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Biden begins reversing eased-up, Trump-era shower head regs

The Biden Energy Department has begun the process of reversing yet another rule from the Trump Administration. This time, it involves shower heads.

The new regulations being discussed will likely go back to the Obama-era limits of no more than 2.5 gallons flowing through a shower head per minute, regardless of how many nozzles it has. There will be a public hearing on the rules change in August.

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The National Energy Act, prior to Trump’s action, required that shower head manufacturers installs flow restrictors in shower heads. For those living in areas with low water pressure, the flow restrictor can end up leaving a mere drizzle of water foaming from the shower head. People can remove those restrictors if they know how.

The previous shower head rule was an example of government over-regulation that annoyed former President Donald Trump. In his administration’s set of regulatory rollbacks, energy standards for clothes washers and dryers were also relaxed. Those rules were just finalized in December.

The Department of Energy will hold a webinar on the proposed change on from 1-4 pm on Aug. 31.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Just something else to waste government time and tax dollars, which is easily defeated by even just about the least ingenious.

    Oh my, water is used and gone forever! And in addition to removing the restrictor it is nice to drill it and all the shower holes out to a decent size. But the pencil (probably mechanical) pushers doing this likely have never worked a day in their lives nor really gotten dirty.

    I challenge them to a day in the cow barn and then take your wimpy little shower.

  2. Here’s a government regulation work around. usually the restrictor is located right where you screw your hose onto the shower head it’s usually a small piece of white plastic you can simply pull out with a set of needle nose. if that still isn’t enough water pressure for you purchase and old style metal shower head pull the restrictor an drill all the holes a size or two bigger on the shower end, this may also work with the plastic heads but I would use caution so you don’t drill to deep and ruin it.

  3. Seems easy enough to bootleg or make showerhead(s) one wants, share how-to plans on the internet.
    Millions of illegal aliens, tons of made-in-China fentanyl smuggled openly over America’s borders, but Biden Inc.’s gonna bag them made-in-China showerheads.
    Dumb bast… (hey!) what’s next? Nationwide car-wash shutdowns?
    Too bad Alaskan people gotta solve the problem themselves, without congressional support on this, or much of any damned thing else that favors Americans in general or Alaskans in particular.
    How about like, a protest? Totally… no more showers like forever!
    Then (perfumed) mask mandates might not be such a bad idea.

  4. I am pretty sure the federal government doesn’t regulate silly stories like this one or the odd comments (including mine), about this silly story.

  5. Which is why the Constitution LIMITS the Federal Government. It is time for the States to rest control, where needed, from the D.C. swamp! The Federal Government is out of control and not enforcing our immigration policies, purposely driving our taxes and living expenses up killing our economy, working with our enemies, attacking our children with CRT & Vaccines. ENOUGH! Where is Dunleavy? He needs to give Biden the middle finger!

  6. We know what “brain stage” Biden is in; this is probably dictated from Kamala or some of his other dictators… who cares..??.

    • What’s about the rest of America where huge swath of people living in extreme drought. Do you pay attention.

      • What about we’re not in a drought here? What about the on-demand (high efficiency) water heaters that won’t ignite because of the low flow? Consequences, put progressives don’t comprehend consequences.

  7. I remember when we first bought our house, we couldn’t get enough water pressure through the showerhead. Kept turning up the pressure, until we realized the showerhead had a “governor.” We removed it and haven’t had a problem since.

  8. Thank goodness Biden reversed the stupid former guy’s decision that was based solely on his selfish needs. We are experiencing massive drought throughout the West that will only get worse as our atmosphere continues to warm and the jet stream slows down. The shower heads are an easy implementation to help with water conservation and do not impact the shower experience. I have very thick curly hair, water pressure is important to me and I can still wash my hair just fine with the water conservation shower heads.

    • Ha ha ha ha ha! And you are welcome to bathe in the toilet tank and then reuse the water to flush (I knew a hippie who did that to save the earth, and only flushed once daily). But don’t put your holier-than-thou sanctimony on us. This is kind of a free nation still and some of us still get dirty and need a good shower, not a mist. And if you are so worried, recycle your water to a gray water system.

    • Well, not everyone can, as my above comment indicates. Alaska isn’t feeling a drought, yet the Feds want to subject us to drought standards. Typical. So much for freedom.

    • Many have plowed up their own backyards and now would like to instruct the rest of us on how you can best be helped. I’m all about you and will stop taking showers entirely in your honor.
      Is that thick curly hair on your back?
      Fix your own self-inflicted problems, goofball.

    • This I just never figured out. Water is a closed system. It doesn’t just leak into space and disappear. Some places have too much and others not enough. It depends on where you are, your locale’s relationship to the sun and the tilt of the planet. The south-western US states have been arid for as long a human memory recalls . The only reason they have sufficient water for their populations at all, is because of reservoirs like Lake Mead or Lake Powell and diverting it from more moderated climates in in the north. This one size fits no one attitude does not accomplish anything. It displaces the local responsibility for water conservation where indicated and really does not solve the problem of overpopulation for the amount of water available.

    • “……..We are experiencing massive droughts throughout the West…….”
      Thank God I don’t live there. I left California nearly 50 years ago and shook that desert dust off my feet as I ran. No shortage of water here, and since I have a well, it will be a while before the government will be shutting my water access off.

  9. This isn’t California. Maybe the feds ought to focus on national and international issues and leave our toilets and showers to us. Besides, the first thing I do after buying a shower or faucet is to remove or drill out the low flow restriction. Until they create a plumbing agency like the ATF regulates firearms, I won’t even bother flipping them off.

  10. GREAT, now I need to learn Spanish, “The Black National Anthem”, how to ration my food… AND learn to bath with just a cup of water…

  11. There’s one shower head that doesn’t require you to remove the flow restrictor / regulator to get a good spray. It works great even when you have very low water pressure (25-30 psi) at the shower arm.

    It’s made by a small company in the California mountains, High Sierra Showerheads. Its nozzle splits water into two streams, then collides them together to make a droplet spray that pours out of a single, large opening.

    The company’s owner invented it as a hose-attached nozzle for watering golf greens.

  12. My Navien on demand works great. Uses 1/2 the gas too. Guess that makes me a progressive. Not a hard concept to consider that kohler, Moen etc doesn’t make products exclusively for the AK market.

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