Assemblyman Constant advances a surprise ordinance to allow unelected mayors to hold power for 300 days or more


Anchorage Assemblyman Chris Constant has a surprise item for Tuesday’s 5 pm Anchorage Assembly meeting: An ordinance that would allow an unelected mayor — such as former unelected Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson — to serve for about 300 days before an elected mayor could take office.

Usual observers of Anchorage Assembly meetings might not have seen this particular ordinance, as it was submitted for the agenda at the last minute as a “laid on the table” item.

Under Roberts Rules of Order, a “laid on the table” item is something that is “less about the business being discussed than about the assembly needing to handle something else immediately.”

In reality, the leftist members of the Anchorage Assembly use the “laid on the table” procedure to sneak things onto the agenda that they do not want the public to know about in advance.

The 270 days would be the outside limit for when an election would have to be held in the event that a mayor ascended through appointment rather than an election.

The background on this involves the leftists on the Assembly. In October of 2020, former Democrat Mayor Ethan Berkowitz resigned in the midst of a salacious scandal. At the time, Democrat Austin Quinn-Davidson was chair of the Assembly and she rose to power, and held onto the mayor’s seat for eight months. She and other leftists on the Assembly refused to hold a special election for mayor.

The 270-day limit on an election would not include a runoff, or waiting for all ballots to arrive by mail, and would not include the 30 day training period, all of which could stretch an unelected mayor’s term for more than 300 days.

During Quinn-Davidson’s term, she hired a chief equity officer for the city, who was then fired by the elected mayor, and has cost the city over $120,000 in settlement fees.

Assemblywoman Crystal Kennedy and Assemblyman John Weddleton had already placed a proposal on the agenda that made the election deadline no more than six months, or 182 days. This was a proposal that was discussed in work sessions last week and would allow an unelected acting mayor to serve for up to eight months before an elected mayor could take over, once all the factors are considered, such as ballot deadlines and training periods.

Constant has mentioned the possibility of recalling Mayor Dave Bronson, and has told constituents that it is his mission to show the mayor’s administration as a “lawless gang.” If he proceeded with a recall and was successful, Democrat Assembly Chair Suzanne LaFrance could be the unelected mayor for more than 300 days.

The “laid on the table” ordinance from Constant is at this link:


  1. Time to physically throw these tyrants out! Enough is enough! Start doing your jobs as codified in the Anchorage Municipal Code or get out! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out! We are watching and it is about time for citizen arrests to be issued for these criminals! Crimes against humanity!

      • Really? Evan how many peoples lives did these narcissistic a holes ruin over the last two years? Have you even been in this state that long? No to this ordinance, put it on the ballot and see what happens in April. They know they are going to lose 5 seats and there is nothing they can do about it.

        • Still, a proposed change to the administrative code is not a crime against humanity despite how much you loath certain Assembly members.

          • Crimes against humanity for unconstitutional lockdowns, unconstitutional mask mandates, destroying businesses, pushing the bioweapon jab, etc. etc. etc. Other crimes of wasting taxpayer funds, violating their oath of office, ethics violations, fraud, etc. are more than likely also in the mix. They should have had a special election when Burky stepped down. Trying to cover their mistakes by changing the rules will not get them out of hot water. Their controllers have set them up and they don’t even get it. These Assembly Members are a bunch of useful idiots that were elected through use of fraud with mail in ballots and they need to resign now!!! Muni Clerk needs to go with them. Birds of a feather flock together.

      • Evan, every single mention of the abuses of power, and yes, outright crimes, by our overlords, whether on the Anchorage Ass-embly or in the Monster on the Potomac, seems to automatically generate in you a kneejerk response of “overstatement” or “exaggeration”. Perhaps it is YOU who is UNDERstating or UNDERestimating these threats and trespasses against our freedoms?
        Of course, radical leftist extremists are not exactly known for their concern for freedom.

        • Never in World History have oppressors been good people. Dark money put these tyrants in place. Every time we yield to their tyranny they feel embolden to take more power. Time for all of them to resign. Truth is out there if you look for it!!! Mainstream media and corrupt politicians are the real virus.

        • Jefferson: a crime against humanity is the Holocaust or various genocides throughout the world throughout time. A proposed change to the municipal administrative code isn’t a crime at all. At best it’s a bad idea.

          You’re a word guy. I would think that you would support appropriate tenor for claims. How can sensible people discuss a thing when the weight of words falls so far out of reason?

      • Please start researching and connect the dots. Do you wonder why suddenly U.K. has dropped all of the mandates? Truth will set us free!

