Ben Carpenter: Biden mandate defies logic and our moral obligations



The president of the United States, through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) arm of the federal government, has declared that employers must consider employees who get sick from Covid-19 as an occupational exposure and are therefore required to enforce vaccination or testing on their employees.

This is a nonsensical determination and I am glad that Governor Dunleavy has indicated he will challenge this Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) in court. This action is also a departure from the authority Americans have entrusted their federal government with and our societal norms. It is testing our resolve in where we place our trust.

It is impossible for employers to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 illness with any of the currently available vaccines authorized by the Food and Drug Administration for Emergency Use Authorization or other authorization.

All the available vaccines were created to lessen the symptoms of the Covid-19 disease. None is effective at preventing the spread of the virus. Breakthrough cases prove that vaccination is not a reliable means to prevent infection and is likely an indicator that future variants of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus will be unaffected by the current vaccines.

The more we vaccinate, the greater the risk that vaccinated people are creating a more deadly coronavirus than would have occurred naturally. 

It is impracticable to prove that viral infection occurred at a place of work, under most circumstances, nor are most employers qualified to make such a determination. Employees leave their place of employment and are at risk of exposure from everyday activities unrelated to employment.

The ETS acknowledges this reality but places the burden on the employer to decide when and where an employee contracted a naturally occurring virus. This is a major departure from our societal norms and places a destructive and unnecessary wedge in the relationship between an employer and an employee. 

The world is dealing with the consequences of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and the Covid-19 disease it causes. Our federal government has labeled the SARS-CoV-2 virus as a naturally occurring variant of the coronavirus family. That the virus exists at all is an act of God since it wasn’t created by man. 

However, the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has mutated numerous times. Alaska’s Chief Medical Officer and Chief Epidemiologist expect it will continue to do so. Matter of fact, Dr. Anne Zink’s stated opinion is that the sooner we get everyone vaccinated, the less risk there is of natural virus mutation.

This qualified medical assessment exists with the full knowledge that fully vaccinated patients are experiencing breakthrough infections. These patients are biological incubators like unvaccinated Covid-19 patients, except that any mutations that occur may have been influenced by manmade vaccines. 

Man didn’t have to intervene to cause SARS-CoV-2 mutations, but our continued intervention may cause more deadly mutations. When the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus mutates with immunity to available vaccines, is it still considered a naturally occurring virus? Or does the impact of man-made vaccines on the virus change who’s responsible for the new variant? This is more a legal question than a medical one. The patient may be indifferent; they’re sick either way. But if the patient’s vaccine doesn’t work and they die, who’s responsible? Is it still an act of God? Is the employer responsible? Is the government? Does the doctor who prescribed and administered the vaccination have any culpability?

We should all care about the efficacy of forcing questionable vaccinations on our species. Voters especially.

If a person subscribes to the theory that the SARS-Cov-2 is a manufactured virus, then liability for the consequences should lie with the creator, and we should be having a completely different conversation.

Regardless of how the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus came into existence and because it is both impracticable to prove that viral infection occurred at a place of employment and impossible for employers to prevent the spread of the virus by means of available vaccinations, OSHA and the Biden administration should have considered Covid-19 disease in the workplace as force majeure. Neither the federal government, nor employers, have liability for the outcome of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection in Americans. 

This conclusion isn’t a free pass to do nothing; compassion still demands a response. Early treatment with safe, effective, and proven medications are the best response to the Covid-19 illness. This is only debatable in the United State of America. Other countries lacking our economic resources and political liabilities have addressed the act of God with the means they have available. This is where employers should be focusing. This is also where our federal government is failing to focus. Why?

Forcing Americans to inject something into their body against their will is not demonstrating compassion. Compelling Americans to do so or face becoming unemployable is also not compassionate. Forcing employers to choose between compelling their employees to inject something into their body against their will or firing those employees is downright sinister. 

