Biden has Covid


President Biden, the oldest president in American history, has come down with the Covid virus. He has mild symptoms, according to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

“This morning, President Biden tested positive for COVID-19. He is fully vaccinated and twice boosted and experiencing very mild symptoms. He has begun taking Paxlovid. Consistent with CDC guidelines, he will isolate at the White House and will continue to carry out all of his duties fully during that time,” she said.

This is the first time Biden has tested positive for Covid-19, Jean-Pierre said. Biden is fully vaccinated and has had two booster shots His most recent booster was March 30.


  1. Biden will isolate in the White House?
    So, he is going to do what he’s been doing since he was inaugurated. Got it.

  2. Two ” vaccines and two boosters How can this happen ??
    Oh that’s right its not a vaccine at all
    I pray for all the triple and quadrupled jabbed
    ill stay a pureblood thank you very much

    • Jimmy, the vaccine and booster shots aren’t a guarantee that you won’t get covid. They will help you recover more quickly than if you didn’t have any covid vaccines/booster shot. Preventive medicine that works. There’s nothing that’s going to stop you from getting covid. Let’s pray for our President and stop the anti-vaccine chant. It’s time to move forward.

      • Prevent to me means it helps to make you feel better quicker. I had covid last summer and almost died. I was one of those people who thought I couldn’t get covid. I thought the vaccine was stupid. We can’t politicize covid. Take the medicine, get vaccinated do whatever you need to do. Let’s move on. Don’t forget to vote!

        • Christen, I am sorry that you were bamboozled into taking the mRNA gene therapy. I hope you don’t get boosted or stuck with anymore of these useless shots. You may want to check into who is dying from this latest version of Covid, it might surprise you. According to the Brit’s and other nations where actual reporting still takes place, it is the folks who have received the most jabs and booster jabs. Something about how these deadly jabs mess up your immune system? Who knew? Oh, there are therapeutics that work quite well in combatting Covid but your access to them was curtailed and the media applied a full court press to shame anyone from trying their use.
          Meanwhile, those who had Covid and were not Jabbed it turns out have a thing called Natural Immunity, according to every study done to date it’s 27 times better then taking the jab.
          And yes, Don’t forget to vote!

          • Mayor Dan,
            Several repurposed drugs that have been used to effectively treat Covid. One drug that has been around for about 60 years and the other for over 40 years. There is information available to support their use. Attempts to inhibit the use of therapeutics have been ongoing by the Centralized Governmental Authorities, who wanted you to consider but one option, a dangerous and untested gene therapy misnamed a vaccine. This Vaccine so called has been an abject failure by every standard. Imagine comparing the jab to the polio vaccine you received. Did you get polio after the shot? Know of any kids that did?
            Natural immunity for Covid exists, and yet the same authorities will not even consider it. Ever wonder why?
            Oh BTW, the handling of the Covid scam is very similar to how Fauci handled the AIDS crisis back in the 80’s, he refused to allow the use of repurposed drugs that actually worked in favor of a concoction that didn’t work and had harmful side effects. Go Figure…

      • Oh, ok.
        Get your booster.
        Why as BigPharma given legal immunity?
        Was the clinical trials resilts/info legally hidden from public view for decades.
        It’s not a vaccine you took – its experimental gene therapy.
        Do some research – the side effects have, are, and will ravage millions.
        Will you fall prey to the Monkey Pox propaganda?
        The incessant covid variant propaganda?
        No thanks.
        AK Pure Blood – for life…

      • > There’s nothing that’s going to stop you from getting covid.

        How quickly some forget. That was the very sales line less then 18 months ago. The “carrot” opposed to the stick of the “pandemic of the unvaccinated”? How did that work out? Look at all those VAERS reports accumulating. To name but another point of collateral damage. No worries. Pfizer’s quarterlies are looking great. They are so glad you are doing your part by spreading their pitch for free.

