Bob Bird: FBI raid on innocent couple shows lawlessness at Department of Justice



Wednesday’s rogue FBI raid on an innocent couple in Homer is an example of what happens when a lawless and completely illegitimate political party and administration come to power.

The Democrats are utilizing the proven techniques of communism and fascism, and weaponizing federal law enforcement for political purposes. They are now reaping the fruits of the November’s fake election. Its aftermath spells the end of freedom in America. It is no longer a threat. It is here, and none of us are safe.

Paul and Marilyn Hueper went to DC on Jan. 6 to listen to Donald Trump’s speech. Like other Alaskans, they were at the very foot of the stage and in front of a million people in the Washington Mall, but when they were dismissed by Trump to “Peacefully and patriotically protest”, they suddenly found themselves at the back of a very long line. They got lost, they bought a hot dog, they started up the steps, but they never got within a hundred yards of entering the capitol building.

Nevertheless, the FBI had security footage of a woman that they suspect stole Nancy Pelosi’s laptop. Because even minimal social media postings are not private, the FBI got hold of a photo of Marilyn Hueper’s face and clothing that day. Hair-style, a neck warmer and coat colors somewhat matched.

Because they knew the fact that the Huepers were in DC, they bashed in the door of their living quarters at their posh Homer Inn and Spa boutique hotel with guns drawn. They placed them and two other hotel guests in handcuffs, separated them, and began questioning … all without showing their badges or any search warrant. 

When requested to do so, they were told, “In due time.” They were never even read their Miranda rights. And when they finally showed them the warrant fully two and a half hours later, the Huepers did not even have sufficient time to read it or their briefly flashed badges completely.

Any grade-school child would be able to see that the woman in the security image was not Marilyn Hueper, based on simple front-face and profile images which the FBI unquestionably possessed and which Marilyn helpfully pointed out to them. Nevertheless, their home was literally ransacked, the gun safe opened and their cell phones and personal laptops were seized. They have not been returned.

Thoughtfully, the Hueper’s were promised a new door by the FBI.

What conclusions can be drawn by all this?

For starters, our cell phones and computers have become tools by which the government spies on us. Most of us already knew that, but they are not necessarily any longer our helpful friends.

Next, as Marilyn Hueper said, “We never thought we needed to know our rights. That was for other people to know.” In a case where the federal constitution is actually the operative document to consult, the 4th Amendment, already egregiously abused by the TSA, states: “And no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, or the persons or things to be seized.”

All the agents needed to do was allow them to study the warrant. Whether or not it fulfilled all the requirements would be something for lawyers to parse through later. This sort of amateurish and fresh-from-the-academy behavior will someday lead to bloodshed.

Lastly, perhaps the real purpose of the raid was to intimidate citizens to not even protest. Going to the wrong rally in the wrong place at the wrong time might get you an FBI courtesy call.

Alaska’s lawmakers ought to consider discarding the mysteriously concocted system of boroughs and do what 48 other states have done: create counties. In the Anglo-Saxon common law heritage, a county’s top authority is the sheriff, elected by the people and responsible to them alone. No renegade and politically-motivated federal agents can operate without a sheriff’s permission. In many examples, federal agents from the IRS, FBI, BATFE and other agencies have been ordered out by local sheriffs.

There is never any argument. They quickly pack up and go back to their DC Swamp.

Bob Bird is chair of the Alaskan Independence Party and the host of a talk show, the Bird’s Eye View on KSRM radio, Kenai.


  1. The FBI, DOJ and all of the 3 letter departments are essentially political persecution agencies — Stasi USA — and should be regarded as such and treated as such.

  2. Outrageous infringement! Excellent idea reorganizing from Borough to County government format, even though that sounds like a bit more than our current legislature may be capable of.

  3. The comment you made about the Sheriff’s authority over local law enforcement was very enlightening. I honestly had no idea.

    So….how do we make this happen? I’m in.

