Bill to be heard in House Judiciary adds more protections for LGBTQ in housing, finance, and employment


Rep. Andy Josephson of Anchorage says passing his HB 17 “will strengthen Alaska’s statutory protections for one of Alaska’s fastest-growing demographic groups, make our state more attractive to workers considering a move from elsewhere, and continue Alaska’s position as a model for human rights advocacy in the US.” The bill adding protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer Alaskans will get a hearing in House Judiciary at 1 pm Monday.

HB 17 adds gender expression and sexual identity to protected classes covered by the Alaska Human Rights Commission.

It is illegal to discriminate against someone for the purposes of employment, finance, credit, or rentals due to their race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation/gender identity or expression, national origin, or physical or mental disability. The Human Rights Commission, however, doesn’t include LGBTQ matters in its portfolio of rights covered.

In order to start enforcing LGBTQ rights, legislation must pass that empowers the commission to investigate and adjudicate cases.

Not everyone thinks it is needed or desirable. The bill would allow the commission to investigate cases such as the Downtown Hope Center in Anchorage, which doesn’t allow biological men to sleep in the abused women shelter, shoulder to shoulder with women. If the Human Rights Commission says, for instance, the Hope Center must shelter transgenders or those who are not clear about their gender, that shelter will likely close, as it is a Christian facility and is there for the protection of traumatized women.

HB 17 will encourage discrimination against religious institutions or others who make decisions based on their religious beliefs, critics say. This may affect activities like personal services, pageants, and sports competitions, for example.

Documents with pro and con letters can be found at this link.

Co-sponsors of the bill are Democrat-aligned Reps. Grier Hopkins, Geran Tarr, Sara Hannan, Harriet Drummond, Cal Schrage, Ivy Spohnholz, Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, Andi Story, Liz Snyder, and Zack Fields. The bill has also been referred to House State Affairs Committee.


  1. Awesome. Keep creating more classes of victims, give them extra rights and make them dependent on your political party. While you’re at it, make them as anti-family and vindictive as humanly possible. Then get the other political party in a false competition of acceptance and affection for them. It’s brilliant. Well done Communists!

  2. Super assignation of rights to a minority of the population. This is discriminatory on its face because it assumes that LGBTQ are not represented well in the defined areas, and that they need laws for themselves that don’t exist for the rest of the population. Rights are universal for everyone under today’s standards, however by imposing the will of the few on to the rest of the population it allows for unfair sanctions and frivolous lawsuits against employers. These so-called protection laws are nothing more than ways for LGBTQ to shake-down and fleece employers, banks, and the government. Kill it!

  3. HB 17 is entitled: “An Act adding to the powers and duties of the State Commission for Human Rights;1
    and relating to and prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender2
    identity or expression.”

    They need to change the name to “An Act aimed at grooming elementary and preschool children into the LGBTQWTF lifestyle while at the same time destroying women’s sports in Alaska.”

    Truth in advertising is always necessary. Cheers –

  4. This is the last thing the alphabet people need. MORE special protection for their lifestyles. Not to mention injecting gender confused males into female sports. No, don’t think so. Women like me all over the nation are disgusted beyond words. I don’t care what kink you ascribe to. This bill needs to be knocked out… That is how you combat this garbage. Do not allow anymore of it! They are souless!

  5. Glenn Highway name change, state vegetable, pay raise for political hacks, housing purchase for political hacks, lgbtqwhathehell rights, …….
    Special sessions are coming to fruition as we stand by and watch

  6. Why doesn’t the legislature do what they want to do. Declare the Alphabet Gang is the pinnacle of social and moral creation.

    Proclaim they are better than the rest of us and deserve perks mere mortals not worthy of.

    Let’s just appoint RuPaul dictator for life and get it over with.

    When did society lose its mind and cede political and moral authority to less than 10% of the population?

    Our legislature is lucky to exist in this moment in time. Historically rulers this corrupt and arrogant tend to be deposed in ugly ways.

  7. “…sexual orientation/gender identity or expression, … doesn’t include LGBTQ matters in its portfolio of rights covered.”

