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Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Breaking: Supreme Court rejects Texas lawsuit


The lawsuit by the Texas Attorney General against four states’ election results has been rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court will not overturn the results in Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and Pennsylvania, which was President Donald Trump’s Hail Mary effort to win the election.

The order was released Friday: “Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections,” the court wrote.

Gov. Mike Dunleavy had the State of Alaska sign on as a friend of the court, a role that indicates support for the lawsuit. Eighteen other Republican-led states joined in various capacities.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • SCOTUS has destroyed the freedom that all Americans have enjoyed. This has a high probability of starting a civil war.

    • Wait, what ? Didn’t 80 million Americans voted for Biden, about 7 million more than for Trump. Why does the Republican want so badly a second civil war ?

      • Not with legal votes!

    • Get this guy a tin foil hat please.

      • To go along with all our tinfoil masks?

    • In the words of the timeless prophet Bugs Bunny, “What an Ignoramus.”
      The fuzzy recall was never about overturning votes or fraud.But always about $’s.
      A simple google on the legal defense funds fine print will tell you what you need to know.Very little of the $’s will go to legal defense, and can legally be at the Trumps discretion.With $200-400 million in personal debt(yes not business) coming soon he needs all the help he can get.
      Its the true fleecing of America,with over $200million already donated since the beginning of the year by the masses thinking they were returning a favor.
      Im assuming I cant post links here.

  • So if a few states can cheat a president out of being elected, the citizens of other states have to just accept that? They did everything right constitutionally and their vote means nothing and they just have to sit back and take it. That kind of sounds eerily recognizable to what went on to start the civil war.

  • Cowards. Texas’ legally cognizable interest is very clear.

    We have lost America – our last chance of saving any of it lies solely in the Georgia Senate races. Will the Republicans be able to recover any of it with redistricting and another POTUS election in 4 years? I fear not, and I fear for our nation.

  • If states do not have an interest in other states playing by the rules, there there is no United States of America.

  • The message the SCOTUS just sent to all Americans today is that the rules no longer apply. It’s every man, woman & child for themselves now. Buckle up it is going to be a rough ride when the glue that has held our society together no longer binds.

    • Fishing for Food; Ah, no. What the SCOTUS did was allow each state to determine their own election rules, which has been going on for, oh, let’s see, over 200 years. This is a ruling that is based in our republican form of government and consistent with hundreds of years of American jurisprudence.

      • Joe – ah, no. Constitutionally State Legislatures get to make the rules concerning elections, not State judges, nor Governors or other State officials. There is no mention of waiving that requirement because of a “pandemic”, weather, or even war. GA,PA, WI, & MI all broke the law. That is the crux of the lawsuit & it will almost immediately be refiled by Trump with himself as the plaintiff. It will be interesting to see the SCOTUS tie themselves in knots trying to come up with arguments as to why Trump has ” no standing”!

      • @Joe
        The Texas lawsuit correctly pointed out the defendant states violated their own laws and violated the constitution (by allowing governors and the Judiciary to create laws, not the state legislature as it dictates in the constitution). That has NOT been going on for over 200 years! Do you honestly think the founders–who approved of a single election day–would tolerate “universal mail in voting” and kicking out election observers?
        SCOTUS simply said they don’t care because Texas can’t prove it hurts them even though we’re not talking about some local election but the President/Vice President of the US!
        You sound like someone who didn’t even bother to read the Texas lawsuit you are criticizing.

      • Wrong. The state legislature makes the rules, not the Secretary of State or election officials.

      • Since the rules no longer apply, thanks for using your real name joe.

      • So a citizen in Ohio can have standing to tell Alaska how to do marriages that aren’t found in the Constitution but a citizen in Texas doesn’t have standing to tell Michigan how to perform elections, even when they violate the Constitution. SCOTUS is trash, deal accordingly.

  • I hope and pray that this is fake news.

  • Daddy, what’s that sound?

    That’s the sound of distant thunder, child.

    Does that mean bad weather, Daddy?

    No, child, that’s the sound of the guns firing at Fort Sumter – or, raher, an echo of that time….

    What that mean, Daddy?

    I don’t know, child,. It isn’t good….of that I’m certain.

  • The Supreme Court has once again proven themselves worthless!
    Pure cowardice supporting election theft.
    Almost half of the states supported this lawsuit.
    Have they forgotten they are the third co equal branch of government and were the last resort in a matter of grave concern that affects the other two branches?
    No merits to this case?
    Pure cowardice!

