Biden Administration: Russia is committing war crimes


A formal memo from Secretary of State Antony Blinken says Russia is committing war crimes by deliberately targeting civilians across Ukraine and committing atrocities against children.

“Since launching his unprovoked and unjust war of choice, Russian President Vladimir Putin has unleashed unrelenting violence that has caused death and destruction across Ukraine. We’ve seen numerous credible reports of indiscriminate attacks and attacks deliberately targeting civilians, as well as other atrocities. Russia’s forces have destroyed apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, critical infrastructure. civilian vehicles, shopping centers, and ambulances, leaving thousands of innocent civilians killed or wounded. Many of the sites Russia’s forces have hit have been clearly identifiable as in-use by civilians. This includes the Mariupol maternity hospital, as the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights expressly noted in a March 11 report. It also includes a strike that hit a Mariupol theater, clearly marked with the word — [Russian word for children] —— in huge letters visible from the sky. Putin’s forces used these same tactics in Grozny, Chechnya. and Aleppo, Syria, where they intensified their bombardment of cities to break the will of the people. Their attempt to do so in Ukraine has again shocked the world and, as President Zelenskyy has soberly attested. ‘bathed the people of Ukraine in blood and tears.’

“Every day that Russia’s forces continue their brutal attacks, the number of innocent civilians killed and wounded, including women and children, climbs. As of March 22, officials in besieged Mariupol said that more than 2,400 civilians had been killed in that city alone. Not including the Mariupol devastation, the United Nations has officially confirmed more than 2,500 civilian casualties, including dead and wounded, and emphasizes the actual toll is likely higher.

“Last week, I echoed President Biden’s statement, based on the countless accounts and images of destruction and suffering we have all seen, that war crimes had been committed by Putin’s forces in Ukraine. I noted then that the deliberate targeting of civilians is a war crime. I emphasized that Department of State and other U.S. government experts were documenting and assessing potential war crimes in Ukraine. Today, I can announce that, based on information currently available, the U.S. government assesses that members of Russia’s forces have committed war crimes in Ukraine.

“Our assessment is based on a careful review of available information from public and intelligence sources. As with any alleged crime, a court of law with jurisdiction over the crime is ultimately responsible for detennining criminal guilt in specific cases. The U.S. government will continue to track reports of war crimes and will share information we gather with allies, partners, and international institutions and organizations, as appropriate. We are committed to pursuing accountability using every tool available, including criminal prosecutions.”


  1. Isn’t this great. While VP, Biden sent his crack-head kid to Russia to peddle influence. Now Biden is totally compromised with the Russians and all he can do is whine about “war crimes”. His weakness and the fact that the kid took money and “stuff” (like diamonds) from the Russians along with his idiotic green energy policy that put huge money into Putin’s check book is why Putin invaded Ukraine. Biden is Obama’s organ grinder monkey. Thanks, Democrats; great job.

    • “Whine about war crimes”? Are you not concerned about Putin’s war crimes? Has your anti America ideology trumped evidence?

      • He’s correct, mister whataboutism!

        Clueless idiots on the left caused this, meddling with Ukraine under the Obama regime and “installing” this buffoon Zelensky who pushed-pushed-pushed and prodded the Russian bear, until y’all got mauled.

        To add insult to injury, after pulling the same stunt stateside, and “installing” another compromised/incompetent fool, L.G. Brandon, you’ve effectively doubled your odds of world war three.

        Well, friggin’ done– what a bunch of numpties you lot are, you cannot see the wood for the mismanaged forrest.

  2. Duh.

    Pity Grandpa set this all in motion.-Exhorting Ukraine to protect his kid (and his kickbacks),
    -lifting sanctions on Russia, unblocking the Nord Stream 2,
    -crippling our energy production
    -being an incompetent fool.
    -being hesitant to arm Ukraine
    -and on and on it goes.

    Yes, Putin is the villain. But Grandpa Sniffy enabled him.

  3. We are so scared of Putin that all he has to do is mention his nuclear weapons in order to do whatever he wants. He could be sending Ukrainians to death chambers (he sort of is doing that) and we would just call him names. So long as he can sell oil to anyone our sanctions are a joke on us. Ukraine took our word in the deal that had them give up their nuclear weapons, and now no one will take our word again. Obama drew a bright line and told Putin not to cross it (in Syria); of course Putin immediately crossed it and Obama did nothing. If war with Russia is in the offing we should not tiptoe into it by first backing down. Backing down from a bully never works.

    • You’re right, Kubota. Backing down from a bully never works. Putin knows this, and is acting accordingly.

  4. “The humanising of war? You might as well talk about the humanizing of Hell!…… The essence of war is violence! Moderation in war is imbecility!”. – Admiral John Fisher

  5. Obama and Biden bear responsibility for some of this. They put in place a very bloody coup against an elected Ukrainian government in 2014. There were a lot of independent journalists over there and they were filming everything. I still can see some of the beastliness from that awful time in nightmares. The Right Sector was one of the main groups and they took over from real protestors and burned people alive in some of the buildings in Odessa. Their stated objective was to kill as many Russians as possible. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland was there and was caught in a phone conversation with Ambassador Priatt discussing who they were going to place in charge of the government. It ignited a civil war between the two Russian Oblasts that had been added to the Ukraine by Khrushchev in 1956 and the former Ukraine area. That civil war was was still going on when the Russians invaded. Invasion and war don’t solve problems, they just make things worse. So does meddling in other governments. Nuland is again in charge of that area under the Biden administration. Nothing of this can bode any good for the real victims, the Ukrainians.

  6. Sleepy Joe and the neocon idiots in his administration had better put their big boy pants on quickly before they crater the American economy. All wars are “war crimes”, including ours proxy wars. Of more immediate concern to the American public is the blowback from Biden’s ill advised sanctions against Russia which are expected to lead to hyper inflation of more than 35% by the end of the year in the USA if not checked. On Monday Russia announced that all Russian oil & gas exports will need to be paid for in Russian roubles, effectively making the rouble a defacto reserve currency. Russian energy supplies over 40% of the needs of the UK & EU. This move will make the rouble stronger & the dollar weaker. This is a serious economic development at a time when we have a demented, corrupt & inept President & administration.

  7. The current corporation of the United States of America is not our American Government nor is Biden the President of America, he is the President of the Corporation. Anything this administration says is mute. Why do you think let’s go brandon is speaking at the UN? If Putin was invading Ukraine why didn’t the UN mass in Ukraine? They have not gone into Ukraine because Ukraine is not part of the UN. Ukraine is a territory of Russia. Puttin is just getting out the NWO that is residing in Ukraine.
    Russia and China are off the fiat dollar with gold and precious metal backed currency. The Federal Reserve note which is not backed by anything will disappear when Nasara/Gesara is implemented.

  8. There is one way that Russia could save face. They could hire George W. Bush as a spokesman. He could swear, on their behalf, that Ukraine is harboring Weapons of Mass Destruction. It would be truer now than it was in 2003. – M.John

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