both have. It speaks more to the man who they worked for.

        Once both have churned their way through good people, the only ones left are power hungry and incompetent.

        Anchorage has enough of those already.

  11. This assembly has repeatedly shown how they are more concerned about winning the Dungeons and Dragons game they love more than anyone than actually improving the city of Anchorage.

    Wish the mayor would respond by applying their same grounds and principles to Barb Jones. It’s hard though when you don’t have any chance of ADN, KTUU, AK Public Media, etc of doing anything that would hurt the reputation of the leftists in the Anchorage Assembly.

    Another example of ADN acting like state run media that only answers to people who align with one party.

  12. I don’t understand what all the complaining is all about. All of you who voted again for all of the leftists on the assembly, thank you and now shut up! Put your necks back under their boots and keep quiet as you have served your purpose and are no longer needed, that is until the next election cycle. Wait and see a fresh batch of leftists getting elected so they can continue to destroy our city, while the populace wonders what went wrong. Ranting and raving here won’t solve anything, voting the right people in is the only chance to right the ship.

    • I trust that most people making comments are voting too. But there are plenty of “liberals” in Anchorage and many that I know don’t even pay attention to local politics but will have one person in their book club that does and that person tells everyone in the book club how to vote and to make sure to vote. Then they all go home and send off their mailers like good lemmings that want to feel good about themselves. Everybody else on the other hand, I start telling the guys in the shop that they need to go vote and they just roll their eyes and tell me I should turn off my tv and go fishing because it is better for my health and that’s if they give me any response at all.

      This town with the news coverage and the zeal from the leftists, many of them well educated and financially equipped doctors and lawyers (our biggest industries), make most everyone else feel futile. And that’s exactly how the left wants the public to feel so they don’t get in the way of the left creating the self righteous utopia that they want to create for everyone where the past is always wrong and the present (their present) is always right.

    • The regular readers and commenters including guests at MRAK are voters whether or not they are voting for Freedom or voting for Communism. The non voting Alaskans don’t even follow the current events of the day . They still wouldn’t had heard of Must Read Alaska. Northern Warrior been gone long time, plus because of your insinuation commenters here don’t vote tells me you don’t get out enough to know the difference between peoples to be quick to judge. As well as Alaskans don’t know how to make friends with people closest to them like work, restaurants, churches, schools, walking about, unless the person is someone like themselves or someone they choose to get to know, but choosing to be prejudice or be a hermit is costing us less interest in current events and less votes

  13. Democrat myriad of selected tempests in teapots. Do not ask for anyone’s resignation. It is ridiculous. People may say what they please. “The taking of offense is what rests in the bosom of the stupid ones” according to the Proverbs. Who are the offended stupid ones in this instance?

  14. Looks a lot better Mayor requesting the resignation than Dahl doing it himself. This puts power in the mayor position taking power away from the Assembly. To a public point of view at least that’s way it looks. Thank Dahl for putting the city ahead before his own ego to had resigned ahead of Bronson making the request.

  15. For four years I think the public has been watching a Tennis match playing between the Mayor and Assembly, the ball going back and forth sometimes out of bounds and sometimes foul serves.

  16. Another thing if this was a Democrat administration the Assembly wouldn’t be making such a stink. Our state and Anchorage didn’t get screwed up because of one administration supposedly not doing something correct. Alaska is screwed up from successive administrations not be held accountable for its mess-ups, corruption, and the Democrat good ol’ boys club helping one another. I see this administration is attempting to correct a bad direction Anchorage been going while trying to give a hand-up to more conservatives serving Anchorage governance so we have less Democrat Leftists making decisions.


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