        11 January 2022
        Military grade psychological warfare conducted on them.

        In this brilliant interview, lawyer Anna de Buisseret explains clearly and eloquently how those responsible for causing harm will be held liable under the law in relation to the experimental injections currently being rolled out, especially to young children. She describes how those who have explicitly or implicitly aided and abetted governments in a military grade psychological operation have essentially committed crimes against humanity and that they will inevitably be held accountable, as has happened throughout history.

  2. I believe he is impulsively attempting to dominate the others and this community again. This is undesireable public service. It is the will of the community to have immediate, as a priority, elections in such circumstances. I believe he is contributing to a hostile work environment for the Mayor and City Manager. Why is he not being censured, city attorney? The city cannot return to peace unless his and other assembly members fighting spirits are curbed perhaps in an executive session.

  3. This seems all just more of digging a deeper pit for an enemy. I got a terrible tummy ache we are all close to watching the ones who will fall into their pit will be these assembly members themselves. Uhg. Repent and Let it go, you 9.

  4. Ok, background…

    I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I have two vaccines and a booster. I wear a mask. I am a degreed scientist (physics) and electrical engineer. I have had multiple businesses that at any time have employed over 200 Alaskans for the last 25 years. My dad came up in 1946, and my parents homesteaded in South Anchorage where my brother and I grew up. I’m neither new to this state and city, nor am I unaware of how things are done. I’m not the guy that comments off the cuff…

    However, Assemblyman Constant needs to wake up. We don’t want childish wars between factions of the government. If you guys would spend as much time governing as you do in your petty arguments, we may have a better city for all of us. Grow up – if you worked for me and acted this way, you’d be gone – for cause.

    We DO want good governance, fiscal responsibility, and policies that make sense – and aren’t just politically expedient, and certainly not policies and ordinances that are developed just to bludgeon your political opponents with. Quit with the constant (no pun intended – I’m not in a “punny” mood as I type this) bickering and get some work done.

    Six months is more than enough to elect a mayor in the case of a vacancy. If it isn’t, somebody needs to find a job that isn’t quite so demanding.

    BTW – we all get that you don’t like Mayor Bronson. Get over it, he won. I think I may have said it before (a couple of times) but get to work or go do something else. Run a better candidate next time if you don’t like the results.

    • Thank you, Daniel Rogers.

      I agree entirely with your comments. Chris Constant, with his petty complaints about the newly elected mayor and his administration, is the worst and most destructive assembly member we have seen in my long memory.

      With him on the assembly and as long as the majority members support his selfish and destructive “ideas”, our worst fears and concerns for our town are realized.

      • Well said. Even the Anchorage School District has policies for dealing with bullies. It’s far past time for him to be censured. If that doesn’t make him reevaluate his priorities, then he needs to be removed for creating a hostile work environment.
        If it works for the children, it works for adults.

    • Excellent observation and commentary! The actions of the Anchorage Assembly are juvenile at best. Constant is an embarrassment to society in general, and to the assembly specifically!

  5. While Good people do nothing evil continues. Whether it the assembly members, or hospitals killing people on purpose

    • Okay, what can I, A mere average Joe, do about this???unfortunately that — theoretically represents me and my district

      • Contact him over and over about where the Covid funds ended up. Question him about how much of it he pocketed as a realtor and as a member of the organization who was to run the illegally purchased property/ homeless shelters. I think if his phone started receiving these calls, he might pipe down. Doesn’t matter if you are in his district, as a member of the assembly that was part of the governance, he is responsible for his actions.

        • I called Susan and explained where the funds went and she told me she had heard of this. Maybe she should have looked into it instead of saying ( I heard of this ) this was millions that should have went to businesses and the Alaskans that deserve it in these ridiculous times! Rather than the City spending it on stuff that would make anyone pissed off!!

      • Talk to your neighbors. Frequently. Explain how he’s being a bully and needs to go. Encourage them to vote in the next election, and offer to give them a ride when you go.
        Societies are lost one person at a time, and they are regained one person at a time. We all have influence. Use it. Kindly.

    • Ten bucks says you have zero evidence to support your claim that hospitals are killing people on purpose.