  • Alaska needs to align itself with Canada before Obama III sells us to China.

    • Hahaha no, Canada have already been sold to and bought by China.

  • Just minutes before the justices issued their ruling there were reports of bright lights over the Pentagon.

    From multiple sources, credible ones.

    Coincidence? I think not…

  • The SCOTUS has just declared that vote fraud is legal. We can now kiss any semblance of fair elections goodbye.

  • Their actions have just declared that integrity and the Rule of Law no longer matters.

    • Mr. Cochran: Your bald conclusion here is wrong and unsupported by any rational legal analysis. Get a grip. Are we to believe that the three justices appointed by President Trump and everyone else on the court all deviated from long-standing legal principles? Take up a hobby likely to be more satisfying than commenting on matters about which you are clueless.

      • We all got a real good grip, joe.

      • Yes, Joe, that is exactly what we are to believe. That, and that our judicial system is as corrupted and co-opted as pretty much every other system of power and control in this country. Welcome to The United States of the Banana Republic..
        It is interesting, and sad, to see blindly partisan hacks and lemmings like you supporting overt corruption and, not to put too fine a point on it, pure evil.

  • Republicans, please get your stories straight. Supposedly, you voted for Trump so that he would nominate judges who follow the Constitution, as opposed to activists judges who make up law. The Constitution clearly states, each state can choose its electoral however it wants to. Now you want judges, to be activists and circumvent the Constitution. Thankfully, judges, many of them nominated by Trump, following their independent thinking, are doing exactly what you demanded of them: followingly the original intent of the Constiturion and some political whim. Furthermore, are all of you now against states’ rights? Please be consistent.

    • “The Constitution clearly states, each state can choose its electoral however it wants to.”
      Not true. Electors are supposed to be chosen in a manner that the State Legislators choose. The defendant states violated the Constitution by allowing State Governors and the State Judiciary to make up new election laws. On top of that the defendant states didn’t follow their own laws (e.g. Democrats kicking out election observers).

    • Absolutely correct.
      While I do not like the decision, it is the correct legal decision, at least from my perspective.
      Had the tables been turned, and there was a liberal SCOTUS majority, the decision would likely have been made based on feelings, activism, and politics. And, that is the true injustice.

  • Let’s not everyone lose their — over this. SCOTUS rejected the TX case because TX filed their case as “motion for leave to file a bill of complaint”. It wasn’t an outright rejection, it was over procedural verbiage, and they can’t accept cases if shit’s not right. SCOTUS did reply to TX and other states that if they file their cases as “motion to file the bill of complaint”, then their cases will be heard. Just pop a Valium and wait a little. Texas and the other states will file their cases correctly to SCOTUS again, and they will be accepted.

  • In 2016 Trump said if he was elected President Americans would win so much we would get tired of winning. It is in this spirit that the recent cascade of losing is a huge relief.

  • It’s time for succession. The house is too divided. Trying to keep it together will lead to tragedy

  • I wonder what the criteria are for “cognizable interest.” Decisions of the feds can affect all states and some undoubtedly do.

    That seems like a strange basis for a rejection of the suit.

  • A simple test we can all take to determine if we are standing by our principles or if we are enthralled in our self-rightous beliefs and unwilling to question our personal integrity:
    Imagine for a moment that in 2016, Clinton won the presidency. Transpose Trump’s current actions in 2020 election into Clinton’s actions. How many of us would be up in arms if she were “robbed” of the election citing these exact circumstances? If you can’t do that you just might be caught up in the cult of Trump rather than sticking by your principles of free and fair elections.
    Trump has every right to present legal challenges in questioning the results of the election. To date, NO evidence has been presented. States have done their due diligence. Even Barr has said there in no credible evidence of voter fraud. The right leaning Supreme Court has tossed out the Texas lawsuit as having no merit. This with three of Trump’s very conservative appointees agreeing.
    Maybe it’s time to be honest with ourselves, grow up, get over the butt-hurt of losing and get on with being a functioning republic. That will only happen if we can stick to our principles rather that getting sucking into some conspiracy based cult mindset. From what I’m reading here, I’m not very hopeful.