If a person subscribes to the theory that the federal government and employers have the right to force experimental vaccination on American employees, then it would reason that those employers accept the liability for the consequences of their actions. Since Americans are dying from the experimental vaccines, those employers should be held responsible for those deaths and likewise, OSHA should also consider those deaths to be occupationally related. Neither the President’s Executive Orders, nor the OSHA ETS, acknowledges that death is a potential outcome from the ETS. It provides no guidance for what to do when it happens. It’s as if they don’t want employers to know of this potential outcome.

Employers should seriously consider their moral obligations before choosing to comply with the ETS or deciding that it’s in their company’s best interest to force vaccination. Employers may have been given a right to vaccinate by the federal government, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. History will record how we individually and collectively responded to the fear facing all of us. God will know if our response was to choose the easy wrong instead of the hard right. 

If the president of the United States, or his administrators, believe they can protect Americans from an act of God with mandatory vaccinations, or absolve employers or governments from liability of their actions, they have usurped the role of God Himself. If Americans conform, comply, or are otherwise complicit in furthering this nonsense, our national motto should be changed to “In Government We Trust”.

If our safety, security, and fortunes have become so important to us as to willingly invite a strong federal government to decide how we should act in the face of death, we don’t deserve the title of a God-fearing nation and we are no longer free men.

Rep. Ben Carpenter represents District 29, Nikiski and other communities on the Kenai Peninsula.


  1. Covid-19 is not an act of God. It is a virus that was found only in animals that man fooled around with to make it able to attack humans. And more of that goes on right now with even more lethal viruses like the Nipah Virus (80% lethal) which is being fooled with in the same Wuhan Bio Weapon Facility.

  2. Ben, the basis of progressive theology is that they believe that they have usurped the role of God Himself. God, family, responsibility; progressives believe only in government almighty, which allows only chosen rights and allows only permitted life.

  3. Once again, and anyone who has better info please correct me here, but:
    1. The vaccine does not prevent you from getting infected with the COVID-19 virus
    2. It does not prevent you from getting sick from it.
    3. However, it does reduce or eliminate the symptoms. (OK so there is a perk.)
    4. But… wait. Since you are infected, and you can still spread the disease, and as an added bonus, you will not have symptoms so you are not going to avoid interpersonal contact…

    … doesn’t that turn every single vaccinated individual into typhoid Mary?

    • As others have noted:

      If the (so-called) vaccines truly work, then where is the threat from the unvaccinated?
      And if the vaccines DON’T work, then where is the sense in mandating them?
      Face it, folks, this whole Covidian authoritarianism is NOT about public health, not in any way whatsoever. What it IS about is instituting an Orwellian surveillance, tracking and control agenda, under the rationalization of “protecting the public”.

  4. Those so called covid19 vaccines are shedding. those with the jab are putting their community more at harm from either shedding the virus on to unsuspecting neighbors or mutating the virus into a stronger more potent virus just by getting the jab.

    Coronovirus vaccine is not the same as recieving a polio, measles, chickenpox vaccine. These three virus are not coronovirus. They come out of another family virus group that changes very little so a vaccine can be effective protecting agianst infection.

  5. Man. Considering every day there’s a post like this spelling out how the world is going to end tomorrow, I can’t imagine how terrifying it must be to be a conservative, like, all the time. That doesn’t sound like fun. Sorry 🙁

    • Enjoy your vaccine Pat.
      The greatest question every man has to ask themselves this century is:
      Will I retain bodily autonomy against the State?
      Will I retain the right to work, be educated, shop, and travel – unimpeded by Surveillance capitalism?
      Will I resist the Mass Hysteria fomented by the corporate medical establishment and the MSM?
      Pat, denialism is the cornerstone of Mass Hysteria – the inability to re-evaluate a decision and circumstance once a poor decision has been made.

    • Well Pat, consider the Titanic. Let’s say there are two people on the foredeck, a liberal and a conservative. They take turns sharing the lookout binoculars.
      The liberal spots an iceberg, then checks his watch and says “Hey it’s happy hour in the lounge” and leaves to go below deck.
      The conservative scans the horizon with the binoculars and sees the iceberg, alerts the Captain, who makes a course change and saves thousands of lives.
      You’re conflating the concepts of “fear” and “preparedness”. So in your proposed world there are no speed limits, no stop signs and no air traffic control. How does that world look after about 10 minutes?

