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Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Anchorage mayor has COVID


Anchorage’s Acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson has come down with COVID-19.

She said she started feeling under the weather last Sunday and took three tests over the week; the first two were negative but the one she took on Saturday came back positive, according to her statement.

She is experiencing mild symptoms. 

“It’s so important to stay home and to get tested if you aren’t feeling well,” said Acting Mayor Quinn-Davidson. “I’m grateful my symptoms are mild and thankful for the many free testing sites in Anchorage. I will continue to isolate at home as directed by my health care provider.” 

Her wife, Stephanie Quinn-Davidson, has tested negative and is not experiencing symptoms. 

To find a free COVID-19 testing location, visit  

Quinn-Davidson has been an advocate for masks and has mandated them throughout the municipality. She wears one religiously.

There’s no word as to what this means for the Anchorage Assembly, which meets in joint session with the Anchorage School Board on Monday and in a regular Assembly meeting on Tuesday, during which it is scheduled to vote on Quinn-Davidson’s choice for the new city manager.

Rudy Giuliani, the attorney for President Donald Trump, typically does not wear a mask and has also come down with COVID, and was admitted to  Georgetown University Medical Center on Sunday for treatment.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • Well they better start looking for a new interim Mayor. According to the left the virus is so deadly that we have to close up shop destroy livelihoods. AQD is a goner….if you buy into their narrative.

  • A resounding, NO!

  • Dear Interim Mayor:
    Tell us all again how masks stop COVID, please.

    Voters Scratching Their Heads

    • She must have angered (her) god, by forgetting to perform the obligatory five-times-per-day genuflections towards San Francisco. The Radical Leftist God is a jealous god.

      • Why is this necessary? Is this because she’s gay that you keep bringing up San Francisco? Guess what? All actual cities are filled with all types of people. Kind, horrible, ridiculous, gay, straight, left, AND RIGHT. Traveling and talking to people outside your direct circle tends to help with this myopic view. PS Obviously I’m from California and I’m a young Republican and proud of it. I don’t care what your affiliation is. Why not focus on just being kind?

        • Jim, my sarcastic comment referencing San Francisco has nothing to do with Mayor Hypen being a lesbian, but instead is a reflection on San Francisco as one of the main epicenters of the sort of radical leftism, “wokesterism”, and nanny-state hyperregulatory tyranny that is being promulgated by our illustrious mayor and municipal assembly.
          When our society, our way of life, and our freedoms are under active assault by these kind of people, I’ll be damned if I am going to do nothing and say nothing but just “be kind” in return. One does not “focus on just being kind” to a tyrant.

  • So my my was our mayor not wearing a mask somewhere? Does that mean you can wear a mask religiously and still get covid? Say it Ain’t so, Joe

  • So why are we mandated to wear the mask? Let’s see, oh to prevent covid. So how’s that working for you interim mayor? Just quarantine yourself until July to be sure!

  • Interesting. She wears a mask “religiously” and still got COVID.

    Leads to one of two conclusions.
    Either 1) the masks ARE useless and the whole charade should be dropped, or 2) AQD is a typical progressive hypocrite who doesn’t practice what she preaches.

    Both is also possible

    • “Wears one religiously” is a loaded statement from the body of the article, not a statement from the wearer herself. I know this is a metaphor, but it can easily be misconstrued.
      In terms of mask usage, 1) is probably, sorta correct. The evidence that masks are effective against the coronavirus is mixed, at best. In terms of 2) if a mask is marginally effective, logically it would make little sense to accuse the wearer of hypocrisy if, through no fault of his/her own, he/she were to become ill. Perhaps the mask should not have religious connotations, lest one gets mired in the “it’s the sandal” scene of “Life of Brian.”
      The mask issue has become the focus of political battles that are a symptom of the divided society in which we live. This is delaying the effective defeat of the virus. We are focusing on mask wearing as if it were the magical solution, or not, to the coronavirus, while the virus, maskeraiding (sic, for those of you who might be wondering) as the deck chairs, distracts us from the main task of getting the hell off the Covid19 Titanic before it sinks below the surface.

