Biden’s Justice Department drops campaign finance charges against Sam Bankman-Fried


Democrat politicians of America are popping the champagne bottles this weekend. In a stealth move before the three-day New Year’s weekend, the Department of Justice quietly said it is dropping campaign finance prosecution of crypto-kingpin Sam Bankman-Fried.

To pursue the charges would have ensnared untold numbers of Democrat politicians and the Democratic Party itself. Now, the flow of hundreds of millions of dollars into Democrat causes and campaigns by one of the largest political donors this side of George Soros may never be known.

Bankman-Fried poured millions of dollars into almost exclusively Democrat political coffers, including the Alaska Democratic Party, which got the Bankman-Fried funds through a pass-through from the Democratic National Committee. The $9,750 slipped to the Alaska Democrats helped the party fight Alaska Republicans candidates so that Democrat Mary Peltola could rise to become Alaska’s lone U.S. representative.

Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski also was the beneficiary of some of the funds, but she donated the equivalent amount from her campaign to a family-associated nonprofit when the discovery about the Bankman-Fried criminal enterprise came to light.

In dropping the charges, the Biden Justice Department told U.S. District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan that evidence at another trial would duplicate the first trial and the FTX crypto victims would not benefit from restitution orders if sentencing in the first case is delayed. Bankman-Fried will be sentenced March 28 for defrauding his cryptocurrency customers and investors out of more than $10 billion.

Bankman-Fried donated $100 million during the 2022 midterm elections, including millions into dark money groups with his FTX crypto-customers’ funds.

Some of the groups were linked to Senate leaders including Sen. Chuck Schumer and Sen. Mitch McConnell.

Bankman-Fried was convicted in early November of seven counts, including wire fraud, wire fraud conspiracy and conspiracy.


  1. So, if I am complicit in a bank robbery but later when I realize that the crime has been discovered, ‘donate’ the stolen money should I then be absolved from the crime?

  2. Lisa must be rubbing Her legs together like a fly in glee! Now she will quietly get the money back from Her Sister and be able to use it to support more Liberal causes and Candidates. 😁

  3. Of course the US INJustice Department dropped charges!
    With this sociopath being well-connected to many radical leftist political forces, it was as predictable as the sunrise.

    (Being a tiny hat did not hurt him any, either, as it almost never seems to.)

      • Steve- O, perhaps Jefferson’s ” tiny hat” is a reference to a yamaka?
        I think ,if true he is inferring that Jews somehow have a get out of jail free card? This isn’t true in Netanyahu’s case however.

        So Jefferson, what’s a tiny hat?

        • Tiger,
          There are a number of commentators here who will tell you they aren’t antisemitic while repeatedly posting antisemitic comments, they are the kind of folk who will pee on your back and tell you it’s raining.

          • Steve-O, I believe that in this era far too many people are overly sensitive to racial and ethnic slights, whether intended or not. That said, until Jefferson responds we won’t know what his “tiny hat” comment was really about. I am willing to wait for his response before invoking the antisemitic moniker.
            I think in the end most people are prejudiced regardless of their race, it’s a tribal reaction and can only be overcome by one becoming civilized, this becoming civilized is a process that has it’s ups and downs, its good days and bad days. Perhaps we need to be discerning, understanding and a bit more forgiving? Seems everyone is offended about something these days!

            I appreciate your comments and want you to know that I too support Israel and will not ever support any candidate or party that doesn’t!

          • You seem to fancy that Jefferson (or others on the right) actually care what you think. Don’t fool yourself – seeking the approval of an online metrosexual hall monitor is way down our list.

            ‘Tiny hats’ has way more to do with woke online comment censorship policy. Comments directly critical of Jewish individuals are frequently not allowed to appear on MRAK or other ‘kosher conservative’ sites, so sometimes people use coded language instead of the ‘J-word’.

            IMO, online criticism of ‘Jews’ is just as valid as any other group, whether its Whites, Eskimos, blacks, the Homeless, Boomers, E-Thots, or ‘the Rich’.

