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Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Berkowitz cracks down on masks, not rampant crime



There’s a theory floating around by some infectious disease specialists that COVID-19 is losing its virulence, potency, and ability to kill.

The media doesn’t typically like good news so many of you may not have heard of this. Media types may be reluctant to report on such things, worried you’ll stop wearing a mask, stop distancing, or stay home. They’d prefer you remain in a fetal position in the corner of your bedroom shivering and shaking, terrified the coronavirus will get you next.

Most media types lean left. If we know anything about leftists it is this: they don’t trust you and have appointed themselves your protector and are constantly trying to save you from yourself. Google “Anchorage Rep. Jennifer Johnson, dividend check, and Bush, Alaska.” You’ll see what I mean.  

The media fearmongers are trying to get us all worked up about the increase in COVID-19 positive tests. 194,190 tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday, June 16. That was the highest number of positive tests in one day so far. 

But it’s important to note that also on that Friday, the COVID-19 daily death rate was close to half of what it was globally at its peak two and a half months ago on April 17. On that day, the virus killed 8,470 souls in one day. The global daily death toll average has decreased considerably since its peak on April 17.

We’ve gone from a one-day high death toll of 8,470 to Friday’s number of 4,893. And that number has consistently dropped over the past two and a half months despite positive tests steadily increasing.  

We still have too many fatalities and each one is a tragedy. But the important point is many more are testing positive and yet the daily death toll continues to plummet. I’m sure you haven’t read that in the Anchorage Daily News or heard it reported on KTUU.  

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We are also seeing the declining global COVID-19 daily death rate in America even though positive tests continue to rise here too. On Friday, a whopping 47,341 people tested positive for the coronavirus in America. That was the highest total in our country of positive tests so far. Compare Friday’s 47,341 positive tests to June 1, when 22,420 tested positive in one day. Positive tests have doubled this month thus far. 

The daily COVID-19 death toll peaked on April 21, when 2,749 died of the virus that day in America. On Friday, the day the U.S. saw the most positive tests to date, the CDC reported 663 deaths from the coronavirus. That’s a 75% decrease in the COVID-19 daily death toll from its peak on April 21 in the U.S. 

Some may argue the increase in positive tests may eventually lead to the daily death toll going back up. But Italian Dr. Alberto Zangrillo says the virus’ potency has diminished compared to when it hit his hospital earlier this year. Zangrillo was right in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak when it overwhelmed hospitals in Milan, Italy. 

“In reality, the virus clinically no longer exists in Italy,” Zangrillo told Reuters News service. “The swabs that were performed over the last 10-days showed a viral load in quantitative terms that was absolutely infinitesimal compared to the ones carried out a month or two months ago.” 

Dr. Matteo Bassetti, a Yale graduate and one of Italy’s most prominent infectious disease experts agrees with Zangrillo.  Bassetti described the virus as an aggressive tiger dwindled into a wild cat.

“Even elderly patients, aged 80 or 90, are now sitting up in bed and they are breathing without help. The same patients would have died in two or three days before, “said Bassetti. 

14 Alaskans have lost their lives to the coronavirus, four out of state. All four of the ones who died out of state were residents living out of state in long-term care facilities.

So, that means Alaska has had one in-state COVID-19 death since May 9, which is 49-days ago. The last COVID-19 fatality was a patient at the Providence Transitional Care Center in East Anchorage. Close to 40% of all U.S. COVID-19 related deaths came from nursing home and long-term health care facilities. 

As of this writing, 883 Alaskans have tested positive for the virus. 348 patients are still active, with the rest recovered.

As of Sunday there were a total of 7 people hospitalized in Anchorage hospitals suspected of having the coronavirus. Anchorage has 1,100 hospital beds with close to 40% empty. The city has 121 ICU beds, more than half are empty.  (These numbers are dynamic, changing daily).

Meanwhile, Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz is using the full force of government to require you to wear a mask.

This, from a leader with the propensity to target drivers going three miles over the speed limit and soak them with costly tickets. He’s the same guy who gives a pass to the drug- and alcohol-addicted to trespass, defecate, publicly fornicate, and steal to support their habits. Berkowitz also does not seem interested in arresting the drug dealers who prey on the ever-growing addicted living on the streets of Anchorage. 

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Berkowitz’s so-called “emergency order” requires people to wear masks beginning Monday. You must wear a mask at restaurants, grocery stores, salons, and while riding on public transportation. The mayor did not specify whether, while wearing a mask at a restaurant, you would have to reapply it between bites and sips of your wine. 

As mayor, Berkowitz has looked the other way as street people live a lawless existence destroying their own lives and ruining neighborhoods they invade and occupy. The mayor describes them as victims as he virtue signals his compassion which is nothing more than disguised cruelty. 

But get caught without a mask? Berkowitz transforms into Wyatt Earp. 

Dan Fagan hosts a radio show on Newsradio 650 KENI from 5:40 to 8 A.M. 

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • You are making a serious mistake, doing the very thing ( making your opinion fact ) that you accuse the left media of doing.

    This is a true emergency, not political, if you make it political, risking others lives, you will lose all integrity as a journalist.
    The reason we are safe is because we acted quickly, don’t screw it up now

    • You are so correct. Fan did exactly what he was preaching against. I don’t like that. Timers we have plenty off.

