Best practices for shaking off coronavirus are simple ones




In addition to the safety practices suggested by the CDC and Alaska’s chief medical officer, here is what I believe is also good practice in advance of the first case of COVID-19 here in Alaska. 

First, build your immune system, take your vitamins, zinc, selenium etc. If you don’t know, have a blood test and see where you are deficient and build yourself up.

Increase your lung health, get outside, breathe, exercise and use this as an incentive to stop smoking.

Make sure your prescription medication is on hand and effective, talk to your doctor in advance. Since I have underlying asthma, I am making sure to get inhaler prescriptions. I’m stocking additional over the counter cold and flu medications as well.

Stay informed, as this is an evolving situation. The more we learn from high-quality source,s the more we can take care of ourselves and others.

According to Alaska’s chief medical officer, there is some who theorize that small children may not get the coronavirus due to the fact that they are swapping the lesser strains of the virus constantly.

Don’t be afraid to hug your young kids and grandkids. Might help. 

So rest up, boost your immune system, evaluate your health needs, take care of yourself, take a walk, educate yourself, take your vitamins, and hug a child.

As I continue to go about everyday life, this is what I am going to do. In fact it’s what I always should be doing. Now that I think about it, it doesn’t sound that bad at all.

There are currently no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Alaska, and the State is updating this info daily. You can track the number of cases in Alaska here.

On the legislative side, I sit on Legislative Council and we will meet Tuesday, March 10, to appoint an emergency response/preparedness subcommittee to come up with a response plan.

We are taking the COVID-19 virus seriously and will be making preparations and putting contingency plans in place to address it, in the event that it surfaces in Alaska. I will keep you posted.

Here is a link to the State of Alaska’s statement of best practices. 


  1. Where is the Commissioner of Health & Social Services?? This is a subject matter specific to Public Health which was as I understand was his major at an Ivy league College. Time to step up and lead from the front, not the rear.

  2. Too bad the samples have to be mailed and take 6 hours to test. Then kiss 2 weeks goodbye. There are cases here. “It’s just a bad cold.”

  3. Hug a child?


    You mean make contact with people incapable of following any PPE protocols? Right after they’ve licked every handrail? Okay, as long as we’re isolated together.

  4. Staking your health on taking medical advice from a legislator untrained in the medical sciences of infectious disease is about as smart as taking medical practice advice from an anti-vaxxer.

    Seek professional advice, the rest is not in your best interests to follow.


    No, he’s demonstrably unfit to lead in this or any situation.

    Have a good look at his record.

    • “No, he’s demonstrably unfit to lead in this or any situation.”
      You made statement you back it up.

      • All you have to recognize that we did nothing at all for 10 weeks.

        We restricted testing so we don’t know who has the disease or where they are.

        You know how to search the internet, I’m guessing, so just look up how badly he failed as a governor when faced with an epidemic.

        As far as any more proof you need, that’s coming every day as cases double every day.

        Trump and Pence should have gotten out ahead of this, but no. They denied it was a problem. They dismantled the response organizations we had that were designed to address pandemics.

  6. Delana, love your light humor, in the face of stupid panic! TP run? Really, TP for a respiratory disease? LOL!

    I see above some people that just can’t see humor. Oh, that’s right. The left is devoid of humor that is why they go nuts when we use humor on them and in response to their attacks! God I love humor!

    • Yeah, boy

      Unnecessary death and suffering is so funny.

      Let’s just see if we can’t ‘joke’ our way through.

      It’s only family members dying anyway.


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