Breaking: Dunleavy files for reelection


Gov. Mike Dunleavy made it official this morning. He is running for reelection. His filing showed up on the Alaska Public Offices Commission reports.

Dunleavy expressed his intent to run for reelection to his cabinet on Thursday night.

In the next few days he will announce who the chair of his campaign is. Because of APOC rules, at this point, he has not made a campaign website or set up a campaign structure.

Under ranked choice voting, the governor will need to make a decision about a running mate, but it is a decision that won’t need to be made until the filing deadline next June. According to Alaska Public Media, he has chosen his lieutenant governor, Kevin Meyer.

(Writer Suzanne Downing is on the road to Kenai and will update this story over the course of the day.)


  1. It’s going to be tough without the left side’s ticket split like last time. I’m assuming that won’t happen again.

  2. I worry about RCV, what are the chances a lot of these statewide offices flip blue because everyone’s 3rd or 4th choice ends up winning?

  3. Well, shoot. That’s terribly unfortunate.

    I was hoping he’d just gracefully go away and a true conservative with some backbone might step up to the plate but much mudslinging and a divided conservative voter base seems likely.

  4. Why do these politicians seem to always think they can get reelected when they have betrayed the people who voted for them and the left hates them as well? Dunleavy has stood for almost nothing since his first brush with a rebellious legislature, and he has only gotten worse. There was never any “standing tall”. He has been bent over the whole time.

    • What is amazing to me is the LtGov thinks that the election last time around was run well!

  5. So the open primary (not rank-choice) selects 4 top vote getters to move on to the General election. I assume there will be 4 strong candidates including Governor Dunleavy in the General (ranked-choice). Assuming Dunleavy receives 25-35 percent of first place votes, the question becomes how many 2nd and 3rd place votes he will he receive compared to the other 3 candidates.
    I am really surprised that ranked-choice is legal (so far). It doesn’t seem to favor the Governor’s chances IMO.
    Also, if another strong Republican enters the race, he is likely doomed to defeat.

    • Let’s say the top four from the jungle primary are Dunleavy, Palin, Begich, Gara. Reinbold wouldn’t break the top four if she were included in that group. Do you think Palin gets more 1st place votes than Dunleavy, maybe but I have my doubts. Begich and Gara will split the liberal vote, they will be 1 and 2 on all those ballots. Seems like the person with the most third place votes might “win”…and then we have Governor Begich. There’s really no telling what happens when rank choice vote counting takes place, but there are a lot of people doing a lot of math right now trying to figure out if they should enter the chaos.

      • I would guess that Dunleavy will not be the second choice of the liberals and true conservatives. If Dunleavy has lost people like me, he stands little chance. I really hope a strong conservative enters the race. Oh Steve-O, you might want to throw Walker’s name in the top 4 as well. Rumors are he’s going to run again.

        • So you want Walker? He has been setting this up since his minions ran the recall 90 days after the election. The recall was a signal to the legislature that they did not have to cooperate in anything with the governor. Scott Kendall was Mr. Recall for a reason. Frankly, I hope Walker and his cut throats get their just deserts. He is a back shooter as far as I am concerned, because of the dirty way he put himself above the needs of Alaska.

        • I thought about adding Walker, but I don’t see him as a top 4 candidate let alone a top 10 candidate. All of those already mentioned would get more 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place votes than Walker would.

  6. List your accomplishments for us Alaskans here so far sir. Imagine the perks our politicians get here the special session brats with no accomplishments. Our dividend checks alone should average 3500.00. Sara was our best governor then she walked off all oath takers you can do better Sara welcome back ma’am.

  7. Thank you for running for reelection! We need someone who is willing to stand up against these liberals’ who are always trying to steal from the people. Imagine how big the PFD would be if they had never touched it.

    Also, no thanks to those who spent the State Of Alaska funds like there was no tomorrow over the last two decades, survey after survey just to line other peoples pockets with no benefit to the Alaskans people. Please stop the waist.