  4. I like the idea turning all of Alaska’s boroughs into counties ruled by a sheriff. This way the Sheriff as the jurisdiction to send government reptiles slinking back to their D.C swamp

  5. “They were never even read their Miranda rights…”
    That’s the problem, by the time you are read your rights, you will already have said plenty to be “used against you”.
    Best policy around LE is to only identify yourself & state clearly “I do not answer questions”.
    If you are a real suspect then they can arrest you and allow you to call your attorney.
    Better to leave the negotiation b/w legal & LE since the common pleb gets worked over 99% of the time.

  6. Unfortunately, making the boroughs counties won’t solve the problem of fbi gods (foolish bully idiots) descending on us like the gestapo. Welcome to the soviet states of amerika. Aside from the loss of their computer memories… I’d be suing the feds for a major take down. The “warrant” and the agents who participated can be learned through the Freedom of Information Act…

  7. I am waiting not to patiently to see our congressional delegations reaction. What will they do? How will the magistrate react if she knows she was lied to? Does lying to get a warrant normal? Do no knock warrants endanger innocent people?

  8. JEN, the last thing we need is more bureaucracy. I am waiting for the governor to step up condemning this raid and forbidding the Feds from further such action in the state. No knock raids, with the exception to direct life saving actions, are an abomination and violation of the Fourth Amendment; something akin to the Schutzstaffel. And we know how Americans handled them when the Nazis fell.

  9. Unbelievable!!!! I can’t even imagine how frightening this was for them ! And guests at their spa….. wtf.

  10. If I woke up to my door being smashed in, there would have been bullets flying through that door. I keep a fully loaded AR-15 next to my bed and would have emptied a 30 round clip through that door. Most likely my wife and I would have died in the ensuing chaos. I wonder what excuse the FBI would have for that? Thanks goodness that did not happen to these folks. The agents that did this should lose their jobs PERIOD. The federal justice department and FBI are an embarrassment and a stain on the rest of the United States of Americas law enforcement agencies..

  11. Counties and sheriffs … I’ve lived in counties with sheriffs. Somebody who is around long enough to get personally acquainted with just about everyone. A sheriff who gets invited to weddings, and who’s kids get invited to birthdays. A sheriff who’s wife bakes bread for the needy. I’m all in.

  12. Robert Wallette you can pay way more into taxes and you’re there, but you’re not guaranteed that your sheriff won’t go corrupt either. We have state troopers. We are fine, less government is always better.

  13. I’m all for counties. The way the FBI handled that was nowhere near professional and I sincerely hope a lawsuit is pending.

  14. Bob Bird, you are one of many reasons I dropped the Republicans and joined the Alaska Independence Party. I enjoy your radio show and I hope we can hear more from you here on MRAK.

  15. Bob Bird thought he had died and went to heaven after this raid took place. He can get weeks of talk out this incident on his radio show. There is nothing as good as bad mouthing a government agency but the FBI that is almost as good as the IRS.

  16. Counties is exactly the comment I made after the first article. Right now Federal Marshals are the supreme authority. I’m sure the current congress would never allow it as we were structured the way we are on purpose the first time with statehood. The federal government knew that our frontier mentality would reject their authority whenever possible so they took that avenue away. Nonetheless we need to try. George H. be careful what you say on line. It can and will be used against you some day.

  17. Your argument makes sense to me, because in principle, I firmly believe in a limited government. However, to paraphrase Henry Ford, “[Government] should be as [big] as necessary, but NO [bigger].” Where were the Troopers while the FBI was needlessly harassing this couple in Homer? When was the last time you had any say in which State Troopers work in your Borough? While every Alaska State Trooper I have ever met has been 100% professional, I like the idea of having an ELECTED law enforcement officer who is the ultimate authority on law enforcement in his/her jurisdiction. ATF and FBI are becoming a very real threat to freedom; we need some way to reign them in. I’m sorry, but I don’t see AST doing that, because AST is not directly accountable to the people.

