Borrowing for benefits: Peltola says Congress must raise the debt ceiling


Alaska Rep. Mary Peltola suggests on Twitter that it would be irresponsible for America to reduce the national debt.

“The benefits of millions of Americans are on the line if we don’t raise the debt ceiling. Our health care, prescription drugs, Medicare, and Social Security are all on the chopping block. Not raising the debt ceiling is reckless and irresponsible. We have to do it,” she wrote in her policy statement about the money owed to foreign governments like Japan and China.

It’s borrowing for benefits: Raise the nation’s debt ceiling, which is already $31.4 trillion, so we can keep borrowing more to spend more on programs, putting America in a debt spiral. Peltola offers no cuts, only spending.

The United States hit the debt ceiling last month, which forced the Treasury Department to take extraordinary steps to keep the government from going into default. Some Republicans say that lifting the borrowing cap must be tied to budget reductions. President Joe Biden says that the matter is not negotiable at all — there will be no cuts to federal spending, a position that Peltola has appeared to adopt.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen wrote a letter to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Thursday, informing him that the nation’s outstanding debt is at its statutory limit of $31.4 trillion and that the agency will implement extraordinary measures so it doesn’t default on its debt, which would have enormous consequences on the US economy, global financial stability and many Americans. She said the measures would last through June 5. Since she wrote to Congress, the U.S. debt is even bigger — it’s $31.544 trillion. The amount of debt per citizen (taxpayers and non-taxpayers) is over $540,000.

National debt snapshot from Feb. 9, 2023:

In plain language, the national debt is like using a credit card for purchases and not paying off the full balance each month, the U.S. Treasury explains on its website. The cost of purchases exceeding the amount paid off represents a deficit, while accumulated deficits over time represents a person’s overall debt.

On Dec. 16, 2021, the debt ceiling was raised by $2.5 trillion to $31.4 trillion, the largest dollar amount increase in the national debt in history, done under the trifecta leadership of Democrats in the House, Senate, and White House.

The largest holder of U.S. debt is Japan, followed by China.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is in a tight spot because his majority is so slim, and he could be rolled by just about anyone in the majority. But in January, he stated the need for a change in course with the national debt.

"We're six months away. Why wouldn't we sit down and change this behavior so that we would put ourselves on a more fiscally strong position?" he said.


  1. So I guess the debt limit isn’t and should be referred to as a debt non-limit or an automatic debt limit increase trigger? Why the heck is it called a limit if it isn’t?

  2. “Our health care, prescription drugs, Medicare, and Social Security are all on the chopping block.”

    That is such a lie! Unless the Democratic Party wants to do this.

    • It is not like there are videos of Sen Mike Lee from Utah saying that he wants to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

      I believe the quote was that he wants to “pull it up by the roots and get rid of it”

  3. It’s irresponsible to keep borrowing money we don’t have. Also immoral and insanely stupid. This Ponzi scheme will collapse.

    It’s impressive how low the expectation bar was set for this grifter. And she’s managed to go way beneath it.

  4. She needs to put her money where her mouth is and give every dime she has to the feds. All her income and family income needs to go to her spending policy’s. Look what you non informed voters want the country to be so far in dept we will go bankrupt. I can’t wait to see it and what happens to all the free money handouts to these government induced people when the gravy train stops. Way to much government handouts for votes.

  5. Thank you Alaskans that voted for killing babies, higher taxes and out of control government when you supported this unqualified corrupt politician.

  6. If you want economic reality and common sense, don’t follow the idiot Peltola. She’s got neither. We missed our chance with Nick Begich, who would have been superb.

  7. Raising the debt ceiling is to honor commitments made by legislatures preceding Peltola. You can’t walk out on dinner without paying the check

    • The right can’t grasp that. But, the term “debt ceiling” is misleading. How much we owe and how much we are allowed to borrow are different.

      • And you radical leftists cannot grasp the most fundamental principles of economic reality, Lucinda. Just as you ignore reality when it comes to medical science, biology, and many other subjects. Your insane, chaotic and contradictory political opinions truly constitute both a mental disorder and a crime against humanity.

        • How are they wrong Jefferson?

          Your answer to anything you disagree with is to call it a radical leftist plot against you, or conservatives, or god, or whoever.

          Please say why they are wrong.

