Bonus: Alaska Air awards $1,000 to 22,000 workers



Alaska Air Group will give $1,000 bonuses to its 22,000 workers, including those at Virgin America, Horizon Air, and McGee Air Services.

The decision was announced Thursday and comes after Congress approved the Trump Administration’s corporate tax cut, and also comes in advance of the company’s announcement of its fourth quarter and full year 2017 financial results, expected on Jan. 25.

Employees of the company will receive the bonus in addition to their annual performance bonus, which is paid every January and is often more than $1,000. Corporate executives will not receive the bonus.

Other airlines have given the same level of bonuses to workers: Jet Blue, Southwest, and American Airlines.

Based in Seattle, Alaska Airlines is the fifth-largest U.S. airline based on passenger traffic and is the dominant carrier in the Northwest and Alaska, moving more passengers between Alaska and the Lower 48 than any other airline.


  1. Many large corporations are doing exactly the same. Southwest Airline, alone, gave $1,000 to nearly 50,000 employees. Most of the bonuses given to these people will be spent on goods and services. This is exactly the economic stimulus that was expected from the tax reform legislation. And wait until Apple and other major corporations bring the trillions of dollars back to our country and that money is put to work. . America will indeed be great again.

  2. This encouraging economic news will only add to the anger Juneau Empire writers Old Kate Troll and Rich Maniac have over the tax cut, but in truth these people were exceedingly angry before the tax cut was enacted and signed into law

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