  8. Our problem is that we will probably all vote for him because the other candidates will be crooks like Walker and Green New Deal fools like Gara. But he has been able to reduce the PFD to zero while convincing us he is increasing and saving it for us. He has been able to convince us that Alaska is now open for business while we watch our rankings in suitability for business and industry fall to last in the US. It’s been the same for education results, welfare participation rates, and crime. He has convinced the liberals he has reduced the state operating budget while increasing it to a record $12 billion this year! So the liberals scream he is cutting programs and the lazy among us believe he must be reducing spending; reducing spending to record highs! It’s entirely an Alice in Wonderland landscape. However he has preserved one word in the English language that otherwise was lost; in this age of cross-dressers reading to pre-school children, homosexuals receiving special protections and government grants, and state officials referring to themselves as they, he has single-handedly retained a definition of pervert. Today, under current political correctness code the only person that can still be called a pervert is an Attorney General appointed by an Alaska Republican Governor. Let’s add yet another paid holiday to state workers (Juneteenth having been added just recently); Pervert Preservation Day! He has done absolutely nothing he said he would do, but yes, we will still vote for him and we will shake our heads.

    • He has spent almost three years trying to get the legislature to look at his constitutional amendments for the PFD and the PCE. Because of the Scott Kendall initiated recall that has hampered every move he has attempted to make, the legislature was set to bury the proposed amendments. Somehow he finally got got them surfaced, no thanks to the legislature at all which was going to let them die. He may not be a showboat, but he just keeps digging and fighting his way forward. No, he doesn’t engage in name calling, but that also leaves it open for less hard feelings for his opposition when he finally gets his way. I’ve watched him for the time he has been governor, and frankly, I am not sure I could have taken the abuse that he has put up with.

      • Shelia, your last sentence says it all. The crooked Democrats have thrown so much sh*t at Dunleavy, it’s a wonder that he didn’t throw in the towel. This is what Democrats and their allies in the press do to Conservatives and Republicans. We’ll get behind Dunleavy again, even somewhat reluctantly, and back him over any other candidate. Remember: Bill Walker didn’t give up either, that is until his pedophile sidekick was exposed. And that, was what did-in Walker. Old man Bill is still seeking forgiveness by the electorate, but pedophilia cannot be overcome.

  9. Dunleavy started out with very good ideas and intentions but he’s cursed with a mostly awful legislature and under constant attack from the liberals who seem bent on doing all they can to transform the state and the country into socialist/communist nirvanas (that’s where the common people suffer and the rulers prosper).
    Pair Dunleavy with a fiscally conservative legislature and we might turn this state around.
    Anyone who attacks Dunleavy because he failed to save the PFD or to trim government or any of the other grand plans he promised us must believe that we live in a one man rule dictatorship where the Governor can just ram his ideas into fruition without worrying about the corrupt legislature or the corrupt court system.
    That’s not reality.
    It’s the residents of this state who tolerate…and keep voting for…liberals, sexual deviants and worse to fill our state and local elected offices…it’s your fault, not Dunleavy’s.

  10. Because he’s been such a pillar of strength the first time…

    If Alaska re-elects this man, it deserves what comes next.

  11. Previous governor candidate Dunleavy bought a lot of votes with big promises of a $6700 dividend he knew he couldn’t deliver. Back in 2018, the Permanent Fund was valued around 64 Billion dollars, it is valued around 81 Billion dollars in 2021.

    The legislators in Juneau still insist we don’t have the money in the Permanent Fund (or as they mistakenly refer to the “budget”) for a full statutory dividend to give to residents of Alaska?

    Something to think about.

  12. Frankie and I are both voting for Dunleavy again because it was Dunleavy who brought Kelly T. into the spotlight. Without Kelly T, Lisa will run our family into ruins and into the trash heap of Alaska’s disgraced royalty. Kelly T. and Big Mike, you’ve kept us out of war.

  13. We hired him to cut services… then when he started cutting services everyone got mad because their ferry to Costco for fresh vegetables and flatscreen TVs that they require to live the Alaskan bush life were cut. Sorry can’t get that ferry to McDonald’s in time for breakfast from your bush homestead.. hahahaah

  14. Dunleavy has outsourced tyranny. He does not have the cajunas to withstand the Maoist revolution ongoing in Alaska and the nation. Just another flowery speaking milktoast Republican. The office of governor needs nerves of steel to withstand the heat and Dunleavy doesn’t have them.
    He lost our household when he failed to protect our grandchildren from the “mask” and employer trial vaccine neurosis.

