Bernadette Wilson named interim executive director at Alaska Policy Forum


Alaska Policy Forum, a conservative think tank associated with the State Policy Network, has tapped well-known politico Bernadette Wilson as its interim executive director.

Wilson takes over the lead role at the think tank after CEO Bethany Marcum moved over to lead the Americans For Prosperity Alaska group, which is a conservative grassroots action organization. Wilson was the state director for Americans for Prosperity until parting ways with the group in April. Marcum was hired by AFP in July.

In essence, the two women have swapped positions with AFP and APF.

Wilson has a deep political background in Alaska. Gov. Walter Hickel, her great uncle, served twice as governor of Alaska and was the Secretary of the Interior. Wilson also hails from Aleut heritage and is an established business owner in Anchorage, owning and operating Denali Disposal. She has hosted television and radio shows, and worked on local and statewide elections, including statewide ballot measures. Wilson has worked in candidate recruitment, strategy, policy, advocacy, and campaign consulting. Her time at Americans for Prosperity was a time of growth for the Alaska chapter.

“Speaking for the board, we want to warmly welcome Bernadette as our interim executive director. Alaska Policy Forum has stood on front lines in the advancement of an Alaska that continuously grows prosperity by maximizing individual opportunities and freedom,” said Alaska Policy Forum Board Chair Dave Miller. “Bernadette has demonstrated through years of capable leadership and service that she is a champion of that shared vision. She has not wavered and has been willing to take the hard stand when the easy out was available.”

The mission of Alaska Policy Forum is to empower and educate Alaskans and policymakers by promoting policies that grow freedom for all. The nonprofit works on issues concerning state budgets, education policy, health care, defined benefits, and more. It publishes public payroll data, public school performance reports, and budget analyses.

State Policy Network, which is the national tie-in for Alaska Policy Forum, is a nonprofit organization that serves as a network for conservative and libertarian think tanks focusing on state-level policy in the United States.


  1. So glad to see her back in business. Since APA grp didn’t want her anymore.. After she has done so much for us.. She stands up for US..not for the “other “politics.

  2. She’s the reason conservatives get no where in Alaska. Consulate swamp creature. Member of Alaskas aristocracy. Riding the Hickel coat tails for so long, that coat disintegrated a long time ago, and now her a** has a road rash.

  3. Harem, definition look it up. No diversity in the diversity and it doesn’t matter what political party it’s the same family, they’re running things from NANA, The Polar Institute, First Alaskanas, The Rasmuson Foundation and the Alaska Native Heritage Center and the Alaska Community Foundation and Alaska Public Media. It’s all Hensley all the time, it’s a hijacking of culture for their personal gain. It’s all antitrust. The Hensley’s had a hand in this… I call it the Hensley Harem!

  4. Bernadette, congrats on the appointment to CEO of the Alaska Policy Forum. Bethany Marcum has helped lead the Forum in the past 5-plus years into the next level. I know with your enthusiasm and energy the Forum will excel.


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