        It is stunning to me to read your post after so much empirical evidence to the contrary- especially over the last year. H. L. Mencken was right yet again. I guess you have tied yourself to the mast. Good Luck.

      • I find it ironic that Beijing Biden was telling everyone last year that unvaccinated would face a “severe winter of illness and death.” Well, I am unvaccinated & had a wonderful winter. I wish I could say the same for a lot of my vaccinated neighbors who are either dead, suffering from Long Term Covid or other serious complications, or in the hospital from the Covid “vaccine”. You are right though about one thing – it is time to move forward. Let’s start prosecuting the health officials and politicians who assured us that the Pfizer Covid vaccine was safe!

  3. I just wonder if his cognition has diminished so much that Covid is a handy excuse for hiding…just saying!!

    • Could be, Granny, but it would be great for Kamala Harris, who is just waiting to bump Brandon off.

      • No one wants that cackler in the Oval Office, not even the dems.
        This could also be a way of signaling the country – and the world – that the next lockdown is just around the corner, because you know that killer virus is going to haunt humanity for the rest of our lives.

  4. Yet more proof that the Covid debacle was a scam. Shots, boosters…all money to line the pockets of big Pharma and the good old Government. Yet the cold never changed. Because newsflash, there is no cure for a virus!
    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!

  5. The democrats want to make sure he isn’t around to run.

    Shots never worked, just weaken the immune system…

    • Pretty asinine comment here. Don’t suppose you can back up such gibberish about vaccines weaken the immune system. Throw us a bone here and try though. Heheh!

  6. What is more moronic, this idiot acting as the president of the corporation of the United States or the idiots who cheated him in? Come on people, if you believe anything coming from the cabal, you are dumber then they are.

  7. This is the guy who wears a mask, even when he’s alone. Outside.

    Awaiting the liberal media meltdown over Biden getting COVID. Expecting it to be every bit as long-lived and vitriolic as when Trump contracted COVID.

  8. WTF? He’s been isolating since the start of his 2020 campaign. Kamala Harris…….eat your heart out.

  9. Big deal! We are ruled under a president who can’t find his way around the West Wing, sniffs the hair of young under-aged girls, and needs an attendant to wipe his rear end. This is the man who Democrats helped put into the White House.
    This country is in sorry shape.

  10. To all the DINGBATS who pushed these useless therapeutic rip-offs (by quoting fake CDC/NIH data) — well done! Now wait for the other shoe to drop, the side-effects.

    The only lasting immunity, is immunity from litigation, given to the Pharma giants who made bank on your fear.

  11. I am anti covid vax but why is it that no one blames Trump for this? He pushed it through. He “saved” millions of lives by his own admission. He claims he is the reason the vaccine is out in public and being used. Time to wake up a little bit. I voted for Trump in round 1 and round 2. I will vote for him in round 3 if that’s my option but time to put a little blame on Trump. Fauci is evil. Biden is evil. Gates, Dorsey, Pelosi, Zuckerberg, etc. all evil. What about the guy that got the vaccine in to the hands of the pharmaceutical companies? He is blameless?

    • Trump doesn’t have a medical background.
      Like me or most, he had to rely upon those around him.
      And those around him were a pit of Vipers.
      With what information he had, he was forced to make decisions.
      And he did. He pushed everything as hard as it could be pushed.
      He did his best.
      But, I suppose most people missed all that.

    • You’re doing the same thing as SJCs judging the Founders by modern standards.

      Based on the info at the time, his vaccine push made sense. Both for health concerns and, frankly, to soothe a panicked citizenry. The science, like the virus, evolved.

      Many of us from the beginning were suspicious of the shot. Only reason I got it was it became a job requirement and my doctor thought it a reasonable precaution.

    • At the start, no one really knew what we were dealing with, so Trump relied on Fauci and others for guidance. He did vigorously promote therapeutics in addition to vaccines, and the media and so called experts ridiculed him. He was proven right in many instances.