    • Might be something she ate. Before killing all the restaurants that is.

  • “Her wife”? Wow, a lot more about this person was just explained to me by those two words.

    As for the hyphenated Californian lesbian coming down with the Wuhan Flu, well hey, everyone gets the flu now and then. She’ll be fine, health wise anyway.

  • “Quinn-Davidson has been an advocate for masks and has mandated them throughout the municipality. She wears one religiously.”
    Of course she does, because the kneejerk wearing of facial security blankets is a matter of faith, and an act of worship towards the god Government.

    (Suzanne: sorry for the double posts here — if you want to combine them, feel free to do so.)

  • How ironic.

    • Yeah, sorta like Donnie and Donald and Rudy and Kayleigh and Donald the Junior and…

  • Wow, your religiously worn face mask protected you pretty well, didn’t it? Your such an idiot, acting mayor…whats your name again? For give me, I live in the valley where we the people keep crazy hacks like you in anchorage from destroying our little community.

  • Under the circumstances, I suggest she resign as acting Mayor. Then we can have a new temporary acting pretend un-elected Mayor. I see no harm from that approach.

  • No worries, she’ll be just fine. Just like any healthy, or semi healthy, human being does. The virus is not deadly and 99.8% fully recover in a matter of days. Masks have nothing to do with it. If masks were as effective as claimed, we wouldn’t need to shut anything down. Or maybe, she and all the others like myself, are lucky and didn’t get “the bad one.” This nonsense really needs to stop but it won’t because its the Liberals’ very effective tool.

  • Another indication that masks work as does strangling the economy. Good on you, hyphen. Imagine what great things could come from strangling Anchorage just a little bit harder. You go, girl!

  • You won’t get COVID if:
    1. You wear a mask
    2. Social distance
    3. Wash your paws
    Unless you lie about points 1-3
    So, either AQD is incompetent, or she’s a liar, it’s binary choice. There are no other options if you follow *their* science!

  • Thank you, Acting Mayor with Zero Votes, for showing all of us what is truly important — that anyone can get Covid even if they wear a mask.

    If wearing masks worked, she wouldn’t have gotten Covid. If social distancing worked, she wouldn’t have gotten Covid (you do social distance, right Acting Mayor?).

    N95 masks are equal to homemade fabric masks. Full face respirators are equivalent to neck gaiters. Untested Chinese-made 3 layer ‘surgical’ masks are supposed to be used until visibly soiled. Unless you go by the pre-Covid medical best practices, and the actual instructions from mask manufacturers, which both say that ‘surgical’ masks are one-use disposable,

    Why are we being required to wear a mask? Could you remind us?

    • Quiet, Scott — your facts and logic are spoiling the Establishment fear-based narrative.

  • She must had sat in-line for a covid test. I am very curious did she have symptoms before or after she had a tested completed? One woman here talking about the private wedding event brought up a very interesting suggestion is some of the swabs laced with covid? The acting mayor will be fine, she is young.

  • So much for the mask mandate…

    • Repent, heretic!
      Don’t you know that The Holy Mask is the way, the truth and the light?
      It would be easier for an unmasked sinner to pass through the eye of a needle than to enter the Kingdom of (Radical Leftist) Heaven.

      • I bow to your wisdom, humbled by your piety…

        • May the blessings of Fauci be upon you.

        • And your ignorance…

  • Ya just never know, mask-wearing or not.

  • She’ll be fine – Just like 99.9% have been fine and will be fine if they even get symptoms.

    The deception and fraud perpetrated on Alaska and the entire nation is unravelling and when our sitting President prevails, I would not want to be in certain peoples shoes.

  • Of course she has COVID. It’s time for her to play the “hiding Biden” game, as people are extremely upset with her.

