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Body of Sitka fishing charter captain retrieved after 11 days

The body of Morgan Robidou, the captain of a fishing charter boat that sank off of Low Island near Sitka, has been recovered. Robidou, who was 32 and from Sitka, was found in the Low Island area, Alaska State Troopers said, 11 days after the Awakin charter fishing boat incident that killed all onboard.

The bodies of Maury Agcaoili, 57, and his wife, Danielle Agcaoili, 53, both of Hawaii; and Danielle’s sister Brandi Tyau, 56, of Canoga Park, Calif., were recovered earlier. Passenger Robert Solis, 61, is still unaccounted for.

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Robidou was a local in Sitka and was a talented metal sculptor, when not fishing. Covenant Church in Lake Havasu, Arizona remembered him with these words: “We remember Morgan as a wonderful, kind, gifted young man who always had a gentle smile on his face. We remember his joy in choosing to be baptized last April. Please keep his family in your prayers.”

The boat has been been towed to Sitka and the investigation continues.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Wait he was a local in Sitka? Why is a church in Arizona giving remeberances? Was he a local of Arizona?

    • Lake Havasu City is the winter resting place for many Alaska snow birds. They flock to the lower Colorado River basin…

  2. Man, I have to really wonder how a boat like that sinks, with everyone aboard dying, right off shore, and not in high seas or during a storm. Something does not seem to make sense about this tragic accident.

  3. Was the boat recovered? One article said it had and another said it was lost. Either way, without a distress call ever being placed and two still in the cabin it sounds like a rogue wave capsized them fairly quickly. The boundaries get pushed when you have customers who pay a lot of money to go fishing and the weather doesn’t cooperate.

  4. That’s a real small boat. Probably 24′ or so. Even though it has high gunwales and looks pretty weather proof, a boat like that could easily roll when sided by 6′ swells. Look at the trailer. Double axle. Small. RIP skipper, and passengers.

    • New info. The boat is 32′. But overpowered with huge outboards on stern. That makes it very dangerous in heavier seas, as the backend sits low in the water and can swamp easily if caught by a trailing swell. Very sorry for the lost souls.

  5. Earlier reports said 6-12 ‘waves in that area which means possible 15’ rogue waves. I see a tall top heavy cabin with passengers and a lowered stern with a fishing platform. All it takes is a cough or hiccup from the power plant at the wrong time and with your back to the wind which it will be without power makes you a sitting duck in open season. I am amazed there isnt more loss of life in Alaskan waters that can turn at the drop of a hat. Timing is everything in either a boat or aircraft. Be aware folks even if the captain may or may not be. Do your own research on the weather! RIP

    • Andy, you are right. Powering a smaller boat in heavy trailing seas requires timing and a reliable propulsion system. If you are off count by two or three seconds, you can get swamped and lose everyone.

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