Biden gets endorsement from Alaska Democratic establishment figures



Alaska’s Democratic establishment, led by former Lt. Gov. Fran Ulmer, has thrown its support to Joe Biden for president, saying that now is no time for “on-the-ground training.” That would be throwing shade on Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The group of Alaska Democrat centrists is evidently trying to bring more credibility to the Biden campaign in a state where Alaska Democrats went for Bernie Sanders by 82 percent in 2016, during the Alaska Democratic Caucus process.

That was when Hillary Clinton was the alternative, and Biden wasn’t on the ballot. The party didn’t really care, and awarded all the super-delegates to Hillary Clinton.

In a news release April 3, over 40 Alaska Democrats — some with household names — signed on to Ulmer’s letter of support for Biden. A few of the better-known names include:

  • Margo Bellamy, Anchorage School Board
  • Eric Croft, former Alaska state representative
  • Paula DeLaiarro, Ship Creek Group financial officer
  • Heidi Drygas, former commissioner, Alaska Department of Labor, under Gov. Bill Walker
  • Grier Hopkins, Alaska state representative
  • Selena Hopkins-Kendall, married to the former Walker chief of staff
  • Jim Lottsfeldt, Lottsfeldt Strategies
  • Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, Alaska state representative
  • Susan Ruddy, past president of Providence Alaska Foundation
  • Shea Siegert, campaign manager for Alaskans for Better Elections (jungle primary)
  • Mike Wenstrup, former chair, Alaska Democratic Party
  • Adam Wool, Alaska state representative

Political pundits asked MRAK if this is a repeat of 2016, when the Democrat establishment went against the will of Alaska Democrats, infuriating some of them who were hardcore Sanders supporters.

But more likely, according to other MRAK sources, this is simply Ulmer burnishing her credentials with the presumed nominee for the Democratic Party ticket, while looking for a way to get a presidential appointment, as she did under Barack Obama, who named her chair of the U.S. Arctic Research Commission in 2011. She had also been named by Obama to the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling. 

Missing from the list of Biden endorsers, however, are other heavy hitters in the Alaska Democratic Party that you’d normally see on a list like this, including John and Margaret Pugh, Bruce Botelho, Ralph Kibby, Kim Metcalfe, Jim Ayers, Mark Begich, Bob Weinstein of Ketchikan, Jan Wrentmore, Brian Rogers, Tony Knowles, Al Kookesh, Bryon Mallott, and Mike Navarre. Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz has not yet announced who he will back, but had earlier thrown his endorsement to Mike Bloomberg, before Bloomberg spectacularly dropped out.

Alaska Democrats taking part in the party’s first-ever caucus-by-ballot have until April 10 to get their ballots into the Alaska Democratic Party headquarters. After that, the party officials will count the ballots and delegates to the national convention will be awarded based on the results.


  1. To endorse Biden is to declare your own stupidity. He is lost in the senior sea of dementia. Everything and everyone supporting Biden has a hidden agenda. No way will he be able to handle the rigors of presidential leadership. The “hidden” agenda is becoming more obvious on a daily basis. The “pick” for his VP should explain all the leftist BS supporting Biden. That’s who will be president if by some freak of circumstances he should “win”. Otherwise, the democrats are lost in an ocean of deception, communism and disrespect for American citizens. For them, anything to achieve their goals, even if it destroys America. Biden is less than zero.

    • Ben Colder, you are right on the money.

      If Biden would somehow miraculously win the election, his party would soon remove him from office for incompetence to allow their VP to take over. In the meanwhile, there is jostling for positions of power within a potential Biden administration, however unlikely it is.

      There is no humanity and no wisdom in the Democratic Party, allowing an old man to be used as a pawn like this. Even his own family has forsaken him when they should have gently removed him from the public spotlight. But that has been obvious for a long time; Joe Biden is simply the latest manifestation of these deficits of character and morality.

    • Well, Biden never suggested windmills cause cancer did he? If Joe has early onset dementia, then Trump has been battling it for years. Covefefe? Heck, Trump just this year learned that people die from the flu. And this whole hoax thing… refusing to take any responsibility for it. Trump is toast. Too many people want to live in this country without some reality show contestant screwing it up every day.

  2. Sniffy Joe, your openly supporting this senile reject that’s clearly a pervert and attracted to young women and children, rubbing babies heads, sniffing all over young women and children and constantly has uncomfortable interactions on video that are at least sexual harassment if not sexual assault! Your as sick and messed up as he is, your names probably on the Winstien list of freaks too, hu?

    • And the grabber is your man.

      The guy who ran beauty pageants so he could sneak into the dressing rooms.

      The guy who admitted to sexual assault.

      And here you are accusing another man without any evidence of being a pervert?


      Biden might not be my first choice, but he’s a clear step up above Trump.

  3. Joe and Bernie, two passenger pigeons who watched the world pass under their branch, eating from the government trough and making messes on all below. RIP.

  4. The stupid team however it doesn’t matter since we will have 4 more years from our present leaders.

  5. This charade to keep a clearly mentally declining Joe Biden in the race is nothing short of elder abuse. He’s only being kept in this position to deny Bernie Sanders the nomination. It’s just a matter of time before the apparatchiks who control the DNC come up with a way to ease both Biden and Bernie out and install the person who best suits them, voters be damned.

  6. When did we ever expect the Democrats to be anything but hypocritical? I think that it is in their blood. Their “Golden Rule” seems to be “Do as I say, not as I do.”

  7. Fran Ulmer says that this is no time for on the job training… If she is talking about corruption and enriching one’self in politics, then yes Old Joe has no peer. If Fran is talking about maintaining a corrupted establishment then the Democrats have certainly cast their lot with Joe. Bernie will likely roll over once again, I had so wished for him to take his fight to the Convention, but now it seems that even the Convention is cancelled? How silly I feel for sending Mr. Sanders a donation. I wanted a 1968 repeat, but apparently the radicals from ’68 are now in charge of the Democratic Party and they sure as hell learned their mistake from way back then!

    • Wait, enriching oneself and corruption in politics is your measure, and you forgot, or just won’t to hold that ruler of yours up against Trump.

      I see.

      • Bill, please connect the dots for me. You have just made an accusation about Trump using his office for monetary enrichment. Have you any proof?

  8. Fran + K = Frank, as in Murkowski, the half-wit who kicked Fran Ulmer’s a$$ in a 2002 race for governor, then placed his daughter, Lisa, a quarter-wit, into the US Senate. That, would make Fran Ulmer less than a half-wit, but possibly somewhere north of a quarter-wit. And we Alaskans are led to believe that Fran’s endorsement of Joe Biden is going to move us towards Uncle Joe? Get real. Fran Ulmer needs to resolve her own issues regarding dementia. She forgot to remember that Alaskans turn their noses at failed politicians. Goodbye, Frannie.

  9. Well as Alyssa Milano was quoted as saying “men deserve due process”. Funny how the liberals/Democrats don’t feel that way when it pertains to one of theirs, but if it is a conservative he is guilty until proven innocent.

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