Breaking: 44 more Covid deaths reported in Alaska, but some are backlog cases


Forty-four more deaths were reported on the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services ECHO meeting today and on the state data dashboard. The new case count for the day shows 1,740 more cases of Covid.

The process of reporting deaths can take some time, so many of these cases are backlog deaths that are just now being logged in after going through the extensive maze of agency verification. The state now says that 514 deaths in Alaska can be attributed to Covid.

In today’s report, there are three nonresident and 41 Alaska resident deaths; again, from a mix of timeframe.

“Cases continue to climb in Alaska, and are nine times higher than the national level,” said Dr. Anne Zink, chief medical officer for the State of Alaska. “Alaska’s case rate is the highest in the nation.”

“This is the highest incidence in cases we have ever experienced,” Zink said. “We need to add layers of protection. Vaccination is key.” Anyone 12 and above who has not received a covid vaccine should get one right away, she said. People are eight times less likely to be hospitalized with Covid if they have been vaccinated.

This story is being updated.

Backlog describes cases that are not posted the next day. As the State has been trying to increase staff, the workload has not been updated. Most of the new 1,740 new cases were from the past week, but others date back further.

The DHSS says the cyberattack on the department’s website from earlier this year may have contributed to the delay in reporting, but staffing is also a contributing problem.


  1. “The state now says that 514 deaths in Alaska can be attributed to Covid”. I’m thinking comorbidities are attributable to probably almost everyone of them.

    • Good thinking, Wolf! If someone is killed in a car wreck and it’s determined that they had Covid at the time of death, it will be listed as a Covid death. Music to the ears of the insurer.
      How many other deaths of people with severely compromised health conditions died? Would they have died soon anyway, but were pushed over the edge of impending death by the virus?
      Many. But they will never tell you, except for their sex and age.
      How about listing their weight, whether they smoke, have cancer, a heart condition, alcoholic, drug addicted, a breathing condition, or any other assortment of comorbidities.
      Finally, how about listing their race.
      All of the above is very important information to understand how the virus attacks and who is primarily at risk.

    • The CDC guideline for reporting covid deaths is “COVID-19 should not be reported on the death certificate if it did not cause or contribute to the death.”

        • Dr. Dan is asking good questions. It seems that the government is spreading more panic than actual deaths due to SARS-2. Why would the government report deaths today, as if they were recent, when in fact those deaths occured in April and May? Answer: To Keep You Scared!

      • And no antibody tests or proof they were infected with Covid are needed either. Its up to the doctor to determine if Covid was a potential factor. 13 thousand for every one of them.

      • You heard Dr. Ann Zink yesterday on Porcaro’s show? Not a lot of objectivity there, party-line politico. One whiff of COVID with Zink, and it’s a COVID death on the death cert. #pointstomake #hernumbersdontlie #kindasorta

      • “As of April 14, 2020, CDC case counts and death counts include both confirmed and probable cases and deaths.”

        “In cases where a definite diagnosis of COVID cannot be made but is suspected or likely (e.g. the circumstances are compelling with a reasonable degree of certainty) it is acceptable to report COVID-19 on a death certificate as ‘probable’ or ‘presumed.’”

    • You may be right there wolf at least partially right. No doubt this virus attacks people with some sort of immunity deficiency but isn’t that all viruses and bacterias work? You get something and then your body fights it off and if your body can’t fight it off and then you die. But it doesn’t diminish from the fact that this virus is a killer.

    • The site wouldn’t let me comment anywhere but reply to previous comments. So this is not a rely just a post…. Apologies

      Dunleavy needs to can Zink. Trump should have canned fauci. We need to stop listening to advice or direction from people that are pushing an agenda. 514 dead, in a state of close to 700,000. How many Alaskans died per year?
      How many died in AK in 2019? 2010? How many 2020? 2021? This bs is staggering. Get healthy, treat covid. Protect the vunerable…live your life.

    • In Fauci’s own words: “When someone dies after receiving the COVID vaccine, we must assume comorbidities came into play, unless the science proves otherwise.”