    • That’s a good point…so now she gets to quarantine and drink tea at home for 14 days while not showing her face to anyone who might tell her what they think…

  • Well now, must have been a defective mask! Gee you all, better check your mask when you are able to remove it safely.

    Also I’ve noticed that very cold outdoor conditions must warp the face coverings. Many folk wearing said safety equipment appear to be puffing like a steam locomotive out all sides.

    Can’t wait for the life saving vaccine, the last great hope!

  • I wish her a speedy recovery, and also hope that she gets a bit humbled by this experience after she recently go on her high horse about how the increase in COVID was due to people not following the rules and that we all had to be punished as a result. I assume she’s been diligently following the rules. Maybe she’ll realize now this is a highly contagious virus and short of living alone and never going anywhere, people can do their best and still catch this. She needs to ease up on local businesses.

  • I never knew she was gay. Son of a gun you learn something new everyday even at my age. That explains a lot.

  • The mayoral election will really smell rank with 10 candidates for mayor and rank choice voting….

    • What is often overlooked about ranked-choice voting is that one does not HAVE to make any choices than their preferred (first) one. That way, one does not risk effectively lending one’s (second or third or fifth-place) vote to a candidate that one would otherwise never support.

      • However, in RCV, if you do not choose a second/third option, when your first choice is removed from the running, so is your vote.
        I would like to see a “never in a million years.” choice that negates another voter’s first choice vote. Bet there isn’t a candidate that will get more than 50% of the votes.

  • Weird. I’d been given the impression that only those whom are irresponsible, science-deniers contract CoVID? Ah well, welcome to the human race! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  • “Quinn-Davidson has been an advocate for masks and has mandated them throughout the municipality. She wears one religiously.”
    But masks work! They work very well!
    The fact that people who wear them keep catching the Kung Flu must be ignored, so that the politicization of the virus continues unabated.
    I know that this genius will STILL claim that masks work, and still hire code enforcers to chase people who know that they do not in fact work, and accordingly will choose not to wear one.
    And she will do this while staring straight into the cameras and saying it with a straight face.

    • You know, about those code enforcers and this Gestapo-like terrorism of the unmasked ….

      Wouldn’t it be interesting if dozens, or hundreds, of people showed up to say city hall, or some other large venue, all unmasked, all at the same time? What are the petty tyrants going to do about an unmasked crowd of that size?

      Really, the people here have the power, as they fundamentally always have. It is only our own individual cowardice and fear that prevent us from acting effectively as one large unit that cannot be quashed as one lone individual would be.

    • Well you never know, she could have made a mistake putting one on or taking one off and had a LAX moment when washing her hands. Then there’s that 5% that a mask doesn’t filter. Maybe she just had rotten luck. But, since she’s overweight, maybe a diabetic, may have high blood pressure or any other underlying disease, she may be at a higher risk of complications. I dont wish bad things on anyone so I hope she doesn’t die from this. I just wish he’d go away back to San Francisco or whatever Los Angeles like burg she hails from.

  • Let me get this right. She tested 3 times until she got a positive test. What does that say about our testing facilities? So now we have false negatives? She wears a mask religiously and yet,? well you know the answer. Perfect timing..Will cover her so she doesn’t have to participate in person.

  • Think of the thousands of lives that will be saved if we increase our 6-foot separation distance to 7 feet!

    • No, 7 yards! 7 leagues! And even better, let’s mandate a national road and highway speed limit of 10 mph. We KNOW that that measure alone would save tens of thousands of lives! I mean, “if it saves just one life, it’s worth it”, right?

      • Staying separated, distancing, maybe wearing a mask all help save lives and slow down the spread of this disease. Why make a mockery out of something that works? Don’t drive a red car either because I hear they get more speeding tickets.

        • Greg, yes, I am pointedly and unashamedly making fun of this ludicrous situation, and all the misinformation, half-truths and outright lies from establishment figures and sources surrounding this mild pandemic.
          As for “what works”, ALL the medical information and consensus prior to this year, and the recent detailed Danish study, indicate that the widespread and daily wearing of masks by the general public has essentially no effect on overall disease transmission. Letting yourself suddenly believe otherwise just because CNN or MSNBC tell you so is equivalent to Winston Smith in “1984” being made to believe that 2+2=5.

