Breaking: Governor issues order – no vaccine passports in Alaska


Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy today issued Administrative Order No. 321 stating that the State of Alaska will not require vaccine passports in order to travel to, or around, Alaska.

“Alaska has led the nation with our COVID-19 response and vaccination rates, effectively protecting our most vulnerable citizens. With high vaccination rates, we are seeing our economy come back to life and welcoming travelers to our state,” said Governor Dunleavy. 

“As I have said from the beginning, receiving the COVID-19 vaccine is a private health decision best left between Alaskans and their doctor. I am unequivocally opposed to any government order requiring Alaskans to get this vaccine, or using an individual’s vaccine status as a means of restricting their rights. There will be no vaccine passports under my watch,” he said.

Alaska has led the nation in vaccine distribution for individuals over the age of 16 that want to be vaccinated, and beginning June 1, 2021, vaccines will be available for anyone traveling to Alaska who chooses to be vaccinated. The Dunleavy Administration will continue to protect the fundamental right of citizens to travel freely between states, as well as the rights of Alaskans who travel within their state, he said in a statement.

Alaska is offering free vaccinations to anyone who travels to Alaska, per an earlier decision by the governor to encourage travel to the state this summer season.

Click here to read Administrative Order No. 321.


  1. Thank you Governor.
    Please clarify if the State is going to back up people that want to work, but don’t want to be forced to get a vaccine injection?

    Can you immediately stop funds from going to nonprofits and any private business that is receiving State or Federal funds and requiring vaccinations to work?

  2. Thank God for a Prayer Answered, and thank you Governor Dunleavey for doing the right thing and Standing Up for the Rights of All Alaskans!

  3. Since there will be no mandatory vaccination and no vaccination passports, there should be no 70% vaccination requirement in Anchorage to lift the faux mayor’s emergency orders! Enough is enough! No more emergency orders, no more phony mayor, no more Assembly’s tyranny, and no Dunbar as mayor!

  4. If the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) acknowledged on Dec 14, 2020, that PCR tests were unpredictable and could lead to false positives, why are they still being used? Is it to continue to spread fear? Is it all about the money? Wake up and don’t take anymore PCR tests. Positive test doesn’t mean anything! Stop requiring testing and watch the fear and virus vanish!

  5. This is interesting. The State of Alaska has no current rules requiring a vaccine passport, in fact it’s pretty much wide open except in municipalities that make their own rules. So now we need an administrative order not to do something?
    This is vintage Dunleavy. He tacks the state onto two lawsuits (one when it was too late) filed by other states that had no effect on the outcomes of those cases, he pretty much tells everyone to do what they want to do with Covid (again, requires him to do nothing), and now he comes out with an edict that changes nothing. If doing nothing is what you call good government, you’ve come to the right place. Even the legislature is following his lead.
    Alaska: the do-nothing state.
    But don’t try going though Canada while relying on a copy of this document to get you in. They don’t trust us. And there’s good reason.

  6. Jabbing with a needle enclosed in alive nanoparticles at the blood brain barrier and rotating the wooden stick thus puncturing the site and depositing live, writhing nano particles at the base of the brain stem as a prerequisite to voting on matters pertaining to destroying the constitution is not very nice.

  7. More needs to be done to protect individuals from being a guinea pig to these mRNA therapies. They are not a vaccine. People need to stop calling that! Also, what about protecting people’s rights to attend school, work, obtain medical services, and getting on a plane without being vaccinated? How is the Governor going to protect the people from Corporate policies on airlines, places of business, education institutions and hospitals? One idea, would be to make it illegal for any place of business to operate in the state if they require vaccinations for services, and employment. How is the governor going to protect Alaskans from abuse from the corporations and institutions?

  8. Yeah, but Alaska Airlines is acting like a communist country with respect to the masks. So, they will be the ruler of us now.

  9. Regardless what the governor does it still will not stop a private business from requiring a vaccine to work. It also will not stop another state or a country from require proof of a vaccine.

  10. SM,
    When you said “what about protecting people’s rights to attend school, work, obtain medical services” which rights are those exactly, and when did we get them? Sorry those are all new rights to me.

  11. SM,
    Looks like I missed a new right, the right of “getting on a plane without being vaccinated”, when did we get that right? Was it right after the Wright Brothers flight, or was it tonight?

  12. “When asked whether he thinks the pandemic was used by bureaucrats like Fauci to increase power, Deace said he believed there have been “forces waiting for the right moment” and saw the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to advance their agenda.
    “Just look how quickly people like Bill Gates had their messaging already in order,” he said, “look how instantaneously the messaging was assembled.” Deace said, “I absolutely believe there were forces at work, waiting for some kind of moment to institute, what they even use in their own language, a ‘Great Reset.’”
    “They didn’t know what it was going to be, and then they saw this come along and figured that this was the moment for them to act,” he continued. “I don’t think that is tied into the origin of the virus whatsoever, and if it wasn’t coronavirus, it just would have been something else.”
    Jan Jekielek