  18. The Federal Government has declared war on anyone who would disagree with them. They break into peoples homes, kicking in doors, pointing loaded weapons on them, cuffing them, maybe rough them up a bit, just to show us, who is really in charge. They want us to be afraid of them. Who is this mongoloid freakshow idiot who authorized this attack? People should go and protest in front of her house like BLM does.

  19. ROBERT M WALLETTE, I grew up with this in the Midwest. Ever watch The Dukes Of Hazard? The sheriff in our county was elected but always from the same family for generations. I ran with his (wild) kids. Whenever we did get caught, if by the deputies (the sheriff’s family members) it became a big joke; when by a local village constable, the paperwork disappeared. Every election can be corrupted and likely will be. My family was part of the democrat establishment and election outcomes were often decided in smoke filled rooms, over the kitchen table or over a beer. Party bosses controlled all, including shuffling county tax receipts to where it most benefitted their businesses and themselves (Boss Hogg with a different name). The mansion from The Dukes Of Hazard was not far off. Eventually new immigrants into the community broke the ‘good ole boy’ system and when my mother and sister-in-law were called to testify before the state legislature they said that they feared for their lives. I ran, and I don’t know if the corruption ended or just changed tyrants. But I do know that on my last visit to family I was pulled over for ‘merging too slow’ from the on-ramp. The deputy insisted on searching my vehicle and freaked out upon finding an unloaded, cased shotgun on the back seat floor. My daughter and I remained calm, kept our voices soft, and, after taking the shotgun (for which I had all the Canadian registration paperwork from multiple trips through the border) and running the serial number, eventually he only wrote a warning for ‘merging onto the highway too slow.’ Coincidentally the next night me niece was ticketed for ‘driving on the white line’ at the road edge, but she made a point of ‘giving him a piece of her mind’ which cost her $200.
    We don’t need ‘County Mounties.’ Our State Troopers do an outstanding job and deserve our every respect and support both legislatively and through the FRATERNAL ORDER OF ALASKA STATE TROOPERS, which accepts donations. Bureaucracy always brings corruption and territorialism with empire building. The Forefathers warned of entrenched government. Henry Ford, wrong on so many things, was right on with his opinion of government.

  20. RICHARD A ORTHMANN, Mongoloid is an outdated insulting term. People with Down Syndrome are decent respectable human beings, unlike the corrupt power-hungry vile wicked malevolent pond scum who demand for us to cower in fear at their very presence. Next they will place cameras in our homes to watch us 24/7 and speakers without volume controls to continuously broadcast their propaganda to convert us into good little obedient drones (Alexa? Google Assistant?). Remember, in a cesspool the worst of the scum rises to the top the fastest.

  21. Trump had a great opportunity to clean out the DOJ during his four years, unfortunately he didnt. The little, former senator from Alabama was almost invisible as AG. Then, Bill Barr came along and did…………..
    Now, we’re still stuck with the old Obama DOJ.

  22. Are they eluding laws made for liberty of freemen though. Suspending the Constitution is illegal.

  23. Well you voted in, and pay wages for that assembly down there too, how’s that working out for you.

  24. Breaking in a door on a murderer understandable, breaking in a door for a laptop Not so much.
    Then again remember who was always in charge for the below times:
    Ruby Ridge and Waco
    The Democrats with their Janet Reno and FBI….

  25. My bad, RINO New world Bush was in there for Ruby Ridge. That just shows you they’ll all do it to you, and both of those states have counties and sheriffs and their sheriff didn’t stop those FBI events, and many other FBI events we may not know about.

