Bernie adds more delegates


A Democrat-Socialist movement is growing out of the Democratic National Committee, with the party’s current standard-bearer Sen. Bernie Sanders taking a preliminary 37 percent of the delegates in Nevada, followed by Joe Biden at 24 percent, and Pete Buttigieg at 18 percent. Elizabeth Warren didn’t qualify for a single delegate from Nevada.

Sanders has won at least 13 delegates so far from Nevada, with 50 percent of the caucus votes counted. Nevada Democrats will send 48 delegates to the National Convention in Milwaukee Wisconsin, of which 36 are pledged delegates that come from the results of the caucuses. Hours after the caucuses closed, the results were not yet tabulated.

The difference from 2016 is striking. In that year, Hillary Clinton won 20 delegates with 52.64 percent of the caucus vote, and Sanders won 15 delegates, with 47.29 percent. His win this year is a stomping of the competition.

Here are the apparent totals for delegates so far (will be updated when Nevada is totaled):

  • Bernie Sanders: 34
  • Pete Buttigieg: 23
  • Joe Biden: 8
  • Elizabeth Warren: 8
  • Amy Klobuchar: 7
  • Michael Bloomberg: 0
  • Tom Steyer: 0

At the Democratic National Convention, a candidate will win the nomination when a simple majority (1,991 out of 3,979) total pledged delegates support the candidate.

The next Democrat debate will be Feb. 25, hosted by CBS News BET Twitter Congressional Black Caucus Institute.

The next primary is in South Carolina on Feb. 29. It’s a state that Biden has polled well in, but observers expect the momentum will shift to Sanders.


  1. I love Bernie. As near as I can learn, before he became an elected official in Vermont and per Wikipedia: “… he worked as a carpenter, filmmaker, and writer who created and sold ‘radical film strips’ and other educational materials to schools.” I guess this means that he has been and forever will be a professional politician. Seems like the perfect guy to completely re-order the U.S. economy. As President of the United States and an avowed socialist, what could possibly go wrong?

  2. Gee, I like him too. He intends to take my guns, and once he has them he wants my money. Anyone working hard is creating inequality, so of course the earnings belong to the government. Who can disagree with that? What a wonderful candidate. Honestly, Bernie may be the most transparent Democrat running for office anywhere in America today – except he is not a Democrat. In that same spirit of transparency he will get some of my guns, then we will talk about the rest of my guns at his house, and at the houses of his henchmen. Yes, he may eventually get those guns too, but those guns will be hot and empty when he gets them, and many of his henchmen and their families will bloody and dead. Bring it on Bernie!

    • You gunnutz crack me up! I always ask, why wait? LaPierre will give a posthumous badge and free NRA memberships for what’s left of your family – for life! However, your AR 458 Socom will be retired….

  3. Hope Sanders wins the Democratic nomination. Trump against a Commie will guarantee the White House to Republicans for the next five election cycles. How much fun is this?

    • Isn’t it something that all a Democrat had to do is say the word, “free,” and an instant following ensues. Bernie is the Pied Piper of government free stuff.

    • I agree with your basic conclusion but fear that the current President might do something so bizarre that we could elect a communist. And that is chilling.

  4. Speaking of Bernie, I saw a good one today.
    Question: “What did socialists use for light before candles?”
    Answer: “Electricity”.

  5. Free and freedom are not the same.
    Do you want free stuff and no choices.
    Or do you want freedom and personal responsibility.
    I choose Freedom.
    Vote republican.

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