        • My family and I have never worn masks and we’ve never been sick with anything more than a sniffle. Remember, the PCR is NOT a test. ANYONE can “test” positive depending on how many amplifications are performed using trace amounts of DNA.

          Now the Commie News Network is pushing the “new swine flu with pandemic potential” narrative. The attempt to control the populace will never end. If we don’t stand up and demand our GOD-given rights, WE lose to the global cabal.

        • “Staying separated, distancing, maybe wearing a mask all help save lives and slow down the spread of this disease.”
          Prove it.
          Go on. Prove it. I dare you.
          Not trying to be an idiot here, but there is more and more evidence every day that these measures show no measurable benefit. And, the detrimental effects are well known.
          So, please provide some proof your statement is correct. Just because you believe it is so does not make it factually correct.

  • Lock her up!

  • So, masks do not work apparently.
    If they did, and she wears hers all the time, she would not have caught COVID.
    Oh, and apparently, this disease is no where near as contagious as they claim. If it were, her partner would be infected as well.
    In fact, everything about this news is a clear indication that the acting Mayor’s mandates are not effective, needed, or warranted.
    I do hope she feels better soon, recovers fully, and is able to use this experience as a learning experience.

    • I can sadly assure you, CBMTTEK, that your hopes are purely in vain
      Radical leftists do not EVER learn from their mistakes — they only double-down on the same wrongheaded measures, mandates and insanity that led to those mistakes in the first place. I have seen it countless times in my life, and the pattern is virtually invariable.

      • Sadly, you are correct.
        Their belief that they are somehow superior in intellect, knowledge, and abilities is inherent in their emotional makeup. Frankly, it is almost religious in intensity.
        To admit they are wrong is to admit they are not the superior being they know they are.
        I am sure we can expect stricter and longer restrictions as a result of this.

  • She wears a mask religiously. Guess she follows a false religion. Masks don’t work. Follow the science, NOT the propaganda!

    • What would that science be rather than the hearsay propaganda that people like you continue to spurt? Her lesbian lover may have had it and didn’t even know she had it. She could have gave it to the acting mayor and not had symptoms. Yes the testing that some of these drive up facilities isn’t worth a crap but Elon musk had four tests and two of them were positive and two of them were negative. I go in tomorrow to get a test done before I can have her procedure done at the hospital just because they don’t trust the test results from anybody except their own lab.

      • Sorry Forkner, I’ve never spouted propaganda. I threw out my tv in 2007, so I hear no lies from the media to regurgitate. Instead, I remember my lessons from years past, learn from them, and research the disinformation spewed by the main stream morons that, unfortunately, their misinformed audience has been brainwashed, by repetition, into believing. I also realize that, in your first sentence, you were trying to belittle me, and all the wonderful people who are too intelligent to have been fooled by those who are spreading this global lie. I do not feel small for being correct. I just wish that you, and all like you, would wisen up.

  • There is no way AQD could have contracted COVID since she wears the mask. Obviously a misdiagnosis.

  • So wearing your mask religiously is doing what? Oh yes you have a covid flu and you’ve worn your mask! Makes so much sense! So you take away our personal freedoms for your BS mandates and lockdown the private sector!! You make me sick! Please stay quarantined in your home for the safety of Anchorage because you are toxic!

  • Wears a mask religiously eh ? That didn’t work, now did it ? 3 tests eh ? Got a positive test third time. Now can we open up the city so people can work and pay their bills ?

  • I wonder if that look of adoration on Hyphen’s face in the photo was inspired by a nearby statue of Karl Marx — or Joseph Stalin?

    • Probably a mirror.

      • Couldn’t be — everyone knows that vampires have no reflection.

