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Monday, September 27, 2021
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Ballot Measure 2 supporters said what about this woman?

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Leighan Gonzales, a young Alaska political force, may have learned about just how cruel people can be in politics. Politics is a tough place for women, particularly. You need tough skin. She has tough skin and the scars to prove it.

Gonzales appeared at forum at the ADN/UAA debate recorded two weeks ago, which began airing on Wednesday.

After Gonzales appeared in a debate against Alaskans for Better Elections proponents Scott Kendall and Lesil McGuire, a meme cartoon soon popped up on social media, making fun of Gonzales’ cleavage, and her necklace. The cruel joke on her appearance was shared by proponents of Ballot Measure 2.

“They turn me into a meme every time I kick Scott Kendall’s ass in a debate,” Gonzales wrote on Facebook.

No similar meme cartoon was made poking fun of Lesil McGuire, who was arguing in favor of the ballot measure and who also wore a large necklace, but a high neckline.

Here’s the real kicker:

“That’s my heart surgery scar, not my cleavage. Lol the one time I don’t have the neckline of a nun!” Gonzales wrote. As an infant, she underwent open heart surgery.

Neither Scott Kendall, who heads the ballot measure, nor the League of Women Voters, which supports it, had anything to say about the misogynistic post, but after it had been shared around on Facebook, it disappeared, along with the account that had originally posted it.

“The blatantly sexist campaigning and personal smears against me by proponents of prop 2 have been happening for months since I began advocating against it. I hope LWV can publicly condemn this behavior, as it sets a precedent for how women are allowed to be treated in Alaska politics,” Gonzales wrote.

Alaskans for Better Elections remained mute on the topic.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Kudo’s to you for kickin Kendall’s ass.
    And Lesil an embarrassment to all. She knows a lil something about promiscuous behavior……. Juneau was her own personal swingers club!
    Keep up the good fight!

    • That is ridiculous. You take a moment to object to sexism and then just dig right in on me and are wrong ! Wow

      • Well, it didn’t take much to get you to object to misogyny and sexual objectification. Too bad that neither you nor the League of Women Voters (how sad!) can be bothered to make such declarations of support for those who do not agree with you politically.

        You and the LWV have managed to be both un-American and non-supportive of women, equality, and inclusion.

        That is ridiculous. You take a moment to fail to object to sexism and then just dig right in on Gonzales and are wrong ! Wow

      • Where was your outrage when this article came out? You could have used this as platform to speak up against the sexualising and misogynistic attacks on women. Instead you just spoke to the attacks that were towards you. At least Ms. Gonzales is using this horrible situation to shine light on issues all women face and not just herself.

      • Come on, Lesil. He’s right. We have the photos in the locker room. El Aye is waiting at the opportune moment to download and press “send.” You are still “receiving”…..correct?

  • Scott Kendall —
    Isn’t his bro-in-law running for a House seat up in Fairbanks? Grier Hopkins. Radical, Left-wing Democrat So, I’m sending money to Hopkins’ Republican opponent.

    • Scott Kendall is a leftover POS from the Bill Walker years.

  • These leftists aren’t even remotely good at making memes. It takes a sense of humor to make them, something Commies don’t posses.

  • Well, well, well. Leave it to “Kendall & Co. ” to do something like this. I have never heard of Leighan Gonzales, but I’m betting she gave a pretty darn good argument against Prop. 2. And, what always happens when someone doesn’t have a legitimate counter argument or you don’t agree with their position? They do things like this. They make jabs at appearance, clothing, fat-shame, etc. When you got nothing, you rely on Jr. High mean girl sh*t. It’s truly pathetic and again shines a light on the ones that are truly “intolerant” of others. So, what is Lesil McGuire doing rubbing elbows with these clowns?
    And so what if she did have cleavage? Is that suddenly a problem? I hope she props up “the girls” high and proud the next time and lets her cup runneth over with why Prop 2 is a bad idea.

  • Such deplorable characterizations have no place in politics and the people of Alaska are better than this. You don’t have to agree with a political viewpoint. Additionally, political opponents are the outcome of a democratic process and civil discourse is a wonderful product of our democracy. But to rely on tactics that were so perfected and effectively utilized by the nazi regime, caricature and demonization, is disgusting beyond all belief. And what was gained, exactly? I’ve raised my children to respect others and that civics can be a tough but ultimately worthy arena. But this type of political speaking is abhorrent. Women of Alaska should be outraged. Young people of Alaska should be outraged. Alaskan men should be outraged. Parents of Alaska should be outraged (and we are!). The good people of Alaska, representing a unique and beautiful diversity not found elsewhere in our country, should be outraged. I am outraged.

  • Well, there’s a smear campaign that didn’t go well.

  • I love this brave lady! Thanks for writing this story, Suzanne.

    • This young lady rocks, and I mean lady. Democrat women tend towards promiscuity, denial, hypocricy, and mental illness……..which actually becomes the end product of the prior three. It is hard to carry oneself pridefully when your past is full of shame.

  • One Person
    One Vote
    One Time
    for ONE Candidate

    NO on 2!

  • You go, Ms. Gonzales!They think you are stupid or being controlled by the “evil white males”. The reality is that you know your own mind and speak for yourself. And that is a dangerous thing to socialists indeed….

  • This kind of political attack is disgusting and has no place in politics. It doesn’t matter what your politics views are, we are lucky enough to live in a country where political discourse is healthy and should be welcomed. Attacks like these have no place in politics. We raised our children to respect everyone and I’m glad to say that continues. Alaska’s women do not need to face such misogyny. Ironically, the Left remains silent. The troubling Young Dems, ineptly silent too. Women, men, parents, Alaskans should be enraged. Alaska Girls Kick….

  • Let’s be honest. Plunging necklines on women, as with any revealing fashions, are, by definition, not conservative. A truly conservative lady does not flaunt herself in any manner.

  • oh that is quite funny! nice!

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