  13. “Americans are being denied access to key information about COVID-19 by unelected bureaucrats who seek to expand government power and control, warned talk show host and author Steve Deace, whose new book “Faucian Bargain” recently topped Amazon’s bestsellers list.
    “The two main objectives of our health care system—informed consent and second opinions—were denied to us at COVID,” Deace said in an interview with The Epoch Times’ “American Thought Leaders,” adding that much of the data presented in his book has not been communicated to the American public by Dr. Anthony Fauci, who leads the nation’s pandemic response.
    “For example, if the average American knew that almost half of the deaths in America with COVID occurred in nursing homes where less than one percent of Americans live, we would have never ever gone along with this level of subjugation,” Deace told host Jan Jekielek. “These are the sorts of data points that have been kept from the American people, so they have not been given the right to informed consent.”
    By GQ Pan and Jan Jekielek
    April 26, 2021 Updated: April 26, 2021
    Epoch Times

  14. Stevo-O What do you call it when you are placed on the outskirts of society and not able to participate in it the way have in the past without a vaccine? Would that not be a violation of human rights to deny a person goods or services of they decide for themselves on what medical treatment they choose? What do you call being treated as an outcast or being discriminated against for refusing to partake in clinical trail in which one is being injected with a pharmacological cocktail? Would that not be a violation of human rights? What do you call it? You think these experimental injections are okay to push onto a target population by coercion? It’s very Nazi like to be coerced into taking an experimental injection for a illness for which one has 98.9% chance of surviving if infected, or has other treatment options available to help overcome the illness if infected. Don’t you think people have the freedom to choose what they want to put inside their bodies? Don’t you believe a person should not be subjugated to discrimination to be able shop at a store, enroll in a school, get a medical procedure, board a plane without a corporation or government telling you need to show proof of having an experimental mRNA injection? Wouldn’t that be true freedom of choice? How is it okay for any person, corporation, or government to force medical treatment onto someone that doesn’t want it just so they can partake in society? How is that okay and not tyrannical and Nazi? What happened to the freedom of my body my choice? I see this vaccine campaign as a horrific human rights abuse akin to the likes of Nazi Germany to force unwanted experimental injections onto a population through the fear of being not being able to have the same freedoms and access as everyone else. By telling a population that things cannot go back to normal until people have their experimental shots. What would you call such a force? Is it appropriate and loving to coerce or force a medical treatment onto a healthy person who does not want it? How would that not qualify as a horrific display of human rights violation? The Nazis forced injections onto a class of people against their will, made them show papers to participate in society, so how is this medical tyranny any different if one doesn’t have the right to participate in society without their vaccination papers? How is that freedom? How is that not a violation of human rights? Seriously, how is that not a violation of human rights? What would you call it…loving your neighbor? Remember those that give up their freedoms in guise of safety deserve neither and will loose both.

  15. G. Aleution, welcome to the forum. What part of Russian are you from? Kremlin?
    And, JosephDJ, what part of Paranoia are you from?
    F’rinstance, even if half the fatalities from Covid occurred in nursing homes, that still leaves about 300,000 unnecessary deaths that have occurred outside of nursing homes. And what if your mother, or grandmother, or girl friend happened to be one of those deaths?
    Still feeling betrayed by those trying to protect you from the virus?

  16. What he is doing is not enough! Dunleavy needs to man up and act as a governor, not a wimpy kid that is being pushed around. Alaskans need to demand more of him. He needs to take example from a governor of Oklahoma.

  17. Robert Rubey,
    Aren’t private companies a person? The Supreme Court said so, according to Citizens, As a person, a corporate has all of the rights accorded to a human person. You should be supporting Alaska Airlines right to pursue its own interests, regardless of whether or not you agree with its policy. If you disagree with Alaska Airlines policy, you have the right to never use its service. How is what it is doing Communistic? Do you think businesses that state “No shirt, no shoes, no service.” are violating customers rights? Do you think government should regulate businesses such as Alaska Airlines?

  18. SM,
    Lot’s of good questions there, I’m glad you’ve backed away from trying to create new rights. Attending school, working, obtaining medical services, and flying on an airplane are certainly not rights under our constitution…at least not yet. I’ve no doubt many on the left would have them be.
    I would caution against comparing our current situation with Nazi Germany, I would also suggest you review history before continuing down that wrong and completely faulty thought process. Needless to say we are absolutely nowhere near anything closely resembling Nazi Germany, like nowhere close…not even close…not even a little.
    It seems you are either imagining a lot of things that aren’t actually happening, or you are hoping that they do happen. Either way that’s not healthy.

  19. Steve-O we’re getting closer to 1939 Germany than I thought we ever would. Its just so many don’t care or don’t want to see it. I am not getting the vaccine. I just watched some Seattle news and there are tens of thousand of people not getting the 2nd mandatory vaccine. Either logistics or they got so sick from the first dose they are bitterly afraid to take the second. Nope, I’ll wait and thank you Gov. D!

  20. Thank you for not turning this plandemic covid 1984 into the destruction of Alaska. Just because dementia Biden is a global puppet with ccp hands up his rear, it will be the individual States Like Alaska to stop the deadly spread of communism….oops I mean scamdemic. .Burn your bras people I mean burn your masks sheeple, you are the reason why society/the world is dying. You are not in control of your life if you follow the week minded idiots looking to take out 95% of the world’s population.

