Big 42% turnout for Haines election

Haines, Alaska


Three seats were on the ballot for the Haines Borough Assembly on Oct. 4.  There were two three-year terms and one one-year seat.

In unofficial results, Gabe Thomas has been reelected to the borough Assembly. Also winning a three-year seat was Ben Aultman-Moore, who is a member of the Lynn Canal Conservation. Winning a one-year seat was Jerry Lapp.

The results keep a business-friendly mindset on the Assembly, not swinging it too far to the left or right.

  • Gabe Thomas – 547
  • Ben Aultman-Moore – 495
  • Jerry Lapp – 482
    Margarette Jones – 464
    Bill Jurewitz – 462
    Eric Holle – 439

For school board, the race is a bit closer, but initially it appears Keely Baumgartner will be seated. She is a Haines High School graduate and first ran for school board as a write-in in 2021.

  • Keely Baumgartner – 709
  • Michelle (Shelly) Sloper, incumbent – 693


In Skagway, Orion Hanson was reelected to the Skagway Borough Assembly and former Assemblyman Dan Henry was elected to a seat. Hanson is a builder and Henry owns Skagway Fish Company, a restaurant. Luke Rauscher, head mechanic at Alaska Excursions, was elected to the school board; he was unopposed.

Bond Proposition One passed, 278 to 200, authorizing borrowing up to $65 million to replace the ore dock through the Ore Peninsula Redevelopment Base Project.

Correction: An earlier version of this story showed a turnout rate for Skagway of 83%. That was due to the way the votes were shown on the official tally, which was misleading; the actual turnout is over 40%.


  1. I’m not crazy about their politics, but kudos to Skagway for caring enough to bother to vote.

    A lesson for the conservatives if there ever was one.

  2. Plus: Skagway Brewing has the best food in SE hands down. Haines makes a killer bourbon as well.

    I miss the conveniences in the Muni, but I wouldn’t trade SE life for any of it.

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