            So what is your real issue? His opinions….or that he happened to be allowed to express them here?

          • Tiger,

            It’s fair for you to allow others to prove themselves to you, you are new posting here. I’ve seen enough comments from certain people here to know an antisemitic comment when I see one, especially from a commentator who is well known for making such comments.

          • Apu,

            I see you’ve deluded yourself to imagine that antisemitism and criticism are the same thing, they are not. If you are using code words to spread your message that is a sign that you must hide your thoughts instead of openly sharing them, that’s on you not those you are hiding from. I’d prefer that all people share their thoughts freely so that we know what others are thinking, the problem is that people who use coded language to hide their thoughts do not want others to challenge their beliefs that they know are wrong, hence the use of coded language.

            And just to be clear antisemitism is a leftwing ideology that has found a home in communism, fascism, and the left. Antisemitism is anathema to conservatism and classical liberalism, it has no place on the right.

          • Fishing, A yamaka is also known as kippah, a brimless cap, ( which is a good thing since it cannot be worn backwards like so many punks around here do).
            Happy that you got a laugh!

          • Tiger – The proper spelling is yarmulke. A Yamaka is a screed of Buddhist monk’s laws. Be pretty funny seeing a Jewish fella wearing a book on his head!

      • I said: “How droll”. But that wasn’t incisive enough. You? Oh, guys have natural privileges and exclamations other guys want to hear on the public square.

    • Bernie Madoff died in prison, but his shtick was exclusively ripping off other wealthy Jews. He single-handedly devastated a number of Jewish organizations with his Ponzi scheme before he was convicted.

      Samuel Bankman-Fried (on the other hand) was doing exactly what the government wanted. Crypto is a threat because it threatens the US Governments’ decades-long effort to end all forms of financial privacy, including the widespread use of cash. From their perspective, any type of electrical cash that is difficult (or impossible, see Monero) to trace needs to be nipped in the bud.

      SBF, a well connected creature of the left – set out to rip off billions from crypto enthusiasts, donate the proceeds to left wing politicians, and in the process providing the justification the government wanted to end privacy in crypto. Somehow I don’t believe he’s going to end up like Madoff – because the ‘real enemy’ in this scenario is actually the crypto and privacy enthusiasts.

  4. biden not only has become the same type of authoritarian despot that he has been accepting millions from over his political career.

  5. It gets better by the day. Sammy boy is a thief nothing more nothing less. Now the democrats have shown their colors. One thing I know for sure in this life is the chickens ALWAYS come home to roost. None of these democrats got away with anything. Their dishonesty will come back to haunt them forever. I’m
    Glad I’m not them.

  6. The blatant disregard for the law by these elite leftist disciples will eventually result in those of us that are operating responsibly in society to throw off the chains of government and revolt against this repeated constitutional fraud. The question of why one would adhere to laws that many are being allowed to operate outside of has become a very real dillema.

  7. Justice just doesn’t have the budget to go after him what with all the Jan. 6ers still out there and the ongoing Trump cases. They should drop the Hunter stuff also and concentrate on angry school board moms.

  8. “Biden’s Justice Department drops campaign finance charges against Sam Bankman-Fried”

    Of course. We can’t look into the massive campaign contributions he made- and to whom. That would make us look bad and we might even have to give the money back to the defrauded investors.

    Just like with the pedos. It’s always the mules- never the buyers.

    Can we have a new country please where the elites are not totally debauched and riven with corruption.

  9. Thank god we trained Lisa to always have a back-up plan when the heat comes down. If it wasn’t for our family non-profit 503(c) in which to sink funds into, our family would look like a bunch of crooks. Our adopted son, Scott Kendall, also comes through when we’re in a pinch. Scott helped our family make history by running the write-in campaign for Lisa in 2010 when Lisa got beat by Joe Miller in the Republican Primary race. And again Scott worked for us in 2022 with his RCV by keeping Kelly Tshibaka from winning a primary against Lisa. God and Scott Kendall works miracles for our family. And the Democratic Party too.