  21. Stevo-O It is sad you are so misinformed. I suggest studying the history of eugenics and how the Nazi’s forced experimental medical procedures on it’s population by force and coercion. What do you think these mRNA shots are? A vaccine? They are anything but. You do know that these shots do not even fall under the scientific definition of a vaccine? Do you know they are 100% experimental, only being administered under an emergency order? Do you know that mRNA has never been injected into humans prior to this roll out of these Covid shots because it killed the animals during the trials in the past? The mRNA caused cancer, autoimmune disorders, and even made the experimental animals more likely to die of the live pathogen when reintroduced to it in the environment after the injections? Do you really think these these mutated strains popping up aren’t affecting the so called mRNA recipients who volunteered for this human clinical trial by rolling up their sleeves to take their free “vaccine” shots? Because they are. Do you know that the pharmaceutical companies are immune from all liability if you suffer any health complications later in life, including death, for partaking in this clinical human trial? Do you really sit there thinking all is well and normal, that these corporations have the right to engage in medical fascism? Anyone who was uneducated enough to inject this experiment into their body I am sorry you were deceived by propaganda and fear. Those who have decided to be a lab rat most likely won’t survive the next 10 years with any quality of health in life, because these scientists have no idea how these GMOed spike proteins will affect your long term health in the years to come, and so far, according to the data it’s not looking good. Already in the last 4 months, according to the CDC VAERS database, death from vaccine has risen roughly 6,000%. 6,000%!!!! There are more deaths associated with these experimental shots in the last four months, than all vaccines used in the last 15 years combined! And that is just the numbers for the US. The Nazis used unsuspecting masses by means of propaganda, to partake and serve as experiment lab rats for the Nazi party, and ostracize and oppress anyone who dared to question and say no. The Nazi were obsessed with eugenics and depopulation. Do you really think you are immune to tyranny? Really? What makes you so special that you and your family are immune to evil? The Germans under Nazi rule thought they were immune too. The Nazi’s ostracized a whole population of people who didn’t follow their propaganda narrative. If you can’t see the similarities today then I don’t know what to say to you other than I am sorry you are so deceived. It is important you open your eyes and see the writing on the wall. Censorship is alive and well in this nation. The freedoms you once knew have been taken from you and the ones that are left will be stripped from you as well, and your children will know nothing of the freedoms you once had. Your freedoms, and lives of your children, and their children, depend on you shaking off your complacency and apathy and waking up to reality. Evil exists. Eugenics is real. The tyranny encompassing this nation, and globe is happening. You are witnessing its affects in real time and I urge you to wake up before it’s too late. Partnering with this new normal, including these experimental shots, will not save you or your family, despite what you tell yourself to sleep at night; on the contrary, partnering with this will only ensure your destruction. Things are going to get much worse sooner than you could ever imagine and the world you once knew prior to Covid is never coming back. Ignoring the reality of what is happening around you, because it doesn’t fit with your narrative of, “things could never be that bad,” is a dangerous, and an unhealthy way to live. Your nonchalant attitude of what is taking place is exactly what the Germans did as the Nazi gained control. One day that way of thinking will catch up with you in a horrific way just as it did the Germans. Time will prove that. Hopefully you wake up to reality and understand the evil intentions blanketing society around the globe. I really do hope you face this reality despite how it scares you to look at the truth, so you and your family can survive this tyrannical “new normal” in the years to come; otherwise, your denial will be your downfall and only enhance the evil surrounding this once great nation. So as things continue down this road to tyranny, just remember, your apathy and complacency helped pave this road to hell; so you just need to look in the mirror when you finally want to point the blame. Just like the Germans had to, after the hell they created, when they didn’t want to face reality and admit what was really happening. The similarities are astounding and it still makes me wonder how people like yourself can’t see this reality. This must have been how the Germans who were warning their fellow countrymen felt, as the Nazis took control of their nation; absolutely astounded how others were so blind to reality surrounding them. Please open your eyes and wake up before it’s too late. Seriously, wake up or you won’t survive this hell being created for you and your children.

  22. SM,
    Thanks for the clarification on your earlier posts, I know plenty of people who blame the Nazis for everything. There are people that believe there are Nazis on the moon and the Third Reich is alive and well in South America. People go to great lengths to, as you say ignore the reality of what is happening around them, because it doesn’t fit with their narrative. Some people think that a global pandemic is something that has never happened before and so they create all kinds of ideas to help deal with their fear and avoid reality. Global pandemics have happened before and with a good amount of regularity, while troubling it’s best to deal with reality instead of blaming a past evils and imagining a lot of things that aren’t actually happening.
    There is a principal called Occam’s Razor that basically states the simplest explanation is usually the correct explanation. Global pandemic or worldwide Nazi conspiracy, I’m going to go with the simplest explanation on this one and it’s not the worldwide Nazi conspiracy.
    While we are at it, we might as well mention Godwin’s Law and once again acknowledge that it holds true.

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