    • Dean:
      First of all, I am not a lawyer, so take this criticism for what it is, armchair lawyering. However. I do know this:
      1. Sworn affidavits are evidence. Your statement “To date, NO evidence has been presented” is not correct. People have been convicted and jailed based on affidavits.
      2. The Supreme Court did not toss out the Texas lawsuit as “…having no merit.” The chose not to hear the case because the plaintiff did not have standing. In other words, Texas could not demonstrate they were materially harmed by the actions of other States.
      As to your comment about getting together as a republic, not a problem. I am all on board with that. However, I do want… no I demand an explanation of the voting anomalies. Let’s be honest, when the vote count shows a statically impossible number of votes cast for a single candidate, when more absentee ballots are counted then were mailed out, when observers are removed from the building even though counting is continuing. there needs to be an explanation. Yet, none is forthcoming.

      Reverse the question and ask yourself, had Trump won, with all these red flags unanswered, would you just sit back and accept it?

    • “How many of us would be up in arms if she were “robbed” of the election citing these exact circumstances?”
      She did. Remember the false allegations for Russiagate? I said at the time it was her right to present evidence. All she and the media did was cite “anonymous sources”. No affidavits, no statistical evidence, and they never produced the tape they used to get a FISA warrant and spy on the Trump campaign. Seriously, type “Russia hacked voting machines” into a search engine and you will see all the false claims the media was making about the 2016 election. The media were making these claims based on bogus information from the intelligence community. Ironically Eric Swalwell of California was having sex with a Chinese spy at the time they were falsely accusing Trump of a similar crime.

      “To date, NO evidence has been presented.”
      Wrong. Here is an archive of the evidence presented here:
      hereistheevidence . com
      Unlike in Russiagate, we actually have affidavits.

      Matt Braynard’s work has proven when you add up illegal votes from felons, the underage, double voters, people who claimed false residency, the dead, and others there is more than enough evidence to call the election into question.

      “States have done their due diligence.”
      Wrong. What states have done signature audits?

      Barr did not say that. Here’s the exact quote: “To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election,”.
      The biased media changed the quote. Here’s a question: what evidence do you have that Barr did a through investigation? Also, keep in mind Barr didn’t reveal the FBI has been investigating the Biden family until AFTER the election.

      The Supreme Court argued there is no standing. They didn’t talk about the evidence–basically they said if some states commit massive election fraud in a federal election then other states have no recourse—this is even true if the defendant states didn’t follow the Constitution during their election.

    • To date have we had an evidentiary hearing? Even one?

    • It’s really tough to present evidence when the courts disallow on technicalities the possibility of evidentiary hearings.

  • It’s Saturday morning and I just talked to a friend in Texas. He confirmed there’s a Resolution being put forward to use Texas’s option to succeed from the Union.
    He’s a lawyer in Dallas with a well tuned ear on politics. He figures if it would go to vote, it would pass. He acknowledged that Texas is getting a purple haze from all the Californians moving in. Texans love the color red and despise the liberal blue wave moving in to escape the craziness they created in California.

    Like me he’s pissed that the Supreme Court says no State has the authority to question another States voting procedures when their laws and counts are manipulated to get a predetermined outcome.

    If there was ever a time for a States Constitutional Convention, nows the time.

    • Apparently you don’t understand the constitution,there’s this thing called sedition.Your baseless rant is about as unAmerican as it gets..
      Your man Trump doesnt care about America, just $’s.
      When’s the last time you heard him talk in length about the virus thats killed almost 300k in less than a year on his watch.
      Open your eyes.

  • It has not been an election battle for some time now but a battle between good and evil and I am not yet ready to give up and still feel somehow the court will step forward and side against evil and push the lawless left back and give us another chance at saving our country….there is clearly not a soul alive with an once of gray matter that thinks for one second that Biden won the election and that massive cheating did not take place or that Joe Biden is in any way qualified to be President of the US.

  • Biden will not be president. He’ll be booted right after he is inaugurated. Commi-allah will be the new president and she has handlers. Get ready for some real degradation, standing in food lines, and scratching out a living as the USA becomes third world. Don’t worry, the political elite will be just fine…mansions, parties, Nike shoes, and huge feasts while we starve. Welcome to the new world.

  • I am ready to challenge the socialist idealists into putting their hearts into their fists. Let’s see what they are made of? The war is on!

  • SCOTUS for the win. If Trump succeeds in cheating the election it’ll be the last free and fair election we have. It’s frightening how quick the Republican party is to give up on democracy, jumping behind a wannabe tyrant. There was no evidence of voter fraud. Trump has been creating a false narrative for months around mail in ballots, to try to overthrow the election. There’s your fraud, Con Man in chief.

    • The election has already been cheated. You’re a dope.

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