  • How many times did the acting mayor need to get tested? Three times to get a positive?
    Wonder how many times she would have gotten tested if the third time did not provide the results she wanted?
    Most folks would be glad they got a negative test on the first go around, and get on with their lives. My BS detector is pointing directly at “attention junkie.” Here’s what I foresee happening as a result of this development.
    1. Stricter lockdowns, I would not put it past her closing the supermarkets and requiring curbside pickups.
    2. Longer restrictions. Do you think you will be allowed to dine in anywhere in Jan? Not a chance now.
    3. Mandatory mask wearing everywhere. In the car by yourself, better have a mask on. At home without a mask, better hope no one glimpses you though the window. On a hike? Yeah, there too.
    4. Testing may become a requirement as well. Mandatory testing twice a week, five times a month, whatever, but dammit, test until you get a positive result.
    There is more and more supportable evidence every day that the masks do nothing, and the lockdowns are more harmful than the virus is. Yet, our esteemed acting mayor will ignore all of that in an attempt to save the city.

  • Just more proof that masks don’t work! 🙂

  • One wishes speedy recovery to the Fraudulent Hyphenated-Mayor.
    What one wishes for the career of the Fraudulent Hyphenated-Mayor is another matter.

  • My God.. that photo. Just, tells you all you need to know about her..

    Where do we get these people?

    That said, I hope she recovers well.. and as long as I’m hoping for thing, I also hope that she suddenly decides to respect and trust her fellow citizens and quit trying to RULE over them!

  • What a disgusting display of cruelty by those who gloat over the Mayor’s diagnosis.

    Why would I expect any more from MRAK readers? What a cruel, closed-minded bunch, completely devoid of any sense of compassion.

    Masks help, but they’re not perfect. To heck your precious rights. Do your DUTY and wear your mask. If you don’t, then don’t expect a dose of vaccine when it becomes available.

    • I have no compassion, none whatsoever, for arrogant leftist nanny-staters and outright tyrants, and I will not engage in the shallow and hypocritical virtue-signaling that you engage in.

      • Last year, I had compassion for Leftists. Now, I have none.

        • Truth.

    • Ya see Whidbey, you’re no better. You lament on how cruel people are but yet here you display the same qualities by saying if someone doesn’t “do their DUTY” by wearing a mask then they shouldn’t get the magical vaccine. No one here is happy the zero vote mayor got the Wuhan Flu. What people question are two things: If masks are so effective and she wears one “religiously” then how did she get it and if the testing is so good, why the 3 tests till she got a positive?

    • “Masks help…”
      No. No evidence whatsoever that masks make any difference in the spread of this virus. In fact, there is a lot more evidence that wearing masks contribute to bacterial upper respiratory infections, pneumonia, and a host of other sinus, lung, and oral diseases. If you have anything other than “magical thinking” to back up your claim that masks help, please share with the MRAK readers.
      No, I will not ignore my rights. Will you give up your right to free expression, to worship the god of your choice, or to security in your person and papers because there is a virus out there? Is it OK for an agent of the state to enter your home without your permission (or a warrant) because a virus is around? Should your right to understand the charges being brought against you, and the right to confront your accuser be denied because a pandemic is going on? Somehow, I doubt you will be so eager to give up rights.
      Do my DUTY? In what bizzario world do you think you have the authority to assign me a duty?
      If I don’t wear a mask, you will deny me a dose of the vaccine? OK. Where do I sign up, and what do I have to do? I will gladly give up my place in line for a vaccine if I never have to put a mouth diaper on again because some politician drunk on power wants to look like they are doing something.
      How about instead of showing up on MRAK, insulting the readers, and demanding that we obey your view of the world, you actually go out and do some research, or even a bit of math. Maybe you will find out that 97+% of the tests administered come back negative for the virus. Maybe you will find out that the overwhelming majority of deaths attributed to the virus were not BECAUSE of the virus, they were people who died and tested positive for the virus. (Same with the hospitalizations. You get tested when you are admitted, regardless of reason for admission. If you test positive, you are considered a COVID hospitalization, even if you are admitted for something completely unrelated.)
      Thanks for contributing though. It is always helpful to get insight into the thought process of those that would seek authority over us.