  2. 514 deaths out of 103,113 known cases. Probably another 25% more unknown cases that have had mild symptoms that never went and bothered to get tested out there. So either way, it’s still a 99.5%+ chance of surviving if you get Covid. What we don’t know is how many of these 103+K cases are vaccinated vs non-vaccinated folks.

  3. Seemed like Alaska was doing pretty good until mass vaccination was implemented. Suddenly we are in a ‘crisis’.

    Cases and deaths are meaningless to me without context. Will we know the medical history for each death? Will we know how many of the cases are just a positive test without symptoms? Will we know if the positive tests are actually detecting other sources of infection? Will we know if our flu death numbers are on par for last year or if those numbers have been replaced with covid? Never in our history has cases and death count been so hyper-focused on. A constant ticker on the screens to remind everyone to be deathly afraid.

    This psy-op is pretty boring. Please wake me up when most of humanity has become zombies so I can have some REAL danger to survive from.

    • Are you suggesting we go back to all the restrictions that effectively limited spread before vaccines became available?

      I’d prefer everyone get their new flu shot and stay out of the hospital.

      • My suggestion to you is to wake up.

        You have tremendous power withing you. Your body is literally a factory of good health, it just needs good things put into it. Not masks, not isolation, not chemical injections.

        I suggest breathing deep, stretching, sweating, dancing, singing, laughing, walking, biking, turning off the TV, eating living foods, eating home cooked foods, thinking positive thoughts, listen to uplifting music, take responsibility for your body and stop outsourcing it to predatory false authority, hug your friend, hug your other friend, pet a dog, remember what you are.

        • Sorry, I am against these particular COVID-19 vaccines, but not all vaccinations. Most vaccines have long term studies backing them, most had to go through a legitimate approval process, unlike the vaccines being demanded of us now. What you are claiming, contrarily, is a bunch of new-age bunkum.

      • Yes you are correct. The initial shots did a pretty fair job against the old original covid, and they do a pretty good job of keeping you alive against the delta if they don’t do a very good job of keeping you from actually getting it. So get a shot and get sick kind of like catching a cold. Don’t get a shot and run the risk of dying. But people with immune deficiencies die from the common cold as well. 150,000 die every year from the common flu. There’s always something around there that’s trying to kill you be at cancer or an infected toenail that gets you gangrene or the Delta virus and possibly the next mutation of it.

        • The Delta version is a result of the virus naturally gaining function due to the Covid vaccinations. The spike protein from the Alpha version is mutating and becoming more potent because the virus is now competing against the human body’s antibody protections, “T” cells. Mother Nature is compelling. The virus learns to fight human anti-bodies by mutating the spike protein into a more penetrating version. Natural mutation. It’s the way of a virus. The pharmaceutical companies understand this. They will have to manufacture a more potent vaccine and probably do this for years to come. The best defense against SARS-2 is natural protection from having had the Corona Virus and taking care of yourself by living a healthy lifestyle.
          The vaccine alone will not stop future mutations of the virus. It will accelerate their natural gain of function.

          • ????. Finally, common sense is prevailing. Covid is going to make the big drug companies ultra rich (again) by convincing the government to impose vaxx mandates, into perpetuity. The Communists have had this all figured out decades ago. They just didn’t have the vehicle in which to operate. They do now. A capitalist system can be brought down by health care. Even our US. And that’s what is going on right now. The ultimate destruction of a great nation, replaced by Communism, Totalitarianism, and evil dictators.

          • Delta is only one variant. There are dozens, and maybe hundreds by now. The variations are caused as a natural mutation due to synthesized human antibody reaction (from the vaccines). The vaccines started rolling out with Trump in office (Operation Warpspeed). Delta has been making its sweep across the US for about three months. Delta has a multi-factoral spread which has recently penetrated vaccinated individuals. The only explanation for increased transmission in a country that is already 60% vaccinated is because the virus is fighting back with a more potent spike protein that the human body cannot effectively repel. It’s basic virology, with a slight twist, due to laboratory created enhanced spike proteins (gain of function). It is a precursor for weapons grade viral warfare.

  4. So deaths are racking up. Why are we not at least trying all the arrows in our quiver? It may not help but it won’t hurt, so why not allow people at least try so we can find out? Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, others off label. At least let those who want try, and see if there is benefit. It seems that the unproven jab is a failure.