      • Tell how the Kool Aid tastes.

    • How do you know this is a true emergency, different from every other viral and bacterial emergency over the last two or three generations?
      Americans should ignore its coincidental timing and the documented aim of dictatorial socialism simply because some refuse to believe the possibility this emergency is not politically exploited and perpetuated?
      Government officials told you on April 7 they will misrepresent China flu stats, but they must be believed and obeyed without question because after all, they know what’s best for us?
      How do you know the reason we are “safe” isn’t because plain old herd immunity was in place long before herd mentality was spread like the plague?
      You, we, don’t know.
      What we do know is America and Americans’ way of life have overcome far worse pathologies than this “emergency” and have done so with far less government intrusion and damage to our lives and economy.
      What we do know is a silent coup backed by media propaganda has been going on the last four years leading any sane person to ask whether the so-called emergency is just a last ditch effort to undermine Americans’ faith in -everything-
      …most of all their ability and self confidence to spot and stop what looks way too much like an epic hoax that adds new meaning to “in-your-face”.
      Yes… screw this up, we’re done as Americans. Good news is you won’t have to worry about somebody’s integrity; it won’t matter. Like chivalry, integrity will be an anachronism ready for tearing down with the rest of America’s history.

      • Bravo! My thoughts exactly.

    • Opinion? He quoted statistics from what most would consider reputable sources. He quoted experts’ own statements. I realize facts and figures are intimidating to those of you who live your lives governed by your “feelings”, but guess what? Reality usually doesn’t conform to your “feelings”. Sorry if the facts, figures, and quotes offended and scared you. Go back to your safe space and curl up into a fetal position so the big bad man won’t scare you anymore. Grow up, snowflake.

    • Stop the fear mongering. Left stream media has already lost credibility, they don’t have much else to lose except their jobs. Remember when we were blasted 24/7 that hillary had it in the bag and she was going to win? Then all the Trump supporters got off work. That was awesome.

  • Congrats Anchorage. Besides the picture circulating on FB of a couple copulating on an Anchorage sidewalk, the homeless crapping all over Anchorage, now, Mr. Ethan “he’s our friend” Berkowitz has shown the people of Anchorage that science is without standing in his administration. Masks! Masks that don’t filter out a viron that is .1 microns-.185 microns in diameter.
    Anchorage, you have what you voted for.
    Complete and utter failure in governance.

  • Nice work, Dan.
    A minor caveat… from (April 7) we read:
    “The federal government is classifying the deaths of patients infected with the coronavirus as COVID-19 deaths, regardless of any underlying health issues that could have contributed to the loss of someone’s life.

    Dr. Deborah Birx, the response coordinator for the White House coronavirus task force, said the federal government is continuing to count the suspected COVID-19 deaths, despite other nations doing the opposite.”
    So, official reports that 14 Alaskans died from China flu may be wholly or partially false. We don’t have a check-and-balance to assure the reports are acceptable as unconditionally true
    … which means, at best, they may not be the best criteria on which to base and enforce public policy.
    But you’re right… who needs facts when our redoubtable Wyatt Earpowitz has you in his sights?

  • Lefties can’t get over how well the government works. They enjoy seeing others suffer because they don’t conform to the current standards. “Trust me, I work for the government, I’m here to help you”.

  • Nobody can make you wear a mask. Berkowitz is a wannabe tyrant and has no grasp on what he is legally empowered to do. The assembly is similarly afflicted.

  • Highlights of little Ethan’s “leadership”:

    Record high number of homocides
    Record high number of vehicle thefts
    Record high spending
    Higher taxes
    (Likely) Record high number of homeless

    How do you like him now?

  • Protesters are spreading the Virus. Ifmayors & politicians are so concerned, they need to enforce people protesting from home so they can wreck their own stuff. I agree — wear a mask & socially distant 6-ft away. Stop protesting.

  • Do you think the Mayor will arrest the “drug- and alcohol-addicted” that “trespass, defecate, publicly fornicate, and steal”?

    • I say NO to your question Randy. I also would like to know why the keepers of statistics keeps adding the number of Alaskans living in the lower 48 states who die from this COVID-19 disease to the number of Alaskans who actually die in state? All of these people who have died in the lower 48 got the disease in the lower 48 and were nowhere near Alaska. I wonder if all the other states do the same thing. It seems to me that the keepers of statistics are in a race to see who can come up with the highest numbers.

  • Dan Fagan lives in Louisiana. He doesn’t vote in Alaska’s elections. He doesn’t pay Anchorage property taxes.

    • Assuming this is true. So?

      • Dimwit Dan has done nothing to help find solutions to the homeless problem in Anchorage. Yet, from his couch 4500 miles away, he accuses Ethan Berkowitz of being cruel to Anchorage’s homeless. He’ll parrot anything to make a buck without getting off his butt.

  • A long time ago a leader of our young nation who was once revered for his accomplishments, but now is a demon who needs to be remembered only for his history of owning slaves told us this: “The government you elect is the government you deserve.” – Thomas Jefferson.

  • Rep. Jennifer Johnston is Republican:

  • Not exactly. Jennifer Johnston is an Opportunist. She only runs as a Republican. She votes as an Opportunist.

  • I would be interested in knowing how many of our deaths died WITH the Chinese virus vs FROM the virus.

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