    • Yes, Nancy. Scott Kendall is like the son I always dreamed of. He keeps our last name as a legacy to all Alaskans. For the next 100 years. I could have never done it without him. We welcome Scott Kendall into our family.

    • Frankie, would you consider adopting Sam Bankman-Fried too? We could use the extra cash for our own retirement plans after Lisa gets too old and wrinkly to run again.

      • Frankie and Nancy, probably in wheelchairs now, if not in assisted living, are culpable parties to the Republican/Conservative divide in Alaska. They should have done the right thing in 2010 and told their daughter Lisa, “You got beat, fair and square by Joe Miller. It’s time to get out of the way.”
        But the quest for continued power and name recognition drives even the elderly into a manic state. Frankie and Nancy should be ashamed of themselves for cheating their namesakes into perpetuity. Picking their daughter as US Senator will be the curse of their own legacies.

      • Lisa is already old and wrinkly. She doesn’t need to run. Kendall gets paid by Frankie and Nancy to keep their daughter in office……
        No matter what …..

        • Sorry Nancy and Frankie. Once you get the Scott Kendall stink rolling around on you, it never comes off. Enjoy your lives.

  10. They don’t want anyone to see all the taxpayer money he laundered back to the libs and their cronies. Be a shame if they all took some bush flights.

  11. Republican politicians are also popping the champagne….Let’s call it what it is: a corrupt uni-party for sale to the highest bidder


  12. Select the most reasonable sentencing:

    – Firm spanking w/ the admonition to be a better boy, or

    – 100 years in Club Fed, or

    – A single pass through a wood chipper.

    It’s a tough call but one of them is both efficient and sends the correct message to future crooks. Alaska’s federal judges would choose to incentivize future generations of crook.

  13. Justice department drops charges on campaign contributions. This is so damn incriminating to the justice department and our politicians it’s infuriating. Gee whiz gomer I wonder what inspired them to drop the charges.??? Do our elite politicians think we are all stupid.??? I’m not and I’m pissed. They took dirty money from a crook.

  14. Criminals will always protect their own! The Biden administration along with the DOJ and FBI are collaborating to protect their criminal enterprise. You are currently living in a dictatorship where the innocent are prosecuted and the criminals run free. When will America see justice for the crimes committed against them and have the rule of law again? The insurrection did happen on January 6th, but not the one the MSM keeps jawing about. A criminal cabal run by Obama and the globalists collaborated to overthrow our government, steal an election and destroy our country! Hang on to your hat’s folks, 2024 is the end game. We either take back our nation or lose it forever! Trump 2024 or you will get more of the same lies you have been told for years trying to lull you back to sleep so they can corral you like sheep to the slaughter. Please wake up and know, your nation is at war! We either win this or lose our freedom forever! Alaska has its own fight with getting rid of RCV and voting machines. They are using the machines and RCV to manipulate your vote. We need a ground swell of support to completely reform our voting system.

    • Jeff,

      Seems like that might be more of a ‘you’ problem, others don’t seem to have the same issues that you do.

      • When others are similarly being silenced for their opinions, it is easy to claim that I am the lone voice here. When in fact it is you, among all the other posters here, who are virtually alone here in your obsessive, rabid and vitriolic defense of the corrupt and unhealthy relationship between Israel and the US.

        You consistently display every dysfunctional and dishonest trait of a radical leftist — the arrogance, the hypocrisy, the repetition of disinformation, and most of all the attacks on those who most strongly oppose the pro-establishment position. Yet you mendaciously dare to call yourself a “conservative”.

  15. We should spend the $9 million that the MOA Assembly is requesting for toilets on lobbyists instead. Under both scenarios downtown will remain a mess, but maybe we will get something good if we spend more money on swamp monsters.

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