    • Allow people to try medications that are working around the world, cost only a few dollars to treat people because they don’t have patents and make it so big pharma can’t make their billions in profits. ??‍♀️
      Do you really have to ask? “They” have proven this isn’t really about saving lives or about our welfare.

      • It sure seems that way. Likely not most of the hospital staff but at a political level for sure. Every other country has been using multiple therapies but here it seems all are stifled except the Covid shot.

    • First, the vaccines went through rigorous testing and investigation. Six billion people have taken it. It is neither unproven nor a failure.

      Second, what IS unproven is ivermectin and hydroxychloroquin.

      Third, both those ineffective concoctions are easily available. No one is stopping you.

      • Ummm, no, they’re not easily available. Some docs are having a hard time getting their prescriptions filled.

        And I know several people who were prescribed ivermectin during their bout with Covid and improved remarkably swiftly.

        How on earth can Zink say that “vaccination is key” when AK appears to be doing worse than ever after a mass vaxx campaign? And now that we know that vaxxed persons can still get Covid, spread it, AND die from it? What lock does the magic vaxx key unlock, Fauci of the North?

      • If six billion people smoked a pack of Marlborough’s a day, for 18 months, the evidence of lung cancer causality would be statistically insignificant. You wouldn’t argue with the science here would you.
        Take those two packs a day out to 10 years (the average time frame for a drug trial) and one will start to see statistically relevant occurrences of cancer from those two packs a day. Again, you wouldn’t argue the science here, it is well documented.
        There’s a very god reason we take drug trials out a decade or so, it’s proven science! As of yet, given the science, these Covid vaccines are not proven safe.

      • Evan, when you almost double a number to make a point it makes the rest of your points seem unbelievable as well. About 3.4 billion people have been “vaccinated” against Covid. Less than half of the world population but still a lot of people and Covid is more rampant than ever. Hmmm….

    • Add also the antibody treatments, Regeneron being most known but there are now others. One can get the antibody treatment in Alaska and it works. Yet we hear very little about it and the hospitals are not using it as far as I know.

  5. I’ll wager every one of them were vaccinated. Across the country and the world, the higher the jab count, the higher the death/harm count.

  6. French police are arresting doctors that perscribe ivermectin for covid. It must work. That is what the leftists don’t want to do here. One state of 240 million in India has declared itself covid free after implementing ivermectin against it. Something really fishy going on in the U.S. and europe. How about those thousands of ‘immigrants’ being spread all over America with no vaccines, masks, quarantines or mandates? Not only does it smell fishy, it reeks.

    • Down here there was an onslaught of overdoses with people showing up in the emergency room. Apparently people got the idea of shoving a cattle wormer up their butt was going to keep them from getting covid. I guess they didn’t get the memo that said less is more.

        • He has none, as well as no knowledge of ivermectin. Greg just a little FYI, there are two forms of ivermectin, one is for de worming animals and the one for humans, which by the way won a 2015 Noble peace prize. Stop trying to fear monger people to the ineffective jab.

  7. Dr. Zink was quite clear today. Virtually all of the new cases are among those NOT vaccinated. We are in a pandemic, people are getting sick and dying, yet we still have the anti-vax group saying death by virus is better than life with a vaccination.
    Legislators refusing to encourage vaccination are part of the problem and should resign immediately. Their names will be in BOLD in 2022, next to the illness and death count in their districts.

    • HERB,

      Tell that to the Hollywood Stars! They don’t get vaccinated and they don’t wear a mask. This is Planned. They don’t give two craps about you

    • Your jabbed Herb, stop hyping fear.
      There have been no long-term studies of this new therapy, its not a vaccine. Everyone needs to look at all the facts then make their informed choice.
      Why ivermectin or other early treatment options are being shutdown is just plain criminal. Ivermectin has been used by humans an estimated 3 billion times, with fewer side effects then Tylenol.