      • How do you explain the 300,000 excess deaths this year (through October) when compared to the average number of deaths the United States typically observes each year?

        Better yet, how do you explain the overwhelmed hospital numbers nationwide?

        You can call or define it however you would like, this year we are seeing more than 300,000 excess deaths, and the only common denominator is COVID.

        • The “overwhelmed hospital numbers nationwide” and the “overwhelming surge of coronavirus patients” can be explained by the false narrative pushed by the propagandists of the Communist News Networks.

          Former Pfizer Chief Science Officer Dr. Michael Yeadon, says the “second wave” is faked on false-positive COVID tests.

          Dr. Yeadon is an Allergy & Respiratory Therapeutics expert with 23 years in the pharmaceutical industry. He trained as a biochemist and pharmacologist. He states that false positive results from inherently unreliable COVID tests are being used to manufacture a “second wave” based on “new cases.”

          Why were there no ICU and hospital bed crises in 2018-2019, when 16.5 MILLION people with influenza went to see a health care provider and 490,600 were hospitalized due to their illness, but in 2020 some 85,000 COVID19 cases supposedly “broke the US hospital system”. So we are supposed to believe that hospital beds are overwhelmed by the coronavirus this year, but a year ago US hospitals didn’t have a problem with 500,000 flu patients.

          The big lie was that our hospitals would be inundated, and if your kids got sick there would be no beds available to treat them. It hasn’t happened and it most likely won’t happen. Evidence shows that many more people have already contracted COVID than previously thought, which means the disease is far less lethal than the media clowns have wanted us to believe.


          Hospitals and health care systems nationwide have had to lay off or furlough thousands of employees, because the vast majority of most hospitals’ revenue comes from elective or “non-essential” procedures, such as coronary angioplasty and stents, procedures that are necessary but may not yet be emergencies. If hospitals can’t perform these procedures because tyrants have banned them, then they can’t pay their bills or their employees.

          Meanwhile, patients suffer for being denied access to necessary health care, which also includes dental and vision care and procedures. The illegal, unconstitutional lockdowns have cost millions of Americans their jobs, businesses, and HOMES.

          Only a small percentage of the ventilator supply is being used.

          The Navy hospital ship that had been deployed to New York to provide emergency care for coronavirus patients, was prepared to treat 500 patients. Only 71 beds were used.

          An Army field hospital set up in Seattle’s football stadium shut down without ever having one patient, as were many field outposts throughout the country.

          Andrew Cuomo said he would need 30,000 ventilators, but hospitals haven’t even come close to needing that many.

          There are many more examples of preparations made and not needed or utilized. That is a positive, but the bottom line is that the fear that was purposely manufactured is now over the top, and the powers that shouldn’t be are “not letting a good crisis go to waste”.

        • Really? Where are you getting those numbers? Got a source?

        • Democrat governors took it upon themselves to put the infected into homes for the elderly. These deaths drove up the statistics and in effect, kicked off the Covid nonsense in the United States.

          At this point if you die, they test you and crank the cycles up to positive territory (anything over 35). Meanwhile you have a financially broken and mentally dispirited population locked down at home, drinking and taking drugs.

          That’s how you get excess deaths.
          Democrats, leaders in the punishment and death of Americans. China thanks you.

        • What excess deaths? Please, identify your source.
          Oh… you mean the manipulation of stats that is happening? There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.
          What overwhelmed hospitals? NYC was hardest hit of any city in the nation, the US Navy sent a hospital ship with 1,000 beds. Eight (8) patients entered the ship. The field hospitals they set up went unused. Seattle’s field hospitals went unused. Anchorage’s temporary hospital went essentially unused. IF there were overwhelmed hospitals, they would have been in NYC, but the evidence shows otherwise.
          Just where, exactly are the overwhelmed hospitals?
          Oh…. I bet you are talking about the European hospitals. Like the shining star of socialized medicine. The UK’s NHS! Do you know that the NHS A&E (the equivalent of a US Emergency Room) routinely treats people in the parking lot because they do not have the beds available? This is a normal, expected event. Happens regularly, even before this panicdemic.
          How do I explain the 300,000 excess deaths this year? The people providing that number are lying to you with statistics. Excess compared to??? is the question you should be asking. Do not just accept a number without context.

