Breaking: Murkowski to back Jan. 6 commission


Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski will back a bill creating a Jan. 6 commission to investigate the surge into the nation’s Capitol by protesters of the certification of the Electoral College according to a report by The Hill newspaper.

The bill passed the House earlier, without approval from Alaska Congressman Don Young. But 35 House Republicans last week supported the creation of the commission and the bill moved to the Senate.

The newspaper reported Murkowski saying, “I’m going to support it.” On Monday, Sen. Mitt Romney and Sen. Susan Collins had announced they would support the bill, but Collins says the bill is flawed and she will be suggesting changes.

It needs 60 votes to pass, which means it would need 7 more Republicans to vote yes, presuming that all Democrats will vote for it.

Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer says passage of the bill is a priority and that he hopes to have a vote before the Memorial Day recess.

The commission is the brainchild of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who proposed it on Feb. 15.

There’s no word from Sen. Dan Sullivan’s office about the senator’s position on the matter.


  1. Once again, our stalwart Dan is hedging his bets, waiting to see which way the wind is blowing, and mixing metaphors in the process.

  2. She does not represent the majority any longer. People need to wake up, get out and vote her from office. For far to long too long too many low information voters have managed to sway elections in her favor. It is time to support a candidate who truly represents the majority values and doesn’t just buy votes with promises of free money from other people.

  3. Republicans held how many Benghazi investigations? People died then, just like they did in the Capitol riot, and yet republicans claim “there is nothing to see here”. Hypocrisy much?

  4. If only we could get them to investigate the CNN reporter and the ANTIFA organizer who led the charge.

    • You still pushing this BS idea-not only was the “reporter” not working for CNN, but the other individual was not an ANTIFA organizer.
      You got nothing to investigate. Give it up!

  5. Spot-on AK!
    What ‘goods’ does Nancy Pelosi have on Lisa? Lisa has lost her compass, eh wot?

  6. Dear Senator Murkowski,

    Please change your party affiliation to Democrat already. We’re tired of you not representing Alaska conservatives.

  7. Judicial Watch is a credible reviewer. They have begun gathering facts. No doubt it well be revealing regarding Democrat prior arrangements that might not otherwise be published. A Senatorial inquest will I believe corruptively twist and support illusions. Where is the Senate doing its charade? In DC or in Georgia and why is it a secret.

  8. Gives credibility to “witch” hunt. Alaska Republicans are tired of this.. The commission, all dimocraps., bound to be “objective” eh? She must think we are all fools. Doesn’t she see what 4 months of these clowns have done to our country!

  9. The only person to die during the protest was a woman who was shot by capital police. The officer that died the next day had a stroke and died of natural causes.

  10. @Matt: There were actually 4 people who died that day – the woman murdered by the cop who still hasn’t been identified and 3 others that died of ‘natural causes’ – obviously, they would have died anyway since that is what we have seen so many other people dying of natural causes in Trump’s other rallies. Weird how they want to tell us that the cop who did actually die of natural causes the next day was beaten by the protesters.

  11. If Murkowski doesn’t want to be 100% honest and just declare as a full blown Democrat then she should at least go the Al Gross route and say she’s an Independent.
    We all know that Independent translates as “gutless Democrat” but those declaring as Independent probably think they’re fooling us.
    Probably won’t happen though because Lisa has her marching orders from the DNC to run as a Republican…that way they end up with a Democrat in the seat no matter how the election goes…pretty smart for Democrats…

  12. berv, one person died and she was gunned down by ‘capitol police’. There is much to see here but the democrat/media complex assures it never comes out.

  13. Of course she will, her hate for president Trump and her love for the deep state are in-bedded in her soul. She is one “politician” that I hate!

  14. The question is will Dan Sullivan still latch on to her coattails and support her re-election? Political suicide on His part if He does!

  15. Maybe they conveniently found all the instigators’ passports lying nicely in a pile under the rubble of broken glass on the Capitol steps, so Murkowski will gladly go along with it to make herself look good without having to conduct and report on an ACTUAL INVESTIGATION.

  16. I think that what happened at the US Capitol on January 6th , aside from the one death by cop, was a healthy and necessary reaction to overbearing and arrogant governmental tyranny. The politicians SHOULD be afraid of the people, not the other way around! Thomas Jefferson would have approved.

  17. The Jan. 6 rally was mostly peaceful. The only fatal victims were killed by the government.
    Where is the outrage over an unarmed white woman being shot by a black cop?