  26. The FBI supports federal law, the state patrol and the local sheriff and the city police, support state, county, and local law. If the raid were done with a federal warrant supported by federal law (for those of you who don’t know, federal means national law as opposed to state and local law), the FBI was doing its job. The unfortunate recipients of the FBI’s attention were suspects. Apparently there was enough evidence for the FBI to convince a federal judge to issue a federal warrant.
    I don’t suggest using an AR-15 with multiple 30 round clips as a response to an FBI warrant service. This can be highly life shortening. Plus, you will be accused of inappropriate behavior if you live through it. You wife will probably be SOL.
    You have the right to examine the warrant. It should stipulate the conditions of the search. Nothing that is not included in the warrant can be included in the search. The FBI will cuff you for their own protection. They can do this. They don’t know if you are a perp or an unintended consequence. If you are not being arrested, you will not be read your Miranda rights.
    I’m not sure what normal process is at the present time, but I remember being told by a Minneapolis policeman that if they searched you house and caused damage, they were not responsible for fixing it if nothing was found. I think the Huepers were probably lucky to get their door replaced.
    It doesn’t hurt to know your rights, but don’t make the mistake of protesting by claiming your rights are being violated. That can get you charged with resisting arrest, assaulting officers, etc., etc., or dead.
    Also, don’t forget not to talk to them. They are there to collect evidence. You are not obliged to provide it.

  27. A lawsuit against the FBI under the Federal Tort Claims Act seems like a viable option for the Huepers.

  28. Hi y’all… I’m a born and raised Idahoan… we have county’s.. I have always appreciated the protections under a County Sheriff… Our Sheriff’s are elected… They are men from our community… Which makes it nice… They are already known and active among us…. We will keep voting in a good Sheriff and vote out those we don’t think have our community in their best interest… We’ve had some Sheriff’s that have been in office for 20 years… And, others we replace as soon as possible…. It’s a pretty straight forward process… I think you folks in Alaska could benefit from a County system… It does provide an extra barrier of protection for the county’s citizens… I wish you the best of luck… I’m real sorry that this happened…

  29. These kinds of raids pertaining to the Capital riot on January 6th have been taking place everywhere. For example there’s been capital FBI raids in Pennsylvania, California, Texas, Florida, and other states who all have counties and sheriffs. A sheriff isn’t going to save you from this, just cost you more money in wages. Like Greg R said it’s federal, which means national, which means they can either be invited in or invite themselves in if state lines were crossed.

  30. It’s long overdue for the American Gestapo to start serving warrants with a doorbell ring and a bit of respect. Home invaders deserve to be shot, and it is perfectly reasonable to do so when strangers are busting down your door.

  31. If you like how the lower 48 operates, then you probably ought to be living down there, instead of up here. People always leave somewhere because they don’t like how it is, to only move and make the new place exactly into what they just left.
    It’s our state, we can handle it without the lower 48 butting in.

  32. Greg R., if they arrive with proper papers and knock on the door I would likely offer them a cup of coffee. If they are bashing the door in during the middle of the night the dogs will be going off and they will be met as home invaders (or a grizzly bear like took out the neighbor’s door and ended up dead half in-half out). Their choice. My neighbor is a State Trooper and he will be the first called (or the Feds could just ask him what’s in my house). And yes, I might end up like Jose Guerena (look him up) but I will protect my family from an unknown violent threat. No knock warrants violate the Fourth Amendment and we must push our legislators to work with Rand Paul to end them except for life endangering circumstances.

  33. If you create counties, you will then have to pay for sheriffs, deputies, clerks, treasurers, assessors, commissioners, and all the other staff and employees. On top of all that, You will still have to pay for your local police, and state troopers and all their staff and employees as well. We are fine, even Idaho has FBI raids happening within their counties.

  34. What I like about a Sheriff is that when Juneau writes a statute his main job will be to analyze it for US constitutionality and refuse enforcement when a crew gets into power who are suffering from severe personality disorders. Another layer to protect Alaskans from harmful, disordered, stupid, undereducated despots. They are always satisfied too early with their incomplete educations. Education infringes on their swaggering. They are always bored by the Constitution and have to get to a meeting.

  35. While I like the idea of a County Sheriff running the federal agents out of the county I cannot recall ever hearing of this actually occurring. Can Someone help me out?

  36. Randall Frank, I won’t contend the FBI was lawless in this case because I am not well-informed of the facts. However, I certainly would not contend that since “Merrick Garland ordered the raid” it was not lawless.
    Critical thinking please.

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