  12. Again:

    Vaccines no longer work as advertised. If they ever did.
    Biden has had as many shots as possible and still got it.
    Masks and “social distancing” don’t work, never have.

  13. Brandon (along with his minions in the MSM) while campaigning in 2020: “The spread of Covid is all the fault of DJT. I’ll fix that!” Now: waiting to hear that Brandon would surely be sicker if he had not been jabbed with the two vaccine doses, plus the two boosters.

    One lingering symptom of the Wuhan lab virus is brain fog, which would be devastating for the lifelong public policy marvel who is now seated in the Oval Office. Oh, wait… This will become brain fog-Delta.

    By Divine direction one must solemnly pray for Brandon’s well-being. At the same time one may rejoice that our politicians are, like the rest of us, subject to the wages of sin – which means that the proud father of Hunter cannot remain in the Oval Office forever.

  14. “A pandemic of the unvaccinated,” the brain scrambled geriatric cried. I’m glad he got it, now he needs to explain how he got it since he’s fully vaxxed and boostered. Or is he?

  15. I hope the truth comes out and is believed about how this ailment was created. I hope the mrna patents and their owners come to light. I hope the ownership and relationships to monarchs pms and (foreign) agencies are told to Americans and this nation and the 🌎 can work on healing.

      • No horse de-wormer for Biden, he said it may interfere with his Cancer meds……………. you know, the cancer he caught from the windshield oil one morning in Delaware!

      • Well, he likely wouldn’t tell the public if he is taking Ivermectin, heh,heh! He already looks like an imbecile for his past comments on the unvaccinated. But then again, there is no shortage of imbeciles in the United States, is there Bill?

      • Boy the crazies sure come out of hiding when horse wormer is mentioned. Did these folks get scammed into investing in Ivermectin and have a garage full of the stuff?

        • Horses are mammals thus many medications can be used by both humans and animals. The testing for procedures are much less for animals but they still are basically the same, just renamed. Rimadyl is the animal version of Celebrex, Ibuprofen, and Aleve.

  16. No, never got scammed into you mRNA snake-oil either.

    DIRECT QUOTE from Crazy-Joe Biden on July 21

    “You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.”

    Mmmmm, how that working out for y’all Billy-boy?

  17. United we stand, divided we fall. It is time to restore all Constitutional Rights that have been usurped by the tyrants. Rather than continue to debate all the lies, we must unite and seek truth and justice. This was a scamdemic in order to perpetuate crimes against humanity and push the Great Reset. Why would we need to build back better? Did we have a worldwide disaster? Did we have a worldwide war? No this is all part of a decades old plan for 1% of the world elites to control the rest of the 99% of the world population. Klause Schwab, “You will own nothing and be happy.” How could this be accomplished? It would be accomplished through fear, propaganda, gaslighting, and lies, lies, lies. There is no climate crisis. It is ALL bullshit to make everyone scared. Wake up and start fighting the corrupt politicians, ogliarchs, and CEOS that all belong to the most corrupt organizations in the world, or World Economic Forum, United Nations, W.H.O. Time for Gates, Soros, Schwab, and thousands more of their minions to face the consequences for crimes against humanity.

  18. Who says all news is bad news?
    This is a welcome departure.
    At Joe’s age, and being pulled off blood thinners at his age, and with his history of aneurysms…
    We might just catch a break.

  19. “will continue to carry out all of his duties fully during that time,”

    1. Driving up the price of energy
    2. Encouraging illegals to pour into the country
    3. Standing by as inflation continues to bring skyrocket prices
    4. Emptying our Strategic Petroleum Reserve
    5. Ignoring rising crime and the drugs pouring into the country
    6. Making Putin insanely rich and more influencial
    7. Passing off the insane Green Fantasy as though it real
    8. Degrading our military with the clot shot and the sickness of woke-ism
    9. Allowing the Federal Reserve to print, print, print our currency until it’s worthless

    Joe is a busy guy.

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