Breaking: Mel Gillis is governor’s pick for House District 25


Gov. Michael Dunleavy today announced that Mel Gillis is his pick to replace Josh Revak for House District 25. Gillis will have to be confirmed by the Republicans in the House of Representatives before he can be sworn in.

Gillis is a master hunting guide who last year funded an independent expenditure group to remove former Rep. Charisse Millett and assist Revak in winning the Republican primary, and then the General Election.

He walked door to door for Revak daily, sometimes for five hours a day. Now, if the House Republicans approve him, he’ll be seated in the House of Representatives, as Revak was sworn in as a senator for Senate Seat M, after the unexpected passing of Sen. Chris Birch.

Four people in District 25 applied to replace Revak. Three, including Gillis, Forrest McDonald, and Jamie Donley, were the names sent by District 25 Republicans to Dunleavy, who interviewed the them over the weekend.

Dunleavy made his announcement via Facebook just after 7 pm on Sunday.

“Mr. Gillis is a stalwart pioneer of our great state.  He is a commonsense, hardworking, Alaskan that cares immensely about the state that he helped build. He raised a family here and now enjoys spending time with his grandchildren. He has an established, positive relationship with the people in House District 25 and will be able to hit the ground running on the complex issues that will be front and center in the upcoming legislative session. I am proud to appoint Mel to this position and know that he will serve with integrity and represent the best interests of the people in House District 25,” said Gov. Dunleavy.


  1. I walked 25 with Mel, as well as put signs up, and took them down after the ice storm in 2018. He’s as genuine and honest as the day is long. Forget the RINO nonsense, though… He’s as conservative as they come, but will will represent all of us in 25 very well. I believe we’ll all be pretty darned happy with him. Full disclosure: I was the 4th applicant for that seat, and did not make the cut, but Mel’s the real-deal, so I’m cool! Good job, Governor, but now it’s up to the Republicans in the House to do the right thing.

  2. Brian…. What an endorsement. You just clearly defined what great character both Mel and you have!

    Nice to learn you area is supportive in Mel. Your area needs to be represented by a person you people know, trust, and have a relationship with.

  3. Lived in District 25 since Oct 1992, Never hear of Mel Gillis, or his support Revak, ! Now we have two Unknowns to represent us ??

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