  18. Yes vote out Lisa. I’ve need voted for her once, and I vote Republican, or for god fearing people
    She’s never stood up for Alaska, unless she’s benefiting from it
    Yes vote out this swamp creature.

  19. Berv – the only person who died at the Capitol “riot” was unarmed Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt who was shot by an unidentified Capitol police officer while standing in a window. The fake media tried to pin Capitol Police Officer Sicknick’s death as a murder, but it was ultimately determined to have been caused by natural causes. Officer Sicknick was also, by the way, a Trump supporter.

  20. This is becoming really interesting. Ostensibly, Murkowski is asking for an investigation of what actually happened during the Capitol “demonstrations.” One would think that an investigation would be the proper thing to do in order to find out what actually happened, wouldn’t one?
    So far, most commenters seem to think that storming the Capitol and ransacking the innards was the patriotic and American thing to do, and that Ms Murkowski is abrogating her Constitutional duty as a Senator by saying, “Let’s look into this.” Are they afraid that something will be found??
    I’m curious to find out how many of them are interested in finding out which among them would have denied the Benghazi investigations as being “un-American,” etc., etc. Or the Clinton impeachment trial? Or how ’bout the Ukraine phone call scandal?
    Admittedly, you likely aren’t going to get a definitive report from these types of investigations, but if they can investigate Tweedledum, they also should investigate Tweedledee. And Tweedledee’s henchmen.

  21. Do Americans have the right to Assemble to be heard by elected public servants? Democrat groups arrived early while the President’s remarks were still going on . Evidently the democrat rioters got there early while those who were there to Assemble and be heard “Do not certify” messages were not heard. It is not allowed for Americans to assemble in the foreign enclave of the District of Columbia to be heard by elected public servants any longer. It is unsafe to do so evidently.

  22. Bill Yankee,
    The reporter and the Antifa organizer posted videos of themselves doing it. Arrogance and presumptuousness is most unbecoming. Politeness, consideration and accuracy rate much higher.

    • The issue is not whether/not vids. were shot, it’s that for one the reporter was freelancing and no connections to CNN and the dude was a Utah activist not associated with either Antifa or BLM.
      I’ve never considered politeness to interfere with someone posting BS-it doesn’t become you either.

  23. Bill,
    The dude had been active at multiple Antifa and BLM demonstrations and was demonstrably connected with them. I am sure none of us will ever know the true full story behind any of this but to summarily dismiss things when not knowing goes beyond naivety. I see there is no reasoning with you so discussion ended. Blather away. I am removing myself from this thread.

    • I would give you the AP article on this garbage of yours but Suzanne doesn’t allow links. I noticed you also posted this BS on a FB page and I did link to that AP article on it.
      I noticed you didn’t mention a thing about your calling that reporter as from CNN-did things just get too hot in the kitchen? I suggest you read the article and get a feel for something you evidently got hot off some right-wing propaganda site.
      Here is the words of “the dude” : Before he was arrested on Thursday, Sullivan had said on social media that he is not with antifa. He also told the AP in an email on Tuesday, “I am not linked to the BLM Organization.”

  24. Can’t wait for Alaska’s first Trump Rally in 2022 during Lisa’s Senate campaign. It will be huge. I’m going!

  25. This not about finding the TRUTH. It’s about labeling Conservative Constitutional Patriots as terrorist and she knows it.

  26. What needs to be investigated is:

    The Nov. ‘2020 Presidential Election and all the witnesses who claim to have evidence of election fraud, dominion voting machine irregularities, vote tallies altered, etc.!

    The Wuhan Virus Research & Development and it’s subsequent “accidental release”!

  27. The same AP that worked next door to Hamas in Gaza and mis-reported the attack on Hamas as Hamas was rocket barraging Israel?

    After 4 years of a false narrative on Russia and suppressed information on The Big Guy and HRC… anyone considering the commission as anything but a propaganda shunt is woefully close minded. The Biden admin will not release all video of the incursion … just their edited version. Where is that transparency?

  28. Lies A Lot’s Failure(Thankfully!!):

    The final vote for the commission was 54 senators in favor and 35 against, short of the 60 votes needed to break a filibuster from the Republican minority. Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), Rob Portman (R-Ohio), Ben Sasse (R-Neb.), Bill Cassidy (R-La.), Mitt Romney (R-Utah), and Susan Collins (R-Maine) voted for the commission with all present Democrats.

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