        • Are living nano segments parasites? Are viruses “alive”? Perhaps ivermecton fights living nano particles so they are eliminated inert. Leftists are directed by anti-God, anti-good, anti-life, anti-liberty dictators destroying the republic, institutions of learning, our way of life and enterprise to sell us en choate to our enemy China whose warships are in the north Pacific close to Alaska right now. Fortunately, Commander in Chief Donald J Trump has outmaneuvered the communists and rendered them financially unable to pay the treasonous who think they have something to gain by selling out their countrymen to novel communism. Would you have believed it if you hadn’t seen it with your own eyes?

    • Agree with you Herb. Anti vaxxers are not troubled by evidence though. And they are so afraid of better educated people that, rather than learn, they fight.

      So despicable and vile is their anti intellectualism that they PUBLICLY SPIT ON HEALTH CARE WORKERS!

    • I believe Dr Zink said almost all Hospitalized cases are unvaccinated. They do not have the info to report how many cases of rhe virus are from unvaccinated and how many cases are from vaccinated. Most of the people I know that are getting it at this point have been vaccinated, most just aren’t ending up in the hospital.

    • You do realize that people who take the vaccine are not consider vaccinated until 14 days have passed since their second dose of a 2 dose injection, right?

      So someone could have taken the vaccine, gotten sick, died within the 14 days and it would be considered and unvaccinated death.

      The people who are playing authority are manipulating the public through deception.

      • Wait, if they tell you what the rules are and then they play by them how exactly is that deception? You aren’t considered fully vaccinated until 14 days after you’ve received your inoculation, if you somehow manage to get sick and die before those 14 days then you died before you were considered fully vaccinated. First, how many people catch covid and die in less than 14 days? Second, how many that catch covid and die within 14 days were vaccinated right before they caught covid…your scenario is likely a 0.0001% or less scenario of all covid deaths.

      • So are we seeing that those who have survived 2 rounds of this treatment for more than 14 days have 8 times more chance of surviving in the hospital than those who haven’t? The Data, Please!

      • Yes I am aware, and there have been documented cases for people have died in between shots. After you get the second shot you have to do your vigilance in my case up to 3 weeks after the second shot.

    • Not vaxx’d and I’m on 4th week of survival. I call BS on your comment. I will stick with my new anti bodies. Most people in vax’d and dying obviously have some form of underlying condition.

        • The third jab is because the first two didn’t kill those who are vaxx’d. This vaccine is about as effective as the flu vaccine. You take it, you are taking in the virus, this you end up sick. Plain and simple

  8. Thanks for keeping your readers aware. My wish is that Dr. Zink will keep Alaskans objectively informed.
    The 514 death are collective since March 2020. The question is what is the ratio per month and what is the current lethality ratio? Also, how many death due to vaccination or after being vaccinated?
    Current data collection of vaccinated vs unvaccinated who get COVID does not account for the people who have immunity due to already experiencing COVID? Herd immunity data?
    Epidemiology note that when school starts that there is a rise in shared diseases. How is the current increase of COVID in Alaska compared to prior COVID years?
    I enjoy objective unfiltered data collection so that critical thinking minds can summarize on their own.

  9. Deaths FROM the Wuhan Virus, or deaths WITH the Wuhan Virus? And were all those purported deaths, and purported cases, determined (as is likely) via the flawed and discredited PCR analysis, which is not valid as a a diagnostic test, as its inventor repeated and argued for years?
    Let’s face it, folks: the REAL science here has been so misconstrued, politicized and corrupted that almost every official statistic surrounding the Wuhan Virus can almost safely be dismissed as propaganda, as most of them in fact are. All to keep the fearmongering alive, to further an Orwellian political total-control agenda.

    • When we see deaths after receiving the vaccine, it’s a slightly different story. They’ll retort. “Well, there was no scientific study proving the vaccine caused the patient to die, so therefore it was more than likely their comorbidities that resulted in death.”
      The flip in logic is amazing, but what they’re actually proving here is this is in fact the correct logic for both Covid infection and Covid vaccine deaths.

    • Yes and at this point there is unfortunately only one conclusion as to why the jab is being incentivized, pushed, and mandated to extreme measure. As all supporting “science” dissipates and the censorship explodes, this jab contains something nefarious, something evil and they absolutely cannot have a unvaccinated control group left when all is said and done. Global depopulation? Having the population deathly dependent on a pharmaceutical they control? time will tell but either way, they will not stop.

