Breaking: Alaska Airlines buying Hawaiian Airlines


Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines have entered into an agreement under which Alaska Airlines will acquire Hawaiian Airlines for $18 per share in cash, for a transaction value of approximately $1.9 billion, which includes nearly $1 billion of Hawaiian Airlines net debt.

The combined company will unlock more destinations for consumers and expand choice of critical air service options and access throughout the Pacific region, Continental United States and globally, the company said. Each airline will retain its distinct brand, although will be operated off of the same platform, the company said.

The transaction is expected to enable a stronger platform for growth and competition in the U.S., as well as long-term job opportunities for employees, continued investment in local communities and environmental stewardship, the company said.

It expands the fifth largest U.S. airline to a fleet of 365 narrow and wide body airplanes enabling flyers to reach 138 destinations through a combined networks and more than 1,200 destinations through the oneworld Alliance.

“As airlines rooted in the 49th and 50th U.S. states, which are uniquely reliant upon air travel, Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines share a deep commitment to caring for their employees, guests and communities. This combination will build on the 90+ year legacies and cultures of these two service- oriented airlines, preserve both beloved brands on a single operating platform, and protect and grow union-represented jobs and economic development opportunities in Hawai‘i, with a combined network that will provide more options and added international connectivity for travelers through airline partners including, the oneworld Alliance.” the companies’ statement said.

“This combination is an exciting next step in our collective journey to provide a better travel experience for our guests and expand options for West Coast and Hawai‘i travelers,” said Ben Minicucci, Alaska Airlines CEO. “We have a longstanding and deep respect for Hawaiian Airlines, for their role as a top employer in Hawai‘i, and for how their brand and people carry the warm culture of aloha around the globe. Our two airlines are powered by incredible employees, with 90+ year legacies and values grounded in caring for the special places and people that we serve. I am grateful to the more than 23,000 Alaska Airlines employees who are proud to have served Hawai‘i for over 16 years, and we are fully committed to investing in the communities of Hawai‘i and maintaining robust Neighbor Island service that Hawaiian Airlines travelers have come to expect.”

In 2016, Alaska Airlines bought Virgin America for $2.6 billion, in a deal that made Alaska into the fifth-largest airline in America.


    • That’s the idea of operating under the purchased brand. To give large corporations the public illusion of not seeking a monopoly. Works well for many industries. Unfortunately, they don’t stick to the principles that made the brand successful. If you had a bad experience flying to Hawaii on Alaska Airlines, feel free to book your next trip on Hawaiian.

    • With Ben Minicucci as CEO they are always on the edge of bankruptcy. This woke airline will soon stumble, fall and not be able to get back up.

  1. Wonder if the Anchorage Assembly and Alaskan going to make a big stink about the transactions like they are doing against Kroger/Albertsons? When Alaskan government dependents are no longer making their living off private enterprises money in taxes received and they are private business owners and managers then the same leaders and voters can complain.

  2. But also I think the world’s actions is fulfilling bible prophecy. we are getting closer and closer to where everything we do and want to do will be so closely controlled we one day won’t be able to buy, sell, and go without someone’s approving it if we comply by their rules.

    People who are unnerved and unhinged by the big mergers and big buyouts they should be interested reading the Bible. Cause these are the signs of the ending. However complainers only interest is complain about the things they don’t understand.

    • If business is allowed to proceed without government or public interference, it is better. Bad business choices result in failures and opportunities for other businesses. Government has become toocontrolling in our lives.

  3. Phew, back in my safe space again. I was triggered just thinking about flight attendants that were not trained to respect my preferred pronouns. Island hopping can be so stressful but with AlaskaAir at the helm I think I can finally get away from my birthing parents basement and celebrate my 33rd planet earth arrival day.

    It will only be a 5 week vacation because greedy Orangeman stole all the money in the world and there isn’t enough left over for my birthing parents to pay for me to stay longer.

  4. And the stranglehold of Seattle Woke Airlines over Left Coast air travel continues to grow …

    Somebody remind me again, what exactly is ‘Alaskan’ about Alaska Airlines (sic)?

  5. Oh GREAT! Now a 6’3” guy with razor stubble wearing a hula skirt and rainbow 🌈 painted nails will be the one trying to “lei” you while deboarding

  6. So now they will stuff us like sardines in their puny planes when flying to Hawaii. Great! Just what we need

  7. Alaskans support Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines. Welcome Hawaiian Airlines. Aloha

  8. My estimate is 1.8 of the 1.9 Billion used to purchase Hawaiian Air is PFD dollars.
    They could have set the price at 2.9 Billion if the skallywags in Juneau hadnt taken their cut for “The Big Guys”(Stedman/Bishop/Stutes and gang).
    Alaska Air will now get to keep all the PFD checks and not have to share with Hula air.

    • I have a feeling I have shoelaces older than you. Certainly wiser.

      We really need a better class of trolls.

  9. I wish they would no longer call themselves Alaska Air becuase they no longer represent the Alaska spirit and know how. They should be called West Coast airlines or Woke airlines because this is the path Alaska Air has chosen to take.

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