    • What an interesting observation.
      Last I checked the doom and gloom crowd generally falls into the more progressive category. There was global cooling, global warming, over-population, deforestation of the rain forest…… need I go on.
      Now we face an actual virus and instead of rational research and early intervention by all potential meds, we get a decree from on high to do as we are told or else…..
      Considering that this vaccine does not prevent infection, the efficacy as a viable means to end or control this pandemic seems questionable. I continue to point to areas of the country where people didn’t lock-down, wear masks etc. and their results and levels of infection over the pandemic were equivalent or better. Most of those areas are more conservative and leaving it up to the individual allowed people to assess risks and take the steps they felt necessary. In a free society, the government informs and the citizen decides, at least that is how it should work.
      As an aside, if this mandate stands, what is to prevent him from next mandating monthly cholesterol screening and mandatory medication dispensing or you get fired, as there are 650,000 of us who succumb to cardio pulmonary diseases each year……

  6. The difference between Conservative and deviant leftist blog sites:
    Conservative sites, like this one, enable everyone to comment.
    Deviant leftist sites line blue Alaska have no provision for comments.
    This really shows the difference between the two ideologies. Conservatives encourage full discussion while the deviant leftists only want to be heard with no discussion.
    Reminds me of the Marxist 9 on the Anchorage assembly…

  7. Say what you want about Democrats, but they know how to use the full power of the federal government to ram their agenda down America’s throat. Trump didn’t understand the swamp so he never did anything like this against the Dems

  8. The true reset is in motion now weather we like it or not. Those that run this rock yearn for our population to be right at 500 million. On one hand I’d like to see what we’re going to look like after the dust settles but on the other, I’m not an extreme rich elite so a slave I’d be. ?‍♂️

  9. The author is incorrect and clearly not a research scientist engaged in experimentation and ACTUAL research. Meet Li-Meng Yan, PhD. – she was a presenter at the Alaska Covid Alliance Symposium last Saturday, 10/30/21, along with other physicians, medical research scientists and virologists. Per Dr. Yan, this was a “neighborhood trial” experiment that escaped the intended boundaries. “There are features of the COVID-19 virus that do not, cannot occur in nature”; “They are not of nature, because they were formulated in the WIV”. How does she know this? She was a virology research scientist (PhD) in Hong Kong and Huanan. She knows what she’s looking at. She escaped China to tell the West what had happened. She has a price on her head issued by the CCP. She has written 3 reports describing what happened at WIV: 9/14/20, 10/8/20, and after her escape 3/31/21. #StopTheFear

  10. You can’t have it both ways Rep. Ben – “The more we vaccinate, the greater the risk that vaccinated people are creating a more deadly coronavirus than would have occurred naturally.” Then “All the available vaccines were created to lessen the symptoms of the Covid-19 disease. None is effective at preventing the spread of the virus. Breakthrough cases prove that vaccination is not a reliable means to prevent infection and is likely an indicator that future variants of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus will be unaffected by the current vaccines.” This vaccine CANNOT cause the mutation of the virus, nor enable a mutated virus to propagate more freely than its progenitor. The complaints about the vaccine are accurate – it prevents nothing – not occurrence of the disease, not transmission, nor propagation. It merely “helps” the human body defend itself against a previously unknown virus. The vaccine does not kill anything but a portion of those receiving it. The “mandate” (I prefer to date my wife thank you) is merely a means to propagate government control.

  11. The net results of the Nurenberg Trials will be supportive of the end game goals of the international billionnaire bejewelled elite set who for decades have not been shy in any way about reporting and announcing they would be acting to depopulate the earth by diseases. Prince Phillip said he would like to be reincarnated as a death causing virus. He said what he said and it came from his heart. God said: “I will bring to ruin those ruining the earth”. I say they are ruining the earth with their man created viruses, weather ruining industrial practices seeding the clouds etc, their practice of breaking family ties (men and women) and disrespecting each other’s worth as God’s creation.

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