    • Talk about politicized.

      Three times you refer to it as the Wuhan virus. That unfairly casts blame on all Chinese and, by extension, all Asians.

      Asians have been robbed, attacked and killed because of your intentional racism.

      • It is called the Wuhan virus because that is where it originated from. It should actually be called the FauCCPi virus.

        The association to all Chinese by extension Asians (like what you just did) is something only fools would make.

        People get killed because the ones doing the killing are psychos.

        Evan, your mind is corrupted. Seek repair.

      • Way to play the race card. BTW, eventually we will know that the China Virus either accidentally escaped from the Wuhan Virology lab or it was released intentionally. Remember, Chairman Mao killed more than 60 Million of his own citizens during his so-called Cultural Revolution. Please stay away from the race card–it adds nothing to the debate.

      • Asians are predominantly being attacked by young black thugs, as documented in the arrest records. And contrary to popular belief, these same thugs have no idea what or where Wuhan actually is, they’re simply indiscriminate thugs with a penchant for violence, no matter what the ethnicity, including their own.
        Of course, when the media report on these egregious offenses, they omit said facts, just as they overlook the scores of deaths each year in inner city US war zones.

      • That’s not true you are just looking for a fight. It’s always been common to associate an illness from its point of origin. Chicken pox started and suddenly all the Chicken Lovers got pissed off saying you can’t call that chicken pox. All our chickens are mad now.

      • Evan, go cry me a river over your fervidly imagined, and imaginary, “racism”. I smell another wokester here — the combined stench of hypocrisy, ignorance and self-righteous arrogance is unmistakable.

      • Singh:
        Really? Most seasonal flu viruses in the US originate from the Far East. Been that way for centuries. How is that racist? You have a very childish mind, one that has been trained to think like a child. Goo-goo talk.

    • The CDC guideline for reporting covid deaths is “COVID-19 should not be reported on the death certificate if it did not cause or contribute to the death.” There aren’t motorcycle=covid deaths being reported as deaths, that has been thoroughly debunked.

      • “There aren’t motorcycle=covid deaths being reported as deaths, that has been thoroughly debunked.”
        No, its actually a well reported fact. There are still YT videos with health officials stating just that.

  10. May I remind you of the CDC infection fatality – survival rates of COVID19 (Wuhan, gain of function virus)
    0-19 99.997%
    20-49 99.98%
    50-69 99..5%
    70+ 94.6%
    Another attempt in fear mongering to GET THE JAB!

  11. So if the state can break down the deaths by…Co Morbidity, Pre-Existing Conditions and age.
    This would be helpful

    With hospitalizations, we need to know how long, active cases, in for other reasons and tested positive. false positives. Severity of hospitalizations with active covid cases. Until we are totally transparent, we cannot assess the current situation with Covid. Hippa protects the sick but Hippa is not protecting the workers who should not be required to show their vaccine status.

    Lockdowns do not work and neither do masks. Slowing the spread is not very effective and maybe their should be mask cleanliness checks in order to determine the viability of the mask, lots of different masks, paper, plastic, cloth, 3 M. Throw awayable, permanent washable masks. Go somewhere were no mask are used and guess what the numbers seem to be better for illness than those dirty congested places where masks are require. I rest my case.

    • agreed. they will never be 100% transparent because they have an agenda and are using limited information to control the population. Yes when the population is being bribed, threatened,to get vaccinated and Matked and penalized for declining- you are being controlled. The real question is why? are they truly fearing national mass death?
      Why quench the use of some of these very successful drugs and limit them and quelch the voices of expectations that testify of their positive experiences? (if the real concern is lives saved.
      It is not unrealistic to have concerns that the government or puppet masters may be politicizing COVID fit their own ultimate agenda.
      It is not beyond normal reason to question the motives from a government who has zero concern about life of smokers or second hand smoke victims and of the thousands who die in alcohol related deaths— all of which effect others, most preventable if they were not allowed to be used. wait — those industries have lobbyist who line the coffers of government and its representatives!
      These concerned Americans are not all crazy conspiracy theorist. Many are truly citizens want unbiased data before making a health related decision. Many have had the vaccine yet still believe in the personal rights of others and their right to choose.