  15. If some of you ever wonder how we got in the mess we’re in, this thread is a classic example of why.

    Alaska elects “Republicans” who either lie openly or fail spectacularly, and people cheer them like they just won a super bowl.

    Dunleavy has been a failure on an epic level and all is forgiven. His single best accomplishment was to hide behind his desk while the economy collapsed, the swamp grew, and wannabe dictators like Ethan openly robbed people of their constitutional rights. And the PFD died an ugly death.

    Dunleavy is a colossal failure for one simple reason. He stopped trying. He pissed himself at Wasilla and it was game over.

    If this failure gets re-elected, you’re gonna wish for Bill Walker. And you’ll deserve what comes next.

    The love fest for a failed Governor is exactly why Alaska is in free fall.

  16. Dunleavy must stand tall and prove he is a true conservative. Dunleavy must order a clean up of the Alaska voter database. By state law anyone that hasn’t voted in a recent election is supposed to be contacted by the State Election Office and verify that they are still an eligible voter. All of the ballots that were mailed out in Anchorage in April, etc. 2021 to apartments, etc. that were not valid are all suspect.

    Alaska must complete a full forensic audit of Nov 2020.

    Let’s prove once in for all to We the People of Alaska that our ballots were counted accurately and no malfeasance took place. Stop all mail in ballots unless requested by absentee citizens and restore using voter ID.

    One vote per legal voter. Restore voter confidence. That is the state statute that must be followed. Ranked choice has been determined illegal in other states and we should not be using it in Alaska!!!!!! If the Lieutenant Gov. isn’t going to do his job, maybe that is who should be impeached. Maybe Dunleavy should be taking a hard look at his cabinet and staff and make sure that they are supporting We the People of Alaska and not outside interests. Time to walk the walk and take real action.

  17. If people who consider themselves a Republican, Conservative, or right leaning, even a moderate don’t pull together (putting petty complaints aside), then Alaska will end up with a more so called (by your criticism Dunleavy isn’t true) Democrat governor like Walker, by rank choice voting.

    I am very feeling thankful for Governor Dunleavy’s choices that maintained balance and order between State and individual community responses to Covid19 fears.

  18. I wonder how many Dunleavy-complaining MRAK commentators are really democrats only here to stir up greater division among real Alaska GOP members, throwing the party into disarray and confusion.

    • A couple of them are regular leftist trolls, but most of those complaining about Dunleavy are self-styled “true conservatives” and libertarians who don’t know what libertarianism is. I carry no brief for Dunleavy, but I’ll vote for him over anyone who’s thrown their hat in the ring so far.

      Dunleavy has had a familiar Republican problem; it is hard to find a Republican or even an independent mercenary who knows what the government does not to speak of how to run it. Having bright shiny general ideas that you can spout about on Facebook or political blogs isn’t the same as having your name on the door and actually having to push the rope. The Dunleavy Administration’s root problem has simply been the lack of competence of his appointees and subordinates. That said, most any other Republican would share that problem.

      Frankly, back in the Murkowski Administration we used up the Republican talent pool and could only fill about 30% of the appointee positions with something resembling a loyal, competent Republican. Those of us who didn’t quit rather than work for her, Sarah Palin fired because she hates all things Murkowski. Since then Republicans have played with second stringers and the B-team. The few of us left who actually know something about government are either uninterested, making too much money as lobbyists and such, or too controversial for the delicate sensibilities of today’s Republicans.

  19. Jen,
    I think that those complaining about the Guv here on MRAK are in fact members of his Party, the Republican Party also known as the Stupid Party which is opposite the Evil party or Democrats.
    I hope the above helps clarify things for you.

  20. If Dunleavy and Meyer did their jobs and among other things, led an overturn of rank choice voting using all available tools; including leadership, initiatives and bully pulpit, we would have a fair election and they would have earned conservative support, reelection and a legacy.

    Now if they win, it will be because people held their nose and voted for them and rank choice voting, (they could have fixed, but did nothing,) doesn’t beat them.

    Kevin, you did nothing to fix the corrupt election process when it was your job and the gov stood impotently by.

    I am not a democrat but don’t see the republican party coming up with a true leader.

  21. People here really don’t believe in the Constitution anymore. One man one vote is too dull for them. They have attention deficit with hyperactivity and antisocial personality disorders.

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