    What? Sexual orientation, sex identity, sex expression doesn’t already cover LGBTQP matters? Let’s see if that’s true…

    Lesbian- sexual orientation
    Gay- sexual orientation
    Bisexual- sexual orientation
    Transsexual- sex identity and sex expression
    Questioned- sex identity
    Pedophile-sex expression

    Yep. Looks to me like every one of those is already covered under existing law. Should we also pass a law to list every single country of origin that we can’t discriminate against?

  8. What we really need is a law protecting Alaskans from discrimination on the basis of political beliefs. That’s where the discrimination is going on.

  9. Bills like this, even if they don’t pass or if they are vetoed, make a mockery of government, of Alaska and of the United States! If this doesn’t motivate conservative Alaskans to work for candidates in order to have them elected then we should throw in the towel; give the state to the teacher’s union and the Democrats. This bill clearly shows us why Alaska is in the sorry state that it is so far as educational performance, weak economy and too much government.

  10. How about we make Halloween a federal holiday and then make laws to coddle anyone who wants to dress as their superhero? This is what it sound like to me, really fn stupid.

  11. How about this, homosexuals? Go put your money where your mouth is. Create your own homosexual safe shelters through your own money and private donations. Gee l’wiz! Homosexual community are just as wastful about their money as the religious groups. It’s just like the wealthier tithers, they tithed the little amount out of their abundance and still had plenty of money left over. Well! The homosexuals are going to have to learn to give up their own luxury living to privately build and privately fund homosexual shelters.

  12. With everything going on in our country and the world, this absolutely unnecessary and damaging piece of legislation is getting a hearing? You have got to be kidding me! Legislation like this will be used as a bludgeoning tool families and businesses. Alaska, if you want to know how people that push this crap get into the legislature, look no further than their voter fraud system currently being exposed in the battleground states. There are 31 States including Alaska that use ERIC, The Election Registration Information Center, which is used by the states to cleanup voter rolls. ERIC is funded by George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg and other left wing donors. The purpose of ERIC is to clean voter roles but they are not doing that, it is identifying dead voters and voters who have moved from states (called Ghost voters) to build voter roles to be used by the left to fil out fraudulent fake ballots to stack the deck against conservative candidates. One State, Louisiana figured this out and removed themselves from ERIC’s services. Our elections system in Alaska and many other states has been compromised by corrupt politicians and elections officials on the payroll of people like Soros and Zuckerberg. To reclaim America, we must fix our election system. No mail in ballots except military and disabled voters (official absentee ballots), no electronic voting, special paper (watermarked & coded) & ink ballots only! Each voter must show valid I.D. and would get a receipt of how they voted with a time-date stamp and election official signature. Hold your elected officials accountable!

  13. 3% of the nation are homosexual. How about some protection for the other 97%? How about some protection for the girls in women sports that has to compete with a homosexual man that wakes up one day and decides he is a woman. Why is our state legislators wasting time on these type of bills when Alaskans are suffering from product chain slow downs, the incredible price of food and rising gas prices. Would you guys down there just do your job?

  14. It’s another typical Solution Looking for a Problem. The incessant catering to those whining for victim classification and the resulting benefits is exhausting and pathetic. The politicians pushing this, by all appearances, are doing so in an attempt to look like their saviors and thus garner more votes. The only class not protected are straight white males. Tell me I’m wrong.

  15. Everyone needs to scrutinize every word in this awful legislation. Just wait for a last minute amendment to be added to legalize a lower age for “consensual” sex, to maybe 11-13 like they have done in California! The real goal is to remove parental rights on all levels not just education. Then the sick pedofiles can legally have their way with our children. Everyone must have sovereignty over their own bodies and the bodies of their naturally born children. This legislation is a moral assault on families to shoe in the elite’s immoral NWO agenda! When Canada passed that ill children can be euthanized without parental consent that is a RED FLAG! This legislation is unconstitutional and immoral and any legislature that approves it should be removed from office!!!!!! We have enough unconstitutional legislation in Alaska already!!!! Including how judges are recommended to the Governor for appointment. We know what you corrupt politician are doing! We are watching carefully and you should know your judgment day is coming!!!

  16. Why is there no “H” in the LGBTQP classification? Why do they discriminate against Heterosexuals? Don’t they deserve equal rights too?

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