          We have to be able to have discussions with opposing views without outright dismissing them as a nefarious plot out to get someone

    • Plain false Frank. A chunk of this debt she created when she was elected to the House during the special election. Further if the congress balances their budget now and into the future, there would be no need to raise the debt ceiling ever again.

    • The promises of thieves and sociopaths are neither legally nor morally binding, Frank.
      Which you would understand if you cleaved to any honest and rational sense of morality.

    • Frank, trouble is, Mary and her ilk are sticking me with the TAB for the dinner they ordered and I didn’t even get a doggie bag tossed my way.

      Could it be, that some of us after looking at our pay stubs realize that we are supporting 2 or 3 families and have yet to receive a Fathers Day Card?
      How about that. Got another sophomoric argument? Let’s hear it!

    • It would seem that Mary’s financial skills are as good her luck in marriage(s).

      Let’s spend like the proverbial drunken sailor then call the credit card company and beg for more …..

      Damn! All together now! “fish! family! freedom!”

      I’m afraid that a majority of Alaska voters were hoodwinked. Well, make that mail in voters …..

      You can’t dine and dash, but you can decide to stop eating at expensive restaurants. Sometimes you just have to start living within your means.

    • There you go again Frank………. If one is broke, and living on credit, the one shouldn’t be eating out to dinner, one should be home eating leftovers. Goodness, you liberals are clueless!

      • Depending on the menu, there are times present where it is cheaper to eat out than to eat at home. Down here McDonald’s has a buy one get one free for a quarter pounder with cheese or a Big Mac. Total with tax is something like $4.11 for two big sandwiches.

    • Truly you can’t grasp what these criminals have been doing to our country for decades. We used to be a creditor nation until weak willed and morally dead politicians saw how to spend pour children’s futures into oblivion. We currently run this country on fiat money backed by nothing. Congress is supposed to balance the books, not continually print money with no accountability to the taxpayer. Our government currently operates like a criminal syndicate and refuses to restrain itself. The reason everything costs so much is because they have devalued our dollar so bad, it takes way more of it to purchase what you need. This is criminal and they need to be held accountable for their actions. They are using the same fake news fear mongering about the “Sky is falling unless we raise the debt ceiling”. Complete BS! The fundamental operations of our government will continue and those illegally milking the government of welfare can wait a little longer for their free ride. I don’t have a problem helping people that legitimately need help, but there are millions of people wrongly milking the system. I refuse to support any more debt ceiling increases until the corrupt syndicate accounts for every dollar laundered to Ukraine. Stop the insanity!

    • No but you can cut all the discretionary spending that has gone on. There should be no funds spent outside the US on any other Foreign Government before we take care of United States Citizens. Non-Discretionary spending also needs to be reviewed every year and not have money go to them without Congressional Approval. Stop putting them on Autopilot.

  8. So says an ignorant woman that comes from third world bush Alaska, a society that has no economy and only exists due to being propped up by government subsidies and handouts. Simple math and basic economics are ungraspable concepts to this bimbo.

    • What’s third world about it echo? They are running water must have flushable toilets, educational systems, economic systems as in stores and gas stations. Commercial airlines. Figured out how to get stuff for free. You might want to rethink who the stupid one is here and it isn’t me.

  9. Tax the billionaire club. Or they can get out of the USA and set up shop in another country. Russia, China and North Korea needs billionaires. ?

    • How about just a flat tax on every working age adult, instead of the hard working, responsible 45% of the country paying the tab for the other 55% that contribute NOTHING.

      • Yes with the politicians there should be a special tax if they make over minimum wage. Also all politicians should be taxed for any monetary gain they incure.

  10. Peltola is bought and paid for. She’s where she’s at because of dark money and RCV. She’s even wearing glasses now and looking more and more like AOC.

  11. Well that didn’t take long, the level headed centrist on the campaign trail careened right off to the radical left hardly a month after mis gainfully attaining office. Raising the debt ceiling is Grand Larceny on our children. To enslave future generations should render entitle her one of Dante’s lower levels.

  12. Always disappointed to see so many sure we voted Mary into office. Just like Brazil our voting machines bringing in fraud. Cia has been rigging elections around the world for good causes lol and now the machines are doing that in our country. We have sElections going on and rcv is another layer of fraud. Rcv is working so well for someone that it’s now being pushed in many different locations. Mary like many politicians brought in recently, make our nation’s representation look like a clown show.

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