      • Evan, your words identify you as controlled opposition! FYI, 180 cities worldwide protested vaccine mandates including Washington DC (the largest coordinated, organized in the world.). 50,000 truckers are heading to Ottawa, Canada to protest Trudeau’s illegal mandates. Masks don’t work and they cause more disease. PCR tests were used to produce false positives to push the fake “cases’ fear porn. Reporting on death certificates was changed so gunshot wounds, car accidents, suicide, heart attacks and cancer deaths were reported as COVID death. Actual COVID deaths are more than likely less than the average flu season deaths. There are now more than 20,000 documented deaths from these jabs. There are more than a million adverse events reported in VAERS from the jabs. VAERS reporting significantly understates actual adverse events and deaths. Hospital protocols for COVID include giving patients high doses of a sedative that compromises the patients ability to breath and they stick them on a ventilator and that is why it is now called BLOVID! Remdemsivir is toxic and expensive. Hospitals are incentivized to treat “COVID” patients. Whistle blower after whistle blower are coming forward and providing proof of the crimes against humanity. So if you are not controlled opposition, then maybe you are playing the devils advocate or maybe you have a case of cognitive dissonance.

        “The truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. Just let it loose and it will defend itself.”

  6. Can you imagine the outrage regarding these weaponized power control edicts when they are at the disposal of the other side? Can an Anchorage person tell me why constant didn’t run for mayor? With such good ideas he could have achieved at least 10% of the vote. Nothing like a good dictatorship to bring out the voters!

    • In 2008, he challenged Left Gara in the primary for his seat in the state House and actually did get “at least 10% of the vote” (10.22 percent, to be exact). His election to the Assembly had to do with a specific effort undertaken by the former executive director of the Alaska Democratic Party (who left Alaska in disgrace and is now doing similar work in South Carolina), which saw a handful of LGBT people elected to local office in both Anchorage and Fairbanks.

  7. Correct me if I am wrong, but the Anchorage charter can not be changed by ordinance……not that Mr. Constant cares about that. He only cares about the ” fictitious lawbreaking” from the the mayor’s office.

  8. Taking bets here.
    How long before the Assembly has an emergency meeting where they introduce some emergency ordinance invalidating the Mayor’s office altogether?
    $1 to enter, closest overall wins.

  9. Thank you, Daniel Rogers.

    I agree entirely with your comments. Chris Constant, with his petty complaints about the newly elected mayor and his administration, is the worst and most destructive assembly member we have seen in my long memory.

    With him on the assembly and as long as the majority members support his selfish and destructive “ideas”, our worst fears and concerns for our town are realized.

  10. My take on this is that it is preparatory to a move to recall Mayor Bronson. If they succeed at that then the puppet the assembly anoints as mayor will have a term as long as an elected mayor. This is a prelude to one party rule.

  11. Let’s not just rant and rave here -email your Assembly members and try to attend the meeting if you can!

    Call Constant out -ask him and the entire Assembly how this item qualifies as a “laid on the table item”?

    Why does this item need to be dealt with immediately?

  12. Anchorage is a —-hole city and Chris Constant can take credit for a big part of that. He cares nothing about the city just his insane ideology which he shares with the other socialist assembly members.

    • Constant is nothing but a bully and a coward.
      Funny how often those two attributes come together in one package.
      (Sorry, Chris Constant, if you’re reading this — I didn’t mean to titillate you by using the word “package”).

  13. K, well let’s not stop at “just” 300 days,mm-Kay. Let’s just make our pick for mayor be permanent and un-fireable mm-Kay. Then when people want to change it they can try to take us to court, lolz.

  14. If Constant tries to pull any of his shenanigans, by recalling Bronson, He doesn’t know what war could be. He cannot and does not have the power to do. Instigating his plans would really cause an interruption that he doesn’t foresee and He basically doesn’t have that power. It is his gang of 4 that is the Lawless gang that he is blaming Bronson is.

  15. *
    “The truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. Just let it loose and it will defend itself.”
    We can never comply our way out of tyranny. We must take back our Constitutional Rights now!!!

  16. When the disgraced Mayor Berkowitz resigned, AQD was changed out for Rivera as chair, so AQD was moved to the mayor position and kept overlong instead of holding a special election. The supposed reason was they wanted to save money. (haha) If the assembly wanted to save money, they’d abolish the mail-in voting scheme they came up with where a ballot is sent to everyone and their cat at almost twice the expense. Constant has revealed his colors so to speak, so his plan likely involves false/ twisted charges against Mayor Bronson and then changing out LaFrance from the position of chair. Would he be satisfied with LaFrance who rolls her eyes when our mayor speaks or would he go more for a Dunbar or Zaletel who haven’t shown an ounce of humanity towards people who’ve testified to the assembly about family members going blind, losing businesses, jobs and houses or committing suicide as a result of the callous mandates they imposed on people who aren’t them?

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