  12. Nope. I don’t comply with mandates or the health system deliberately moving out of their lane (See a bunch of leftist medical “professionals” speaking with the corrupt assembly.). Not masking up. Not taking a “vax”, not locking down. I am done with the insanity.

    • Love it! I will not take the jab. I do not want spike protein injected into my body. Down the road I suspect there’s going to be a lot of remorse from people who took the jab. Oh don’t forget every 5 months a new jab. How sad for those who blindly follow. This alone should ring alarm bells!

        • If young and healthy why wouldn’t they prefer the body’s natural immunity, developed over thousands of years, versus a vaccine rushed to market in a hurry?

          The math was simple and should have been followed from the start. Protect the vulnerable. Let the virtually
          Immune go on with their lives and develop massive natural
          Immunity and therefore herd immunity. Last year we were
          Told neither were a thing, just like we were told “2 weeks
          To stop the spread” that masks don’t work, then they do, that Trump was a xenophobe for stopping flights from China, and that anyone who suggested this came from a lab in Wuhan was racist.

          After so many lies, and a competent bass ackwards way of mitigating the virus, counter to the last 40 years of data and the WHOs own stated recommendations as of October 2019–why would anyone trust those pushing this vaccine on them, that does not stop the spread or prevent anyone from getting the virus, merely reduces the symptoms?

  13. I don’t trust the counts of deaths attributed to Covid. I lnow 2 people who had older friends who were actively dying, one of cancer and one of something else. They happened to test positive a couple days before passing and Covid was put on their death certificate.

    • The CDC guideline for reporting covid deaths is “COVID-19 should not be reported on the death certificate if it did not cause or contribute to the death.”

      • “As of April 14, 2020, CDC case counts and death counts include both confirmed and probable cases and deaths.”

        “In cases where a definite diagnosis of COVID cannot be made but is suspected or likely (e.g. the circumstances are compelling with a reasonable degree of certainty) it is acceptable to report COVID-19 on a death certificate as ‘probable’ or ‘presumed.'”

  14. Scary…NOT…here’s the statistic that actually tells the true tale: (Number of deaths)/(Number of cases).
    Net result: almost a zero probability of dying or being seriously injured by Covid unless you are very old or have significant comorbidities or both.
    At least that’s what the world health authorities are reporting and we’re supposed to trust the experts, right?

  15. So discouraging. To find out the past week the case numbers were artificial inflated by some cases over 4 months old because the hack delayed their release. And this after the paper front paged headlined the numbers day after day and our local video news monolopy “the Alaska news sources” also fear mongered the numbers. I don’t know what to believe anymore.

    • RG,
      Very reasonable response, and it is so very discouraging. It should be reported correctly, we’ve actually had higher numbers than we’ve been led to believe and now our higher numbers are lower than we are being led to believe. They should correct the numbers but it should be done correctly…this many cases or deaths were from this long ago, and such. Our media has failed us and continues to fail us, they are also an extension of us and most of us aren’t all that bright…myself included.
      What to believe? Do your own research using multiple sources. With sources you find reputable do as Reagan said, trust but verify. Consider other points of view, but once again verify. It’s the wild west nowadays when it comes to information and misinformation.

    • Stay vigilant and look after you. If you think the shot is going to help you then by all means get one. If you haven’t made up your mind in almost 2 years though, then maybe a little bit of self-reflection is long overdue. As always though it doesn’t hurt to wash your hands cover your cough, isolate yourself from other people like you would anytime during the flu season. Live your life but follow your gut also

  16. How many people died of car wrecks in the same period? From smoking?

    This is about keeping the sheep in their pens. Public safety be damned.

