Bomb threat closes Anchorage airport, but none found on Taiwan-bound jet


Law enforcement officials in Anchorage responded to a bomb threat to a China Air cargo flight on Saturday.

The plane had been diverted to Ted Stevens International Airport after taking off from Seattle en route to Taipei, Taiwan after a bomb threat was called in to the Port of Seattle.

Officials temporarily closed the airport. The cargo jet was searched in a secure, remote section of airport property and no explosive device was found.

Meanwhile, flights bound for Anchorage were diverted to Fairbanks International Airport. The Anchorage airport it has since been reopened.

Investigation at the airport was completed and the FBI does not believe there is any continuing threat, although the investigation into the source of the threat continues, according to a law enforcement statement.

Cargo flights from Asia are not allowed to pull up to airport gates, and are parked on the tarmac remotely as they have not cleared customs. They land in Anchorage for refueling and are in quarantine before they leave — only flight crews leave the aircraft and overnight at a nearby airport.

In this case the flight was from Seattle going direct to Taipei and was probably not carrying a full load of cargo, which is why it was not originally scheduled to stop in Anchorage for fuel.

At this time the FBI is releasing no further information, as the investigation is ongoing.


  1. Dear family friends of mine, for over 40 years, are from Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China. Saying “Taipei China” is much like saying “Albuquerque Mexico”. Sorry for being “one of those people” on this, but China and Taiwan ROC shouldn’t be confused.

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