    • “To heck with YOUR precious rights”
      Sadly these are not only my precious rights, they are also yours. Are you ready to give up your right to post your “opinions”, your right to criticize our leaders, to voice your own ideas, the right to go where you want and choose how to make your living?
      Are you really that scared of dying or are you just another zealot of the Branch Covidians, who enjoys lording your virtuosity over others and to heck with the facts?
      And just for the record, since you and your brethren will be first in line for the vaccine, I don’t need (or want) one…..It’s called herd immunity!

    • Whidbey, if you think that the non-conformist, independent thinkers actually want to subject themselves to a completely experimental, risky and potentially deadly vaccine that was rushed into production in violation of all normal protocols and standards for testing, then you are laughably clueless and ignorant. I will never take that mRNA vaccine! Nor would most people with any intelligence or critical thinking ability.

  • We should stop wearing seatbelts, because clearly it isn’t an absolute; people still die in car accidents even when wearing seatbelts.

    We also should all smoke; because some people still get lung cancer even though they didn’t smoke cigarettes.

    Never mind the goal of masks is to reduce spread, reduce risk, not eliminate entirely, but reduction is the goal. Keep being an absolutist, that has led us to a hunker down order as an absolute response.

    • The enforced wearing of masks by the public has nothing, nothing to do with public health (as the entire medical consensus on the matter before this year held to be ineffective and possibly counterproductive), but is instead a political statement, and an act and sign of servile conformity to capricious and nonsensical governmental dictates.

      My rights do not end where your irrational fear and hysteria begin.

    • “Never mind the goal of masks is to reduce spread, reduce risk, not eliminate entirely, but reduction is the goal.”
      Yet, there is no evidence whatsoever that masks are effective at that goal in any way. It is magical thinking at best, and harmful at worst. (Yes, wearing a mask for extended periods of time lead to known medical problems.)
      More and more evidence every day that mask mandates do not slow the spread in any measurable manner.
      As to your comment, I would expect that kind of logic from a toddler, not a commenter on MRAK. There is a massive difference between seat belt use, or cutting out smoking and wearing a flimsy piece of fabric across your nose and mouth. The evidence demonstrating seat belt usage (or avoiding tobacco) has benefits is overwhelming. The evidence on masks??? More of wishful thinking.
      Unless you are aware of some demonstrable evidence that mask wearing is effective in a manner that overcomes the known drawbacks, I am going to stick with the research I have.

  • Ridiculous response.

  • It just goes to show the propaganda behind the “science” or should I say pseudoscience? These socialist mentalities in office keep saying do as I say not as I do. Their science is flawed.

    Here is what mayors like this and others in office need to remember

    Forced mask mandates from any branch of government or the forced closure of businesses due to the covid 1984 plandemic needs to pay everyone’s mortgage, utility bills, food or any other expense we all have to deal with.
    If they tell us we can not work because we are non-essentials it is their obligation to remedy the situation they create. If the people can not work and pay their bills, where do these socialists think the money is going to come from to pay THEIR guaranteed salaries if no one is able to work?
    What are they going to do then, take your home and property to keep them getting payed?

    Because of the paranoia of enslaved people, they are forced to deal with their own mortality and realize they can not stop their inevitable demise so they try to force their fears( and hypocritical actions) on others to make everyone else feel as miserable about their lives as they are.

    This “acting” mayor is not acting like one who believes in freedom or working out the issues. She is not trying to act as a socialist, she is one. Come on now Anchorage, can’t you do better then this?

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