  17. I see the article has been updated to include the wording.from the news conference that “most” of the numbers of cases were from the previous day. 51 percent is technically most. But we don’t know because they are not being transparent. I’m not surprised by these revelations. I was suspicious that the same day the medical community organized a invasion of the Assembly to educated them on the current situation, coincidentally, the numbers shot over 1000 and have stayed there. Somehow the Assembly wasn’t panicked into action and put off severe action for a week. Well I’m predicting this Tuesday meeting they vote for a lockdown. It also explains the disconnect between the MOA dashboard which reports numbers by date of onset of symptoms and the State’s dashboard.

  18. Wow. Interesting human nature. So I have many friends that have gotten sick with Covid to point of hospitalization. Fortunately no one has died recently with the exception of one early in the pandemic.

    I find it abhorrent that a hospital or any hospital staff would shame a person who has been admitted suffering from Covid complications but is not vaccinated. That has happened to two friends who thankfully are now recovering and both out of the hospital. Both experienced some derision snd shamming.

    Of, I am sure all of you would agree that is unacceptable. I think we all would agree receiving a vaccine or any shot is a personal choice that should be weighed. Well that works both ways, a person who decides to receive the vaccine or shot should also not be shamed or ridiculed. This is a deadly virus for many and I’m sorry, the argument that he or she would have died anyway from some comorbidity condition sounds a tad like euthanasia. I personally do not want to see anyone’s death added and abetted by any virus. I also would hope that no one would jump on the political band wagon but when you resort to name calling and disrespect, well that is what I see a bit too much of above.

    The vaccine or shot is working. Not perfectly but neither is the influenza vaccine perfect. Most healthy people will indeed survive Covid without too much incident but I attest it is not fun and expect to be out of commission for a good two weeks with lingering annoying symptoms beyond that. If you have time for that, great! My husband does not and not only is he vaccinated (jabbed) he is also careful. We are self employed. We are screaming busy and we do not enjoy leave time. No worky no eaty.

    I would never degrade someone for choosing not to get the vaccine, nor will I for choosing to get the vaccine, get off your high horse as my grand mother used to say. Choice and freedom works both ways.

    • In the case where beds are not available for other patients, the shaming of those Covid patients that have elected to not vaccinate is not just warranted but they should be required to wait in the alley for a bed.
      These vaccines are hands down the best way to keep out of the hospital and these selfish folks should not be in line for a hospital bed until all others are accommodated.
      What reasoning would put them in front of other emergency patients??

      • “These vaccines (sic) are hands down the best way to keep out of the hospital”
        At this point, with all the evidence in hand (and still growing), your claim is simply an anti-scientific and dogmatic statement of faith, disconnected from reason, logic and reality. You parrots who continue to blindly repeat the talking points of the status-quo power structure and their shills in the propaganda-pushing corporate media are doing nobody any good, least of all yourselves.

  19. Something that bothers me. Under Trump we had hospital ships sent to places that might be hot spots. The National Guard built (ultimately unneeded) temp field hospitals in many locations. Manufacturing of new ventilators was a priority.

    Under Biden, nada.

    Our useless governor could be calling up the guard to assist in building temp facilities, assisting in hospitals with non Covid issues, asking the military to help, temporarily easing background checks on people waiting to become a variety of healthcare and 2nd line professionals.

    He could also be very publicly shaming hospitals for allowing them to run off capable people in a crisis.

    But he does nothing. Nothing.

    Frankly Bill Walker looks like a man of conviction and action next to Dunleavy.

    Can somebody find Dunleavy’s spine before Alaskans die unnecessarily and people are destroyed in the process?

  20. You know which Alaskans die unnecessarily, the unvaccinated and vaccinated who get caught in the current problems in our major hospitals. Blaming politicians of the party you didn’t vote for is distraction from the real culprits.

  21. Another coincidence on Tuesday. Suddenly the state numbers drop to half what they were running (675 residents) and a resignation from the health department. Hummm but who was padding the numbers last week with old results? Was it Anchorage reporting to the State? (In support of the push to force the assembly to pass mitigation measures to protect the unvaccinated) or was it the State? More resignations are in order to clear the air and reset the reliability of the numbers. IMHO

  22. As I read these comments there seems to be people that demand we give up our freedom to choose what’s best for ourselves. I ask why, this only effects ourselves. I will not kill you either way, you are vaccinated and safe, right?

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